• You will help guarantee a continuance of right-wing rule.

    NO I WILL NOT... it is the idiots who keep touting so called partisanship and non-ideological issueless-ness and ELECTING RIGHT WINGNUTS under the guise of the Democratic "Big Tent" will are the ones who HAVE and will guarantee a continuance of right-wing rule... which is why the Dems are out of rule this day.

    I have enough of this crap with John "Do nothing wrong" Kerry and Harry "Keep your powder dry" Ried.

  • Yeah...that's it an extreme communists... where do you get this crap from?

    Burn any straw men lately...

  • The point is all of this bruhaha praising the Club for Growth and Coburn is a smokescreen...

    NO WAY WAS THIS GOING TO PASS UNLESS THOSE WHO VOTED FOR IT WOULD ALSO GIVE UP THEIR PORK...therefore, the only reason for this exercise to to improve the reputation of the most vile GOPers... and to take the stigma off of "BI-PARTISANSHIP" manuevers Lieberman's favorite pastime... of course there is nothing wrong in this bill... that is not the point... everyone new it was a dead issue.


    Frankly I don't know who the hell these people are ... but Lieberman, Salazar, Reid, Nelson, Bayh, Clinton, Biden... are freaking pod people who took over the bodies of Democrats

    All you do is attack Dems

    Tell me what is there to praise?

    • A SCOTUS Chief Justice that no ones anything about
    • CAFTA
    • IRAQ
    • Bankruptcy Bill
    • Harry Ried kissing Miers butt
    • Neutering the filibuster
    • Abandoning the the voters of Ohio and Florida
    • Abandoning protecting abortion rights
    • Selling out to the Christo fascist (abstinence-only, activists pharmacists etc.)

    ohhhh.... the list is endless...

    Pray tell what are you so happy about???

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    is a BIG MISTAKE. Not only for Brown but for the credibility of the blogosphere.

    The Associated Press has a story about the Ohio 2006 Senate primary noting that Paul Hackett "no longer has sole command of a blogosphere." The story notes that "some of the heaviest hitters in the world of liberal blogging, including DailyKos.com's Markos Moulitsas Zuniga and MyDD.com's Jerome Armstrong, have urged Hackett to step aside." The story notes that "Brown recognized the importance of blogs before he was planning to run and has often reached out to bloggers to earn their respect." Additionally, he has been a longtime progressive champion, meaning he's got strong ties to the Democratic activist base

    "reached out to bloggers to earn their respect"

    I guess Brown think that "earning respect" is paying off the blogosphere... I am smelling a nasty BACKFIRE..for Brown... if we wanted this controlled information shit...we would be watching Fox news.

    And if Brown was a good as he says he is... then there there would be no need to buy up all of the bloggers...he sounds weak... and considering he only agreed to run after someone else stuck their toe in first... looks like he needs to be molly-coddled through the primaries... then we will have the same shit like Kerry... an over pampered pol running against a deperate GOPer...

  • Yunno, I do not call myself a political operative like most around these parts... but it is clear to me that this did not have a hope in hell of passing and it was just a cover to take the "edge" off of the dispicable Club for Growth and the most revolting Coburn.

    There is so much horsetrading for these kind of pork that to undo what was already agreed upon would cause a seismic domino effect... that is why it was not voted on.

    Because Dems have their pork too and if the backed out of this previous agreement then that would leave them open to have their agreed upon pork taken.

    Like I said... a blind man could see that this was not going to work... the real question is why librul blogs are punting for Club for Growth and the dispicable Coburn on their front pages... then in the next breath tout "PARTISANSHIP"...

    This is the DLC/NDN definition of PARTISANSHIP is something your pummel your base with to get rid of "special interests" other wise they are more that happy to jump in to bed with the most revolting wingnuts in the name of BI-PARTISANSHIP... that is why the DLC/NDN are a load of rubbish.

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    Not much transperency left in the blogosphere... Isn't Rosenberg is giving funds to Sirtora's "Plan"...???

    The blogoshere has been bought off... Hackett will be persona non grata in these parts...

    Perhaps there will be a backlash... when the blogoshere starts begging for money...

    At this point any candidate that is touted by Kos and his Krew... I immediate start to look in the opposite direction... I am not the only one... the blogosphere is now toxic with everyone trying to cash in.

  • this is interesting...

    From the myriad of issues out there...it is curious to say the least that.... so called "librul" PARTISAN blogs are now punting for the Club For Growth on their front pages... surely  the DLC/NDN has nothing at all to do with this... and if you believe that there is this bridge in Alaska ... I wanna sell. The true agenda of the DLC/NDN partnership is becoming clearer.

    Has anyone picked up on the hypocrisy that these are the same people who proclaim PARTISANSHIP over all ... who are jumping into bed with the most right wing regressive policy pushers because they made a minor "compassionate conservative" gesture which even a blind man could see that it was going to fail.

    These are the Club for Growth Policy Goals:

    • Making the Bush tax cuts permanent
    • Death tax repeal
    • Cutting and limiting government spending
    • Social Security reform with personal retirement accounts
    • Expanding free trade
    • Legal reform to end abusive lawsuits
    • Replacing the current tax code
    • School choice
    • Regulatory reform and deregulation

    Oh yeah... true partisans that praise right wing wacko christo-fascist Coburn and savage NARAL...

    Net-ruts are moving from the sublime to the absolute absurd.

  • He killed his chances with his opportunistic vote for Roberts... we will have to live with this shit for the next 30 years.
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     Do you like Reid?


    REID IS A LOSER and a perfect example of the failure of partisanship... he hasn't a clue on how to lead. "Uhhh... keep your powder dry"

    Clueless ...

    He now is the only idiot besides Bush that came out strongly for Miers... who is at this very moment "studying" what the hell the Constitution is all about.

    Partisanship = A vague notion of nothingness bound by more abstract nothingness

    It is utterly stupid to believe that people will vote for NOTHING .... only the cretins in the DLC/NDN could come up such a perfect suicide pact.

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    no it means that you are ignorant
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    even this is no forbidden

    A long or short-sleeved dress shirt (collared or turtleneck), and/or a sweater.

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    He'd say you should judge a basketball player by his abilities and talent not by what he is wearing
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    Did you even read the list of "forbidden" items of clothing.... they are ALL associated with a black style of dress... therefore no Dockers or Topsiders were listed or anything associated with "white" dress
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    They want them to stop looking Black


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