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    At Kinkos or some such place, I guess.

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    This was always my question about Ned from the very beginning:  can he be brutal, and do it smiling?  Can he order a political hit, for real, during the homestretch in a tough fight?  Will he define Leiberman's character on Lamont's terms (ie, tell the hard truth)?

    I've not seen the evidence yet.  

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    It's interesting the right wingers are talking about not falsifying history, etc.  

    We can be sure this is not because they care about lying, or because they want to do the right thing, or any other noble reason.  

    No.  This is evidence of the cumulative efficacy of our many attacks on their character and lying natures.  They don't want to take that hit again, not on this movie.

    The reason people like Bill Bennet are bashing the movie is because they fear us and understand that we have been able to do real damage to them that is sticking.

    Tipping points only look like tipping points because they make apparent in dramatic fashion what has already been ongoing for sometime, below the surface.  The weakness of the right wing is becoming much more apparent this week, not only to us, but to the wider culture.  

    If Rick Perlstein or whomever writes the history of the contemporary progressive movement, this week could very well deserve close scrutiny, because this has indeed been a horrific week for the right wing.  But it's been under lots of sustained pressure from us and from the fruits of their own failures for some time.

  • One of our FDL commenters just said he's setting aside $1k for any good primary challenge against Rahm.

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    I guess I need to be nicer to you.

    Very informative, Chris.

  • Different ads do different things.  Other ads in a campaign can position the candidate by way of definition in the way you describe.

    That said, this ad does help define her positively as one who cares enough about the biggest issues of the day to stand up to GOP roughshod power.

    Some of the ideas about how different ads can do different things, yet still "pick a fight" as necessary in this cycle can be found in my FDL post here (I provide links to examples):

    http://www.firedoglake.com/2006/08/22/ac countability-in-campaign-advertising/

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    Reid thinks Lieberman got a primary challenge because he could not keep his mouth shut when supporting Bush.

    He thinks members should be able to do what they want, as long as they don't make a fuss about it.  Bankruptcy Bill?  No problem.  Just don't get in front of a microphone about it.

    He's not a progressive.  He doesn't even really like being Leader.  He does not push or persuade the caucus, he lets it lead him.

    This is not a successful model of leadership for a party that needs to be trained.  You can do it, maybe, with a team that is already whipped into shape and knows how to win, but that's not this team.

  • The issue is also one of Joe's millions invested in GOP GOTV, and the muddying effect of just having him on the ticket in the first place.

    Furthermore, lack of clarity for Dem general election voters makes Lamont's message and GOTV effort harder to propel and sustain.  If both Joe and Ned make claim to being Democrats, what do Democrats stand for?  If the answer is, "not much," then that depresses Dem turnout.

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    runs through accusations of anti-semitism.  

    The progressive left must articulate an approach to our relationship with Israel founded on progressive values while at the same time honoring Israel's right to exist.  

    At the same time, this does not require support for all of Israel's actions or policies, and this approach allows for the possibility of daylight between American interests and Israeli state interests.

    Only progressives, acting from progressive values, are actually friends of Israel.  We must make that argument and fight through the heat we take.

    Thanks to Matt for taking this on.  Great post, Matt.

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    No more linkies for you.



  • Well, for one thing, lawyers, doctors and accountants operate under a certification or licensing system.  There's no such thing for consulting.

    The word "profession," in the strictest sense, defines a group with a credentialing system and an enforceable code of ethics, with consequences for violations.

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    Great piece, Matt.

    You efforts to study and describe the machine are as ever top notch.

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    We really appreciate it, Matt.  This is a big one.  Atrios has chimed in, too.

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    Back that up.

    Name some FDL reporting that was wrong.  It wasn't perfect, but it was more right than anyone else out there, relying on Murray Waas.  It was more right than WaPo or NYT, or any of the cable talking heads.  
    If you think FDL ever joined the Truthout bandwagon, then you only prove you've never been a reader of FDL.

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    Our room at the FDL caucus was packed to overflowing, standing room only.

    Got to stand up for my family.


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