• Matt voiced his objections and concerns at the time.  Ezra Klein had an alternate take that he introduced with some comments I candidly had trouble connecting to Matt's previous points, but that was just my experience.  

    The meeting was relatively brief and not geared toward having this kind of strategic conversation, from Mrs. Edwards' point of view, and we got as far as we could, with statements of intent all around to follow up.  For reasons I don't quite understand yet, Mrs. Edwards people did not do any follow up as they stated they would, though for my part, I did call back to thank them for their hospitality.

    All of this recollection is subject to the filter of my own experience and the passing of time.  But Matt did try to get his ideas and concerns across during the meeting.

  • But will he fight people.  

    Politics at this level is very personal.  If he won't get his hair a little mussed while sticking the knife in the other guy, while smiling all the while, he's not ready or he's not serious.

    Reagan could do it, and did.  I have not seen any evidence Edwards can or will do it.  And I'm quite wishful that he can and will.

    But the evidence is not there.  At least, not yet.

  • If you never look to the general public liek you're willing to pick a fight with the risk of some skin, you're weak.  Period.

    I like Edwards for all the reasons discussed, but I fear he's such the idealistic Southern gentleman that he can't and won't ever gut an opponent while smiling all the while.

    Attacking does not require one to be shrill.  But it does require one to be ruthless and indefatigable.  The rest is posturing, and at worst, old school liberal dilettantism.  

  • I was there.  Pretty jarring experience.

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    First, thanks for the link, Matt.

    Second, as I wrote the post, I was angry.  

    Then, because I felt good about the post, and because it touches to the roots of my latino family, I sent the link to my mother.  I talked with her on the phone later, and she said, among other things, "I didn't know whether to be angry or incredibly sad."

    Later, after I got off the phone, I had my mother's words floating around my head.  I thought of my immigrant grandparents.

    And then I cried.

    This is not who we are supposed to be.  Look what we're doing to these kids and families.

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    I'm hoping whoever gets the job is able to make a good friend of Howie Klein.  That will be to everyone's benefit, seriously.

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  • Well if I got bad information from a high level senate staffer, then shock! shock!  I may faint!

  • Though some have remaining complaints. . .
    That would be me.  

    And it's more than Ohio.  The full accounting for the last election cycle and the DSCC has not yet been cpmpleted, though I would not be surprised to hear Tom Swan break silence before too long.

    Meanwhile, here are my 12 Reasons Not to Trsut Chuck Schumer, though I did get a few more good ones by email after posting it:

    http://www.firedoglake.com/2006/11/11/fd l-late-nite-12-reasons-not-to-trust-chuc k-schumer/

    Casey was not the only possible option in PA, though Rendell and the gang were insistent.  Santorum was meat no matter what.  But the Lamont betrayal, whose details have not yet been fully aired, is unforgiveable, and I'm surprised to see LAmont supporters chucking this down the memory hole.

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    Yeah we have a different culture.  Either is good.

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    Fair enough.  Thanks Jerome.  Just sounded weird.

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    I know, and in a way, I agree with you.  It feels petty.  But then, so does the backhanded slight.

    These posts live a long time on the Internets.  I just don't see how a post that all about giving credit needs to include what comes across as a backhanded dig at a man who's done such incredible, innovative, indefatiguable work.  I think Jerome is great; I just think he typed a little thoughtlessly.

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    "Markos and I used to give Bowers a lot of shit in emails for being too concilitory and not calling a spade and being tough enough, but no more. It's been terrific watching Chris take the lead here and be able to make the whole 'netroots to grassroots' notion a reality in his own life."

    Jerome, I know what you're trying to say, but that does not come off like a compliment.  If I ever wrote somethng like that about one of our writers or activists at FDL, I'd be called on the carpet for an apology, and my critics would be right.

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  • what a puss.


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