There is no manual for national security experience

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If Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee, he will lose to John McCain on the issue of national security. After the masses' endless solipsism of "Yes We Can!" fades, a more critical mainstream media and any external event that threatens the security of the United States will goad the electorate to vote for McCain, a man with substantial experience.

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Injecting Some Sense into The "Walmart Tape" Nonsense

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This is a quick and dirty repost of a comment that I made in response to another diary, and since I am not feeling well (my immune system is attacking my intestines) it is what it is. I'm not going for a Pulitzer.

The argument that Hillary Clinton is against labor unions is outer bullcrap. Her record as a Senator is strongly pro-labor, and unions are backing her for a reason.

Now for the real world part that a lot of the Kos kiddies may not understand:

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Hillary Speaks for the Unspoken; Addresses Gay Teen Suicide

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Words like "metrosexual" have entered the vernacular, and 'gay' can earn big bucks at the box office, but when popular culture is juxtaposed with our actual culture, a crowbar separation remains. There are a multitude of reasons why there is a high incidence of depression and suicide among gay teens, and, in her latest "Ask Hillary" Web video, Hillary Clinton had the courage to speak up and address what remains largely unspoken.

Watch it for yourself:

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Obama 'Goofed': Children Nearly Bore the Brunt of It

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By his own admission, Senator Obama's greatest weakness is being disorganized. He jokingly replied that he does not ask his staff to hand him papers until two seconds before he needs it during the Nevada debate. Sadly, the joke was on disadvantaged children in Chicago's West Side when he "goofed" and voted to stip millions in funding from a child welfare office.

According to the LA Times, Obama said, "I was not aware that I had voted no," in June 2002, requesting that the Senate record be fixed to reflect that he "intended to vote yes." His habit of voting 'present' on contentious issues was less than stellar, but the fact that he did not not knowing what he was voting for raises red flags.

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McClurkin Redux

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George Bush's spiritual advisor, pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell, endorsed Barack Obama today and will campaign on his behalf. Caldwell heads a ministry called METANOIA that is essentially a de-gayifying programs for youth. The hurt and damage these programs do to our children is SICK SICK SICK.

When Senator Obama invited anti-gay activist Donnie McClurkin on his "Embrace the Change" gospel tour, it was painful to me as a young gay man. I warily turned the other cheek only to be slapped in the face by our potential nominee once again.

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Yes Mr. Obama, a Lobbyist IS Running Your Campaign Hotlist

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In last night's debate, honey-tongued Barack Obama eloquently made his case for 'change.' Obama wants to form a coalition of willing Democrats, independents, and yes -- even Republicans -- to shake up Washington. Before Mr. Obama does to  Washington, the first term Senator may want to consider shaking up his own campaign: His New Hampshire co-chair Jim Demers is a lobbyist for the pharmaceutical industry.

Hillary Clinton informed the Senator that a lobbyist was running his campaign during a sharp exchange about health care. Obama righteously denied the charge, but unfortunately for Obama, it was
proven true by Time's Mark Halperin. Obama was either grossly misinformed or worse. More after the Flip.

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