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    Look at the first sentence of the quote, and to the first comma of the second.  

    You're right, we can't do the work of 30 years in as many days. Lakoff thinks in long term solutions.  Look at what can be done in the near term.  

    Associate McCain with Corruption, Scandal, Gold Digging, Favor pushing (Keating Five).  These are things that CAN be done in the next month.  

    After we win, proceed to the 30 year plan.

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    This is all about perception, not who has the issues. Two different animals.  

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    Use Duke Cunningham (R-CA), he was the real life 'Mavrick' Top Gun example, before was elected and went to prison.

    Use nothing 'Charming'.

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    I've followed Lakoff for over four years now, I've learned that he's pretty insightful.  I've found his analysis to be spot on, and not always what you want to hear.

    The low information (aka general election) voter votes with his 'guts' and 'comfort zone'.  

    Therefore, the opposite holds true:  Make the voter Uncomfortable with the usual, expected choice.  

    Sidebar: I actually stumbled onto this in my (hardcore Republican) Doctor's office the other day (he knows I'm Progressive).  HE started the discussion (hasn't happened before) and described himself as a 'moderate'(he isn't).  Still backing McCain/Palin but I sensed he was not happy about it.  Make him more uncomfortable and he would probably switch quietly.  I didn't have the points to make him more uncomfortable, but I think he was looking to me to try to give him some reasons to dump McCain, but not necessarily support Obama.

    Is the Campaign missing something with this example?

    I think so, the Campaign isn't giving the McCain supporters a reason NOT to support McCain on a gut level.  I sure as hell didn't have the talking points, 'more of the same' was all used up.


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    Except for your short Hillary loyalist rant, you're right.  We are fighting the same Gore/Kerry issues based campaign against the Bush/McCain gut punch machine.

    People (your low information voter) go with their guts in the voting booth.

    Something else I'm noticing on the framing front.  McCain is pulling out the old liberal boogeyman of the Democrats in general with past and present pictures of Dem leaders in the ads. He's attacking Obama thru the company he keeps.

    Obama continues to try to woo the center by speaking of Bipartisanship.

    This is the time to Toss Bipartisanship out of the window.  He need to wed McCain to the Republican Party of Trent Lott, Duke Cunningham (Sidebar: take the Mavrick top gun moniker and use it against McCain), Scooter Libby, Tom Delay, Jack Abramoff, Bob Ney, Mark Foley, Bill Frist, et al.  

    I want the Obama Campaign to incite the gut emotions of Shame and Fear.

  • I want Independents to be Afraid to vote for a Republican.
  • I want Republicans to be Ashamed to vote for a Republican.
  • I very much Want to Win this Thing for the sake of My Country.
  • We can be bipartisan after the election (or not, with a big enough margin).

  • How about, silly girl is going to quickly get us into a 'holy war' with the Muslim world if she has her druthers.  

    Damm, she's downright scary with a finger a heartbeat away from the Nuclear option.

  • Dead Serious.  If you've seen him for any length of time on CNBC you get it.  He helps hand out the Kool Aid.

  • Terrific, he makes O'Riley look like a liberal.

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    From the Same Article:

    But as the past two weeks have shown, that success has a downside. When the vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin lamented media bias during her speech, attendees of the Republican convention loudly chanted "NBC."

    And (next page)

    The McCain campaign has filed letters of complaint to the news division about its coverage and openly tied MSNBC to it. Tension between the network and the campaign hit an apex the day Mr. McCain announced Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate.

    I see this as a coordinated Republican effort to suppress and muzzle MSNBC.  While you may not agree with Olbermann et al, the fact is that they are the only ones who represent a realistic point of view and have the platform to project it.  This is precisely why they are so popular.

    Commercial Television companies (CBS, NBC, ABC) are now the lapdogs of the Republicans, under the guise of dispassionate evenhanded uninvolved reporting.  Perhaps if they had engaged in some passionate reporting eight years ago, we would have a stronger Nation. What NBC is engaging in now is known as appeasement.

    FOX is simply a propaganda arm of the Republican Party.  

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    The kids are off limits.  End of story.

    However, I consider Statements regarding government made by Sarah Palin to be fair game.

    For Example, from a Candidate questionnaire from the Governor's Race:

    11. Are you offended by the phrase "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance? Why or why not?


    "Not on your life. If it was good enough for the founding fathers, its good enough for me and I'll fight in defense of our Pledge of Allegiance."

    Until I read this, I really didn't realize that the Religious Right were this disconnected from the historical record (aka Reality) of My Country.

    Has the political discourse in this country truly stooped this low.  This is ELEMENTARY SCHOOL KNOWLEDGE and the candidate for Alaska Governor blew it.

    I shudder to imagine the answer to something like 'what do you think of the Torries of the Revolution?'

  • This is Really simple:

    Obama carefully vetted his selections in private long before he chose Joe Biden.  He also chose a very public person familiar and respected by the MSM.

    McCain, shooting from the hip, quickly chooses an unknown, yet to be deeply vetted (their own campaign quietly admits this), and untested in the national forum.

    For McCain, all vetting will be terribly public, and any appearance of impropriety, with or without basis, will be that much more damming to the candidate who is running as an 'honest reformer'.

    Yup, I think McCain has 'screwed the pooch' on this one. I do now wish that there were more Vice Presidential debates, it's gonna be fun to watch.  

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    First impressions from MSNBC and CNN this morning:

    NOW the commentary for those just waking up is still a house divided, it was good but not THAT good.

    To their credit, those reporters who were in the hall are supporting the great Hillary speech and are talking Unity.  However, this gives nothing for the pundits to stir up, so it's not so good.

    We really need to start beating up the MSM for their crooked coverage.

    Rumor heard from my wife: FOX is running the pool camera coverage.  True?

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    Talking Heads:

    Except for his last line, all of Schweitzer's speech on MSNBC was talking heads running up to Hillary.  Outside of the Hall, there was nothing there on his speech.   I was also checking CNN too, same thing.  

    The Message IS NOT getting out of the bubble.

  • I think it's really a subtle play on the he's old and is having cognitive issues theme.

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    I still like Dodd, Most importantly 'It's the Economy Stupid!'.  Dodd can run rings around the wingnuts like the Old School Irish Politician he is on economic issues.

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