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    There is just too much baggage associated with the word Liberal.  To change to the progressive label will at the very least force the other side to think up new slogans!
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    This is for a 527 to take the initative and make an ad with this clip, bring up the 'draft doger' question about Bush.  How George used his infulence to Dodge the Draft (that IS what he did, you know).  

    The Kerry Campaign can't do it, that looks like retaliation on the part of the campaign.  

    The Kerry Campaign has no say over what the 527's do except to ask them to take off of the media something that is already on it.

    What are a 'Draft Dodger's' Values?

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    takes a pass on this one.  The majority Republicians on the committee will do their best to stay bought and evade this issue.  

    Now, if the Democrats retake control of the Congress, and DeLay is re-elected, then he has a much better chance of an extended visit to the house of many doors.

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    For the first time, in the employee cafateria where I work.  One of our group sat down and started talking about Obama's speech. What a GREAT speech he did.  He liked the message that we are all in this together, not just a single group and not just a red or blue state.  This guy was Jazzed up by that speech.

    This is in an environment where the discussion of things political is frowned upon by most of the people there.  Politics is not discussed at work for fear of 'offending' someone and bringing down the HR 'no offensive behavior' police down around your neck.  

    This guy is one of the committed fence sitters, (that elusive swing vote).  He is veaguely interested in things political.  Today, he is a lot more positive about things political.

    This, in Northern Nevada, where Bush still leads by a confortable margin (25%), as opposed to statewide, where Kerry just squeeked a 4% lead acording to this recent poll from Survey USA

    I guess my point is that this speech got some fence sitters off of the fence, the optimistic message is getting through and hitting the right cord.

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    These type of resignations don't help the Democrats at all for the election cycle.  As Bush looses these people, it becomes easier for him to point to 'bad advice', wrap himself in the flag of patriotism, and let a forgiving American public re-elect him.  

    Personally, I'd like to see all of these guys rally around George and find electorial defeat together.  There is just too much material out there that these advisors committed, (remember WMD; Slam Dunk - George Tenet), that can be used to undermine the credibility of the administration and shine the spotlight of hindsight on their mistakes.  

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    thou doth gloat too much.  Here in Nevada, (one of those Swing states mind you.)  I find it very hard to find Kerry Supporters.  The Democratic organization seems (at least to me) dysfunctional.  A lack of direction and message other than feelgood John Kerry intros.  The Democratic party and Kerry leadership in the state (who's paid staffer is in Las Vegas, a scant 350 miles or 8 hour drive at 70+ mph) seem nonexistant.  Yes, there are plenty of people who are DISsatisfied with Bush, BUT they are NOT ready to vote Kerry, at least not yet.

    Yes, I know it is still early, and the message is still being crafted, but the election at this point is Kerry's to loose.  If you wonder if the Wingnuts will be able to put up a good fight, I have two words: Karl Rove (remember him, lie, cheat, AND steal).

    Do I sound worried, you bet.  Am I volunteering for the Kerry Campaign, yup, every spare moment and then some. But I see it differently in these trenches, I am not ready to toast to victory yet.

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    As I see it, the youth vote has two very large reasons to participate in this election cycle.  

    1. There is a war on, unfortunately, much like Vietnam the casualty list grows each and every day.

    2. There is talk of reinstatement of the draft, no matter how unlikely, it will capture the attention of youthful voters.


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