• I certainly don't disagree with that - Lunsford is a MAJOR improvement over McConnell in every respect.  All I'm saying is that it's probably not the best idea to count on Lunsford as part of a 60 member coalition to override controversial progressive vetoes or block filibusters.

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    The full delegations will be seated as soon as Obama has clinched the nomination and Hillary has conceded.

  • I don't think you should count on a DINO to be part of a "filibuster-proof" or "veto-proof" majority if he's voting with the conservatives on many key issues.

    The biggest thing about this is that it would get one of the most powerful GOP Senators out of office and leave the whole party with a great deal of egg on its face.

    There's still a long way to go in this one...

  • Well, then, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out...

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    Nothing.  Now piss off and don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

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    No, I am not, but the kind of vile filth that the Clinton Smear Machine has been spewing on here for months will be clearly against the guidelines of this site as soon as the nomination is settled.  We just have to run out the clock on the alegrebots.  They'll be gone soon enough.

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    Don't worry, after the nomination is settled, the HillaryIs44 trolls will be banned if they continue to spew their filth on here.

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    I'm really not so concerned about Hillary.  What she said was inappropriate, but it doesn't bother me that much.  The problem I have is with the Clinton Smear Machine trolls like linfar and TexasDarlin and alegre that are trying to turn this back on Obama and his supporters when it's clearly entirely Hillary's fault she is in hot water over this.  I will continue to attack them for their arrogance.  Their insinuation that Obama somehow made her say what she did or even stoked the fire by saying something as mild as "it's unfortunate she said that" or, even more arrogant, that he should have to actively defend her for her statement that she should stay in the race in case he gets assassinated is just crazy (and, in fact, the Obama campaign went beyond what they were morally required to in defense of her when Rice released a statement saying "we take her at her word"...).  These people are clearly just trolls and should be treated as such.  For the normal everyday Clinton backers that feel like she made a misstatement but it's really not a big deal, don't worry, I'm with you, too.  Keith Olbermann's rant was entertaining, but that's what he does - entertain, and it was clearly over the top in terms of the reality of the situation.

  • Please spare me.  Why pick 1968?

  • So Obama needs to "forcefully defend" Hillary for a statement implying he could be assassinated?  Wow.  

  • It madethe rec list because linfar's pathetic Clinton Smear Machine friends all rec'd it.  Thank God this will be over soon enough and then they'll all get rightfully banned.

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    This is incredible.  You act as if this whole thing was manufactured by Obama or anyone connected with his campaign.  In fact, the official statement of the campaign cam AFTER the media picked up the story and was "it was unfortunate that she said that".  Wow, what a scathing attack!!!  And then later after Hillary's "apology", they said they would take Clinton at her word that she didn't mean it.  My God!!!! Twist the knife harder why don't you!!!!! That's completely unfair of them to imply that they would take her at her word.  How dare they?

    This "controversy" is 100% Hillary's own doing, and this diary is yet another pathetic garbage hit piece from the vile Clinton Smear Machine.  Thank God it's all coming to an end soon. Once the primary process is over, the pathetic smear machiners will be banned practically as soon as garbage like this is posted if they keep up with the hateful smear pieces on the Dem nominee.

  • I respect that you're going to vote Dem in the fall no matter who the nominee is, and I respect that you're going to fight for Hillary until the second she stops battling the windmills, but this is a real stretch to make an issue over.

  • Does that include the rules that the DNC and Hillary agreed to regarding the stripping of the delegates from FL & MI?

  • LOL.  No, absolutely not.  If no one were allowed to be fast and loose with the facts, TD wouldn't have anything to write about...


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