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    What is this bill? Is this the thing that turns a bunch of job training programs into block grants or vouchers?
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    It's a fun exercise, but THAT would be a more interesting measure. Are McCain and Feingold passing things that are actually of interest? Or are they passing amendments that are mostly symbolic?
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    I want to bring attention to page 13 of the memo, which shows a message test between "there is no crisis" and "there are some small problems, but Bush is exaggerating". It appears that "there are some small problems" is more of a winning message by about 5 points, which I am totally willing to believe.

    This is my reason for wanting to run a "screwdriver versus the sledgehammer" ad, where democratic plans are compared to fixing a jungle gym with a screwdriver, while Republican plans are compared to smashing it with a sledgehammer.

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    Isn't it a little unfair to everyone besides kos to rank by page views. You've mentioned before that kos is the "stickiest" of the blogs, and many readers are following multiple bloggers within kos. Plus the number of people leaving comments is much much largers.

    Is the high ranking for americablog a one-time result of Jeff Gannon? Or is this part of a trend?

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    As a labor activist, this friction recently entered my personal life, as I started becoming, um, "friends" with a long-time environmental activist.

    Cute. And well put.

  • In addition to the incompetence angle, it's important to note that whenever Clinton talked about the deficit, he also talked about high interest rates and crowding out investment. At the convention he talked about how China and Japan hold all our bonds. So while the deficit by itself is not a winning political issue, pointing out that the deficit risks economic strife of all sorts is a political winner.
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    He's not running.

    And my contrarian prediction wins.

    Hatch for Senate 06!

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    No one in the 'sphere is big on Mike Hatch? I hear he's pretty popular and has won a statewide election already.
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    the symbolic value of beating the crap out of Norm Coleman, I imagine.
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    Listening now, he still hasn't said whether or not he's running. My money is that he's not.

    There is a deep bench in Minnesota; plus I think he wants Wellstone's seat anyway.

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    Two words: Senator Franken
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    Why is this on a Friday? Is this because efforts in January of 2005 are really test drives to see what will work in 2006?
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    I'm not sure of the numbers, but isn't Ray LaHood vulnerable? He's been running very scared on Social Security reform.
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    But is there any chance of getting at people like Ways and Means Chair Bill Thomas? Yes, he's in CA-22, and at this point we all know that California's district map is based on incumbency protection. But today's comments about "gender adjustment" just insulted more than half of his constituents.

    I know this fits in the "long shot" category. But I feel like we can punish some of these characters for what they say over the next two years.

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    you could start phasing it out above $100,000, but that only gets you about 10%-30% of the costs back.

    yes, you could roll back the upper income Bush tax cuts. But we're already rolling them back for increased education, health spending, a bigger army, etc ... people seem to think there's an infinite amount of money to be made my rolling the tax cuts for income over $200K. It's a lot, but it isn't infinite. You have to start saving money at some point. Fixing the Medicare bill will only get you so far.

    The Rahm Emanuel-via-PPI-via-EPI "single family credit" plan is the way to go here. According to Emanuel, it results in a net gain of $1,500 over Bush's plan for a family earning $50,000. Though it needs to renamed "unified family credit", since "single family credit" sounds like you're giving it to single moms.


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