Hillary's Bold and Progressive Agenda

While the media vultures swarm around Hillary Clinton declaring her candidacy dead.  While the DNC leaders try to sway Super Delegates to see it their way and get behind Barack Obama.  While the Obama campaign and supporters try to convince upcoming voters that they may as well get with the program and vote for him because, afterall, SHE can't win.

While the negative attacks continue against Hillary Clinton to drive up her unfavorable ratings and drive down her poll numbers, while everything (again) is stacked against her - what does Hillary Clinton do?

She defies the odds, the media and the DNC.  Instead of giving up, Hillary lays out a bold and progressive agenda for America.

Hillary Clinton, with all her human shortcomings continues to amaze even her detractors as she shows us why she is the most progressive candidate running for President.

While everyone else is analyzing delegate numbers and calculating spreadsheets - Hillary shows us what she will do as Commander in Chief,where she wants to take our country and how she will lead America in a positive, global direction.

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Obama's Support Softens (NY Times Article)

I apologize in advance for cutting and pasting this article.

This article appeared in the NY TIMES today suggesting that Obama's support among Democrats has softened since his "peak" in Feb.

Article is reprinted and written by Adam Nagourney and Megan Thee.

Link here:

http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/04/us/pol itics/04campaign.html?_r=1&oref=slog in

[editor's note, by nikkid] this is reprinted from NY Times

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Can the Mods let Universal come back too?

I'm so happy that Texas Darling is back on this site.  I also really enjoyed the diaries of Universal.

Can the mods reconsider reinstating Universal (with a warning for whatever s/he did) as well?


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She's Gonna Win!!!

The calls by Obama supporters for Hillary to quit the race are deafening. They want YOU to believe that she can't win, but what they are really afraid of is that SHE WILL WIN.

Based on Hillary's comeback history and her perseverance to fight to the finish and win, Obama and his supporters know that this race is far from over. They realize that from Pennsylvania forward it will only get worse for Obama and they are running scared.

Once Hillary wins the last big state in the election there will be a momentum shift towards her in the remaining eight primaries.

Obama and his supporters want you to believe that the delegate math simply cannot work in her favor.  That only Obama can win because he has the most pledged delegates.  The Obama campaign, his supporters, and certain members of the Democratic Party leadership want you to believe that it is her fault that the race has turned negative and if she doesn't step down now, the democratic party and Obama's chances to win in the general election will be ruined.  And, it's ALL HER FAULT.

But the truth is that the delegate math does not work out for either candidate and this nomination will be decided by the Super Delegates. Neither of them can reach the magical 2,024 number needed.

When all is said and done and the last vote is counted, Hillary and Barack will be in a statistical tie. She will lead in the popular vote, he will lead in the delegate count. And that is the nightmare the Obama campaign was hoping to avoid.

The Obama people know that from this point forward, the gap between Hillary and Barack in the upcoming primaries will close.  The way the Obama supporters talk you would think there was a 30% or 40% gap between them in delegates - but there is only a 4% gap as of today.

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Hillary ain't never been called a N*gger!

After speaking those 'eloquent' words, Obama's Reverend of 20 years went on to tell his congregation that Bill Clinton will do to them what he did to Monica Lewinsky!!!

And the Anti-Hillary, Pro-Obama Media, along with Obama's supporters, jump all over HER for answering a question when all she stated was "He wouldn't be my pastor!"

Give me a Break!!

Now that's suppose to make her 'racist' - again!!!

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I would like to hear from Obama supporters on this subject.


Obama has run on idea that he will "Change Washington".

Can you tell me HOW he will do this? What is his plan for "changing Washington?" I have never heard the details.

Obama also runs on the idea that he will "Unite the Country" and bring both parties together.

I understand that he has a history of getting Republicans to vote for him in the Democratic primaries/caucuses.

But HOW will he get Republicans to unite with democrats if he becomes President?

What is his plan, specifically?

I'm asking this because I have asked it of many people that I know who are supporting Obama because she stands for Change, yet they cannot tell me how he plans to bring about change.

I'm not being fecicious by the way - I would really like to know.

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Maybe Geraldine Ferraro was Right?


Here's a quick background (from wikipedia) on all the President's since FDR:

FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT - Democrat - served 8 terms. Was 51 when he took office. Was a State Senator from NY, Secretary of the Navy, Governor of NY, then President. Milestones: Depression, New Deal, Unemployment drop from 24% to 2%, Social Security, WWII.

HARRY S. TRUMAN - Democrat - served 2 terms. Was 61 yrs when he became Pres. Was VP under Roosevelt. Was 2 term US Senator from Missouri, served in WWI, was also a judge. Milestones: Manhattan Project/Atomic Bomb, creation of UN, Cold War, Marshall Paln, creation of Israel and NATO, Mccarthyism.

DWIGHT DAVID EISENHOWER - Republican - served 2 terms. Age 63. Served 2 terms. Was a General and Supreme Allied Commander in Europe. Milestones: Interstate Highway system, civil rights, Hawaii/Alaska become states.

JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY - Democrat - served less than 1 term due to assasination. Age 44 when he was President. Mass House of Rep, 7 years in US Senator Mass. Served in Navy WWII, received medal for PT109. Milestones: Cuban missle crisis, bay of pigs, space program, civil rights movement, beginning of vietnam war.

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The real reason Hillary offered Obama the VP spot

Hillary extended the offer of VP to Obama and he declined.

My take on this is WHEN Hillary becomes the Democratic nominee, she will be able to say that she offered Obama the VP slot and he declined, thereby leaving it open for her to select a more experienced candidate that will be able to help deliver a potential swing state for her.

My guess is that McCain will bring on Crist from Florida. Hillary may want to bring on a Governor from a swing state, or a Senator with a military background (like Webb) that may also help with the electoral math.

Neither Obama nor Clinton need each other to win the White house. BUT it is probably in the best interest of each candidate to extend the VP offer in an effort to make the supporters of the other candidate happy.

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My Excellent Texas Adventure


My trip to Houston was fast, furious and fun.  But more importantly, it was successful.

I had no idea what to expect since I've never volunteered to travel for a campaign before.  But my first good "omen" was on the plane ride from San Diego to Houston where I sat with an older couple from Minnesota. They asked why I was heading to Houston and after I told them about my undying love for Hillary Clinton - they raised their eyebrows and told me "We love her too!". We talked for the whole 3 1/2 hours to Houston about Hillary, the Clintons, and the democratic party.  My first good "omen" that maybe, just maybe things will turn around for Hillary in Texas.

I met my roommate, Jessica, a 23 year old student from SDSU around 1am on Saturday morning, March 1st at our Marriott hotel. She flew in from San Diego, and like me, had the same level of enthusiasm and hope that our being here over the next few days might make a difference and turn things around for our candidate. After 11 straight losses, and polls showing Obama ahead by a couple points, was this even possible?

We talked about that - could Hillary really come back again?

A few hours later, our alarm clock went off and the 2 of us headed downtown Houston for the annual Rodeo Parade. We found the area where all the Hillary supporters were - hard to miss with their large signs, hats, buttons and T-Shirts.  As we screamed out "Hil-A-Ree" every time the parade marched by in hopes of the cameras catching a glimpse of our signs and enthusiasm, our group seemed to be growing by the minute.

My 2nd good omen was when I took a walk down the parade route and did not see any Obama signs or supporters anywhere.....hmmmm.....

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I mean it.

This is THE dream team, THE dream ticket.

I want CLINTON/OBAMA (yes, because I'm a Hillary supporter) but even if it was OBAMA/CLINTON - this is THE ticket that would march the democrats straight to victory in November - NO QUESTION.

These 2 absolutely compliment each other.

She's tough, detailed, a fighter, and perhaps the smartest person I have ever listened to (my God what a brain - everyone I know that's 60 is losing their memory!!!).

He's charming, inspirational, calm.  The Good Cop to her Bad Cop.

Now why I think it should be Clinton/Obama (not the other way round) is because she is older, wiser, more qualified, more experienced and she simply KNOWS what needs to be done.

She's gonna make the proposals and put it out there - Obama as VP could totally be the one to rally congress behind the proposal.

He's the one that will be the 'good cop'- he's also the one that can take it back to her and say - "they'll only go this far"...

Now I guess you could argue it the other way....He's the PREZ and she's the VP....but I have trouble picturing her as the "underling"......

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