Yes She Will

The pundits talk about Door #1, Door #2 or Door #3.

"How will Hillary get out gracefully?"

"Will Hillary be the Vice President?"

"What will Hillary do after she leaves the race?"

"Since Hillary can't win, when will she leave?"

"Obama is the Winner*, how come Hillary doesn't know this?"

Here's my take on how I believe this will play out.

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The Long and Winding Road[UPDATE]Stealing the Election

The path to the Democratic Nomination for Hillary Clinton remains narrow, though not impossible.

Fundamentally, nothing has changed since Indiana and North Carolina, yet everything has changed.  Neither candidate has enough delegates, pledged or otherwise to clinch the nomination and until such time, there is no winner and the race goes on.

The media, which has been biased throughout the entire process, has declared Barack Obama the winner and Hillary Clinton the loser.  

They are anxious to crown the new Prince, the one they have chosen. They speak as if he already is the nominee.

They are anxious to see the woman fail, the one they have been chastising all along. They speak as if she has already exited the race.

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H-638,192 B-615,753 Hillary Wins IN 51% to 49%

CNN calls it for Hillary.

About a 20,000 vote lead.

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Hillary +7 IN, Obama +12 NC First Exit Polls

From Huffington Post

Don't know where they are getting their information or what their sources are, but it is on their front page right now.

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Face the Facts

Hillary Clinton is our nominee.

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Helping Hillary Win in PA

"Pennsylvania says "You're Hired!" to Hillary Clinton"

At the Clinton Rally the night before the election, Hillary Clinton told a crowd of 8,000 at Univ of Penn that this was the "longest job interview" anyone has seen. But that was okay because it's for the "hardest job in the world". To paraphrase, she said "If you're still undecided - when you go to cast your vote tomorrow think of this as a job interview and that you are hiring the person that you believe is the most qualified, most experienced and knowledgeable to handle all the problems that we will face in the coming years.  And if you believe that I'm the best person for the job and you offer it to me - well - I accept!"

And Pennsylvania spoke loud and clear - they want experience, they want a leader, they want a person that can handle the pressures of the job. Hillary Clinton has certainly displayed the leadership and qualifications to do this.

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The Media is Sexist

"The media has focused on racism, but sexism has been ignored in this campaign."

I read an interesting article entitled "Sexism in the Primaries", here is the link. 1138

In it the author, a psychologist, examines the media's reaction towards Hillary Clinton and the role sexism is playing.

She suggests that much of the negativity by the media towards Hillary is unconscious behavior based on fear and anger towards powerful women.

Journalists comment frequently on Clinton's "likeability", but in dissecting it they are commenting on her emotions: Is she too cold or calculating? Is her voice too shrill, will she do or say anything to win?

Yet when a man is shrewd or calculating, or plays to win - it is acceptable within the framework of our society. A man's laugh or physical appearance is not dissected to the extent that Clinton has had her laugh, looks, clothes, hair, and emotions taken apart by the media.

The author states "sexism is embedded in what is not being said." She uses the example of Obama and Edwards supporting each other at one of the debates, while going after Clinton and the news commentators never addressing these dynamics.

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Sexism and the Media

I read an interesting article emailed to me entitled "Sexism in the Primaries", link is here: 1138

In it the author examines the media's reaction towards Hillary Clinton and the role sexism is playing.

She suggests that much of the negativity by the media towards Hillary is unconscious behavior based on fear and anger towards powerful women.

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Does anyone else see the irony?

Obama calls small town people "bitter" and clinging to God and Guns.

Clinton seizes the moment calling him an elitist and out of touch. She talks about learning how to shoot as a young girl which doing a shot and drinking beer with the locals.

Obama reacts with "Shame on You" and calling her "Annie Oakley, duck hunting with a six shooter."

The pundits on Sunday morning have another field day dissecting Obama's remarks and Hillary's behavior.

All of this culmintates on a Sunday evening at a "Compassion Forum" where the 2 discuss religion, compassion and spirituality.

Meanwhile, John McCain skates through the weekend with no news or controversy.

It's like watching a Coen brother film.

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Obama visited Pakistan in College?

A story that ran in the Huffington Post was actually meant to point out Obama's arrogance regarding foreign policy, however I found the part about his travels to Pakistan during College to be more interesting since we had not heard this before. Obama stated at a San Francisco fundraiser the other night that he did not need a VP with foreign policy experience because he knew enough and had more FP experience than either John McCain or Hillary Clinton.

He pointed to a trip he took to Pakistan in College to visit his mother (who was living there at the time).

The writer went on to point out his arrogrance when he compared his college trip to Pakistan and few years in Indonesia as reason enough to claim he had better foreign policy experience than McCain or Clinton.

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