FL Gay Adoption Ban Overturned!!

NY Times has it:

http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/26/us/26f lorida.html

A Judge overturned the FL ban on Gay adoptions that has been in place now for 31 Years!!

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Chelsea Clinton to take Hillary's Senate Seat?!!

Just sayin'....If Hillary becomes Secretary of State, her Senate Seat opens up.....

Wouldn't it be great if Chelsea took her seat in the Senate?

Since Joe Biden's son, Beau, might take his Senate seat and since so many of the Kennedy's have joined congress - it makes perfect sense that Chelsea could be the next Senator from New York!!

Of course, Bill Clinton could also become a Senator!!!

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9/11 Memories

I thought I would write a diary about my experience on 9/11.

No where near as devastating as those that lived in NY and experienced first had.

What are your memories of 911?

Where were you?

How did it impact your life?

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Is the Democratic Party Sexist?

This election has been a roller coaster ride for all of us.

I think the BIGGEST MISTAKE that Obama made is to not choose Hillary Clinton for VP.

I believe this will cost him the election.

Every day between now and November, we will be reminded that Hillary Clinton - who was the most qualified, experienced candidate was not only OVERLOOKED by the DNC leadership as the Candidate for President, she was BY-PASSED for Vice President by Obama.

We will be reminded on a daily basis how the DNC leadership kept quiet throughout the primary about the biased sexism against Hillary Clinton.

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Hillary should become *SENATE* Majority Leader ASAP!

One way to combat the McCain/Palin ticket and the fact that they will syphon off some of the disgruntled Clinton supporters.

If Hillary was Senate Majority Leader - SOON - it would help bolster her position within the Democratic Party and she could speak out more boldly from a position of POWER right now.

The fact that Obama by-passed her for VP in some odd way shows the DEMOCRATS to be the sexists, not the Republicans.


If Hillary took on a power position RIGHT NOW as Senate Majority leader (say) - this would be history making and put her in a very powerful position to combat the issues of a McCain/Palin ticket that are trying to grab some of her voters.

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No one was more disappointed than I was that Obama passed up the opportunity to make history twice by choosing Hillary Clinton for VP, the OBVIOUS choice. And the one that deserved it most.

He did not do this.

After all the fabulous speeches and yes, they were good.

Hillary's speech was brilliant, Bill's speech was fantastic and Obama's speech was Outstanding I thought.

But - McCain choosing Sarah Palin for Vice President.


He WILL syphon off WOMEN from the democratic party who feel VERY disenfranchised by the treatment of Hillary Clinton.

After Obama's speech last night, I was certain HE would be the next President.

I've changed my mind. The Democrats NEED women to win.

THIS selection was a GAME CHANGER.

I now believe McCain has put himself out there and shown he is a Maverick and not your average Republican.

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I Want The Dream Ticket!!

I admit I hang out on the PUMA blogs and am a die-hard Hillary Supporter.


Unlike many PUMA's I will support an Obama/Clinton ticket.


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The Roll Call and Hillary as VP

Two things:

#1 - The idea that the DNC might omit a roll call at the convention seems extremely undemocratic to me.

I thought this was nothing more than a rumor, but it came up today at the "unity" for money meeting at the Mayflower.

Marc Ambinder mentions it here in his column:

http://marcambinder.theatlantic.com/arch ives/2008/06/after_the_press_leaves_some _ed_1.php

A question to obama was whether or not he would accept a roll call vote at the Convention.  

His response was they are negotiating this!


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Obama's poll numbers on the decline

National Poll Numbers:


6/22    Obama 49%   McCain 42%  O + 7%
6/23    Obama 49%   McCain 43%  O + 6%
6/24    Obama 49%   McCain 44%  O + 5%
6/25    Obama 49%   McCain 45%  O + 4%


6/22 - 6/24  Obama 45%  McCain 45%  Tie

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Lou Dobbs: 61% want Hillary to run as Independent

On CNN, Lou Dobbs website:

Do you believe Senator Hillary Clinton should run as an Independent candidate for President?

Yes 61%  
No 39%  

link here:


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