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    so what's new? it is the 90's - ala Bill Clinton - all over again.....only this time, hopefully, americans can see that their "contract" with them is a hoax.

  • as an ex-puma (who still enjoys hitting so many of the puma sites to see whats up) I agree with your basic assessment washstateblue.

    a couple things to note. I don't think pumas/she/they "became" Hillary as much as she represented them/us.

    After 2 years on Hill's campaign I still see things that make me cringe at the hypocrisy.....obama using his middle name in Turkey and admitting to growing up with muslim relatives (all taboo during the primary) - or Pelosi going on Good Morning American claiming we need more women in politics - but she was quick to stab the first woman running for President in the back....

    Believe me the list goes on and on and it's every day.

    However - this is not about attacking or promoting Palin necessarily and I agree with you that because Palin may be the first woman that runs there will be an appeal to many women and ex-hill supporters - BUT -

    If Palin wins (over obama) then we wouldn't have hillary as SoS anymore and we would instead have a regime of Repugs again and who the hell wants to go back there?

    Once you leave the primary behind - if you can - then you have to come to the same conclusion I did:

    - I still have Hillary (on a daily basis as SoS) and she is doing good work, approval ratings are highest ever and she's HAPPY.

    - Everything I believe in (long before the primary started) and everything this diarist believes in is happening under the Obama administration - it's all good.

    The fact is Obama is doing a good job and if he were to fail, this only hurts Hillary and women in general.

    So as hard as it is and YES Hillary (us) were "wronged" by the very party that we supported.

    But if we do not get beyond it - then a progressive agenda, all that Hillary has fought for and that we believe in goes to hell in a handbasket with the repugs.....

    I don't want to trash Sarah Palin because I see many of the same media people that went after hillary going after her and yes, it's sexist to some extent. But still - she is on the WRONG TEAM. She isn't a progressive thinker, if she was - she would not be with the Republican party.

    I think ultimately what this diarist (and I) want to see in our lifetimes (which my mother will perhaps miss) is a Woman President. We all get that. But - let's work to at least find the RIGHT woman.

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    the diarist is allowed to believe whatever he wants, my point is that his diaries continue to harp on gays and gay marriage. There isn't anyone here that doesn't know he opposes gay marriage - his reasons are that a "man and woman fit together". Okay well I could argue that a black man and a white woman don't "fit together" - does that make me racist? Yes. I'm trying to point this out to him.

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    I wonder why you are such a homophobe Mr. Farmer -  you should explore that. Even my 84 year old mother is less homophobic than you and she's voted Republican a few times. If you are a Democrat, as you state, then gay marriage should not bother you - AT ALL. But you seem to harp on it over and over, leaving many of us here wondering - are you really a democrat? are you gay yourself and afraid to come out of the closet? I mean what's your hang up? It's getting old.

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    then you have to hope like hell Cali won't go back to the dark ages...

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    I vote for the lone gunman theory in THIS case.

  • you are a true homophobe simply by using the term "normal". "he was normal then switched back".

    You know Rhianna got what she deserved because black men beat women. Nicole Simpson got what she deserved because OJ is a typical jealous black man that kills and beats women.

    Essentially your belief of the "gay agenda" and what is "normal" is absolutely no different then the racist language and remark I just made about black men (which I don't believe but am showing you that your homophobia is equal to racism).

    I really thought you were smarter than that.

  • I am legally married to my partner of 16 years - one of the 18,000 that took advantage of that right in Cali last Sept.

    Why would ANY democrat be against this?

    What does my marriage to my partner have to do with YOUR life?

    Why should we not be allowed to marry - what is the dilema for you?

    It is a fundamental right for two people to decide to marry just as roe v wade is a fundamental right for a woman to decide.

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    As the diarist mentions, the question of abortion goes well beyond abortion and this part of the argument never gets fully talked about. Therefore you can't just say "I'm pro-life" or "I'm pro-choice" without going to the next part of what happens to a woman. The pro-choice part is easy. The woman decides, it's legal, done. But the Pro-Life part wants to make abortion illegal and then, as the diarist so rightly points out there are a ton of problems that attach to this law. Who oversees it? What do they do with the abortion doctors and women that have them? Pay a fine? Go to jail? clog up the legal system and jails with this? What if the woman has health problems and it may cause problems for her even bearing a child?

    Then the unwanted child that may have serious health problems is not adopted, who pays for that? do they go after the boy/father/rapist/whoever that got the girl pregnant? if he doesn't pay will the fines be stiff? Will he go to jail? the problem goes on and on.

    For me, as a woman, it is not a dilema - I have always believed and will continue to believe that the woman - who will bear the child and have the ultimate responsibility - must always have the right to choose. I personally, would not have an abortion, I would feel blessed to have a child - but that's me. If I was raped at the age of 15 - at that time - I would have chosen an abortion and be glad to live in a country that gave me that option.

    I will always fight for a woman's right to choose - until I drop dead off the face of the planet - this will be a cause I give money to and speak out for - it is a fundamental right to allow women to make that very personal decision.

  • and to say nothing about the high percentage of pedophiles the church created and ultimately condoned as they got away with it for YEARS.

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    Let's hope California rules the same way!!

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    looks like my ban of msnbc continues as THEY continue to hire sexist pigs for their line up.

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    Thank you for this reminder. I'm in Cali and I just joined the Courage Campaign.

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    Great Post. It's making me think about my own 84 year old mother, who is still with me, and who came over through Ellis Island from Germany. She is so much more than "housewife".


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