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    God Damn it!!! I am SICK of this. WE HAVE TO GET HEALTHCARE REFORM. If we don't get this passed now - it's DEAD!! GONE!! DONE!! Kiss it good-bye. It is unacceptable to have a democratic congress, a democratic president, the entire country WANTING healthcare reform and then NOT getting healthcare reform. If this doesn't pass then the democrats all deserve to be kicked out. This has gone on since the 90's when it had to take a back seat THEN and it has only gotten worse. Why the f*ck should I have to stay in a shitty god-awful job just to keep my health insurance. IT'S WRONG.

  • Hillary delivered a powerful and meaningful speech.

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    I'm not a Palin fan, but completely agree with your post on her. NO WOMAN will be able to become President with the way the press tears them down.

  • it's the same BS they did with Hillary. She's a lesbian too you know? I'm not a Palin-lover, but an attack is an attack whether you're Hillary or Palin - they (the media) is coming after her (just as they did Hillary). Bottom line - the media does not allow Women to succeed. They will attack all powerful women. That's my personal opinion and that's how I see it.

  • I gave you mojo since you'll soon be attacked. Anyway - Alas - we will never know. My guess is her Presidency would be very similar to Obama except, perhaps in her management style. Not sure Healthcare would be any closer than where it is right now even knowing how passionate she is/was about this, still takes consensus to get this through. At any rate, maybe we'll still have a Hillary Presidency in 8 years.....

  • Thriller - highest selling album of all time, over 100 million, no one will probably top that again.

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    take a trip over to itunes. last time I checked he had 10 of the top 12 songs, including #1 man in the mirror (not a disposable song by any stretch). He had 5 of the top 10 albums and 53 of the top 100 videos.

    Jackson is iconic and has contributed as much to his generation as those icons whose death came too soon before: Elvis and Lennon come to mind.

    Yes it is ONLY music - but for a moment in time, the entire PLANET was silent in grief over this boy-man. I believe people like Jackson have and had the power to unit the planet if for a few moments. It is not politics - it is MUSIC. And there is nothing wrong with that.

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    Fat old white man to lead the GOP. Add his fat face to Newt, Dick, Rove, Limbaugh, Ken Starr, and (just old) McCain - and you start to wonder if they come from some sort of inbred gene.G(rumpy) O(old) P(eople)  is a better name for this party.

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    these people are just out and out f*ckers. what does it take for the damn Repug party to finally DIE.

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    Todd's got his work cut out for him!!

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    That's who I'm supporting.

    I do worry about Meg Whitman or Carly Fioronni (?) as possible R contenders. I say this because Gavin (and Jerry) will both have a rough time in Central Cali and probably here in San Diego too.

    There will be appeal to have the 1st Woman Gov in Cali and possibly Fioronni (if she runs) will be moderate...dunno.....

  • We ALL always knew Hillary (and John Edwards) were the 2 REAL candidates that would have seen this thing through to the finish and the hell with the repugs. Obama never really appeared to be that dedicated to getting this pushed through with the same passion they did (go back to the primary debates and it's fairly evident). I think he'll do what he can, but he's not (or at least hasn't yet appeared to be) the "fighter" that those 2 candidates were.

  • We don't BITE....but we do VOTE.

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    there is no logic when dealing with pro life zealots. Since abortion is legal and as the diarist points out, the zealots do not agree with contraception, they do not agree with Plan B. These same groups don't want to financially assist with raising the unwanted children and have never actually answered the question 'what would you have done (legally) with women and drs. that had/performed abortion'? if it was against the law, then they would all have to go to jail. Does the US want the jails filled with women and drs that are otherwise good citizens?

    Since left wing pro-choice groups cannot reason with these morons, it should come in the form of churches that these nutjobs belong to. It is the job of the clergy to educate and condem these actions.

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    hillary and bill should campaign for sestak cuz he did for her.


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