• I would have agreed with that in May, when Feingold first filibustered. But with the August recess looming and at least two other huge items trying to get on the agenda (energy and immigration), there's no time for this to just be the beginning. Had this been voted down in May, or last year, than yes, voting it down wouldn't have been the end of it. But with the August recess, the fall campaign, and a smaller majority looming, we are out of time.

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    I look forward to being able to put this kind of thing in Breaking Blue again.

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    Feingold should have been consulted, but I don't think it was a Feingold vs. Brown kind of thing. If you give Feingold what he wants, you gain him but likely lose four Republicans and possibly two Democrats (Bayh and Ben Nelson). That will sink the bill. Give Brown his small demand and you don't lose anyone because Feingold's already gone and Cantwell's demands were seperate. That lets the bill pass.

    We can come back to too-big-to-fail after filibuster reform is passed in January. If I agree with just one thing, it's the last paragraph of the post. In Novemer and December, that should be the Netroots focus, when new rules are being written.

  • A big reason why this bill isn't better. Obama and Geithner should have pushed to end too-big-to-fail - but they didn't and we are where we are now.

    Do you read the Baseline Scenario? Simon Johnson's blog. My dad pointed me to it as a good source of economic analysis, so it's where I've gotten a lot of my news. Their heroes through this process where Volker, Kaufman, and Sh. Brown. Their big thing now is pimping Krugman for OMB.

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    That's Newsweek. Gallup has 50% approving (calling his handling good or very good) and 44% disapproving. To be fair, though, there's also this:

    Approve / Oppose July 2011 Timeline to Begin Withdrawing Troops from Afghanistan
    58% Approve, 29% Oppose any deadline, 7% think withdrawal should occur earlier, 1% think withdrawal should occur later

    What that tells me is that the public approves, largely because of the general switch, but that if he doesn't take his promise to draw-down next summer, they won't approve. Which is right where I am.

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    "make your data more consistent with a preconceived notion of what the final answer should be."

    Sounds like Fox News. ;)

  • What Afghanistan was like in the '70s is completely irrelevant to what it was like when the Taliban was in charge in the '90s. I'm slowly turning against the war, but I'm just sayin', let's at least use relevant photos and headlines in our arguments.

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    That strikes me more like ignoring or not publishing some polls than manipulating them.

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    I gave small amounts to Conway, Hodes, B. White and Dunne just yesterday following my post on Hodes. Jerome's given to most of the candidates too.

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    When is lying ever a good thing?

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    If Dodd cut a deal with Feingold and Cantwell, he would gain those two votes but lose Brown, Collins, Snowe, and possibly Grassley, Nelson of Nebraska, and Bayh. That loses anywhere from 1 to 4 votes, which we can't afford after Byrd's death. But by dealing with Brown, he doesn't lose any that aren't already done. It doesn't help strengthen the bill, but it does help pass it, which wouldn't happen if he dealt with Feingold over Brown.

  • Kind of like economic sanctions - you're aiming at the government but you're hitting the people. Good catch.

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    For the record, WV Governor Joe Manchin is a Democrat and will remain in office until January 2013. I apologize for the morbidity of pointing that out, which is why I do so in a comment instead of on the front page. Byrd's term ends in two years, in 2012.

    Regarding VP Cheney, as a humanitarian and person of faith whose family has had its share of hospital experiences, I would never wish death or ill health on anyone. I do hope, however, that his latest experience with illness helps him realize what truly matters in life so that he retires from politics and punditry to spend time on his ranch with his family. :P

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    There are places where a stranger won't think twice about helping you out, he'll just do it. A lot of small towns are like that. Then you hear all those stories about mugging victims ling bleeding on the sidewalk, or that old woman trapped in a Boston MTA escalator, and no one stops to help, they just walk on by.

    At the end of the day, I'm not sure if there is a human nature. It might all be local conditioning. I dunno - I'm no cynic, I'm not going to say it's all Moobli, but there aren't enough human tortoises either. At least there aren't none.

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    I'm inclined to doubt the story. Clinton was always known to be a philanderer and Edwards was the sleaziest person in the world whenever I met him, so those puffs of smoke were always easier to believe. But there's no backstory here, no pattern for it to fit into. The timing of the divorce is the only thing giving it credibility, but that could be purely coincidental. It did seem quite amicable, and let's remember, not just  the cops but the local paper did everything they could to prove the story and couldn't.


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