• comment on a post Partisan, Political Blogosphere Traffic Rankings over 9 years ago
    Are these UNIQUE page views, or is it the same million people coming back multiple times in a week?
  • comment on a post Santorum runs into the blogosphere over 9 years ago
    You know I really don't like the guy, but I had to give him some gruding respect for being out there beating his head against a wall. I mean, compared to the reps. and senators that are just hiding out.

    Keep on shooting yourself in the foot, buddy!

  • comment on a post National Call Joe Lieberman Day over 9 years ago
    Will he cared what non-conn. residents say?
  • comment on a post Freanken to Run for Senate over 9 years ago
    Honestly I signed up to MyDD for the first time so I could tell people that this is not a good idea.

    Besides his tenuous connections to Minnesota, he will constantly have to be fighting a battle not just against the GOP challenger, but to prove competency. We had a lot of strong candidates last election cycle, and if we can do that again we don't need Franken.


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