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    Reading between the lines I get the feeling that an "up or down" vote on Owen and Brown might not result in their confirmation.

    Naturally I could be wrong - I think I was once before - but part of this deal might have been an agreement - note some words in the memorandum where the senators remark on each others "mutual trsut and confidence."

    Smells like not everything is spelled out in the memo.

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    It's not just his votes.  Joe gives aid, comfort and cover to the rupubs.  This is worse than a political tim ear, it is simply unacceptable.

    Every time he speaks on TV I shudder.  During the primary debates every time he spoke I not only shuddered but wanted someone to gag him.  Didn't he realize the harm he was doing by espousing opposition positions? On the national scene the man does far more harm than good.  It was like if a repub had said that "a BJ was ok and why are we persecuting Cinton" during the impeachment.  None did as far as I can remember.  If they had they would not be in the Senate today.

    Can't we find an attractive, electable, (even moderate) nice Jewish boy or girl in Connecticut?  And run them against Joe?  I sure hope so.  The message it would send would be worth the cost alone.

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    In the scheme of things 1.5 mil viewers isn't much.  Isn't that what the Daily Show gets, more or less?  Sometimes I think we make more of Fox News by ranting about it so much.  What if we just laughed at it and called it irrelevant?  Nothing works like ridicule, just ask any republican.

    BTW,  I noticed CNBC doesn't even get a rating.  Does anybody watch Dennis Miller (is he still on?) except perhaps his mother, and her only sporadically?  Maybe they'll give Ron Silver his own show next, so he can bill and coo with Ann Coulter on air.

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    We must be doing something right.  Remember how they went on, along with the MSCM, about how Kerry was "electable?"

    From the forthcomig book "Dem Strategy for Dummies":

    1.  If Repubs say we're making a mistake, we're on the right track.

    2.  If repubs say we're being reasonable, we're making a mistake.

    3.  If repubs snicker at a candidate (think Dean) they are afraid of him.

    4.  If repubs praise a candidate (think Lieberman) he's a loser and/or a spineless wimp.


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