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    Has Melissa Bean been with us 80% of the time, especially on key pieces of legislation. Serious question.

  • sarcasm...

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    Gettin' all upity and the like. Why can't we just be like all the rest of em' and go alone with thems that know better, and jus complain away around the water cooler like good 'ol 'Mericans. I mean, actually taking part in a Democracy! What were we thinkin. Not only voicing our opinions on how our party conducts business, but then - and this is where we've got some nerve - actually TAKING ACTION and letting our elected leaders hear our displeasure with their actions! One might think we're getting all high and mighty or something. Why, of why, can't we learn our place and just mindlessly go along to get along. When they make some bone headed move we've just gotta learn to know our place and say, "yes'm boss, you's know best. Now who do I vote for again, which night should I phonebank,  and where do I send the donation."

    Excuse me whilst I go and change into my less combative pajamas now in a show of solidarity with the less upity Democrats...

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    over Hillary, Steny, Rahm or the blue dogs. If we want a progressive Democratic party that's going to stop playing in the GOP "Democrats are weak" sandbox and actualy grow a spine and lead, these are the ones we have to stop blindly supporting.

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    I'd like to see every Democrat in office respond to any and all questions directed to them about the Bush administraton's sabre rattling on Iran in the following way:

    "President Bush and his Republican administration are simply no longer credible."

    Every. Single. Question.

    For example, I watched Blitzer interrogate Max Cleland the other day, asking him several times to the effect of "But, President Bush claims that Iran is providing weapons and training...." etc.

    Response: "President Bush and his Republican administration are simply no longer credible."

    Too simple? Go ahead and embellish:

    "President Bush and his Republican administration are simply no longer credible. Remember WMD, mushroom clouds, Sadaam tied to 9-11, being greated as liberators, final throws, dead or alive... by the way, where is Osama bin Laden anyway?"

    Stomp this one into the ground. Bury the GOP with this:

    "President Bush and his Republican administration are simply no longer credible."

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    Have you guys/gals seen this? If you want to stop by the offices of your Senator you might as well forget it. You need a formal appointment now just to get in the front door. The offices are locked up tight and staffer don't seem all that glad to hear from their very own constituents.

    That's right. Even though you pay for the public office space, your Senator's salary, every one of their staff's salaries, you won't be allowed to even enter their pubic office in your own state without a pre-arranged appointment.

    How dare the public demand anything in person. The nerve!

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    The key for me on this point is support vs. use. Supporting the movement is a long term proposition. My concern is those that would use it to advantage.

    This is my "pet" issue to watch for both Obama and Edwards. Obama had a lot of grassroots support in his primary win, and many candidates running supported his run through theirs. He didn't repay that. Edwards has embraced the netroots in message/tone, and when pushed recently he stood his ground.

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    Emphasis mine:

    ...movement I saw building for Dean right before my eyes. At the same time, I was disgusted by the notion that Dean's movement should be abandoned or simply transferred to another candidate. The latter is a truly preposterous and offensive suggestion that shows the extreme extent to which the political elite take political activists for granted.

    Yup. Gotta agree with that one.

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    This is one step closer to a national primary.

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    I'm on record supporting Edwards, but am not completely sold on him. But he is the only candidate willing to go left and fire up the base at the moment, and hence gets my support. Gore would BE the left candidate if he ran however.

    And look where he sits now: a possible Oscar and a Nobel Prize. What a contrast with Bush. I think he could announce late in the year and be viable. What an advantage. No campaigning. Opponents hammer each other and spend their money while Al gets an award or two. Gore would get so much free media and buzz a couple months before primary season kicks in. Just think of all the people who voted for Bush thinking what a mistake they made and trying to make it right.

    I hope he runs.

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    This is going to be the course for every campaign who embraces true netroots bloggers. This because unlike typical media people who craft very careful statements that are vetted twenty times over, bloggers have fewer filters through which their writing passes, and some of the best bloggers haver even fewer filters.

    This means bloggers say things that are often offensive to someone somewhere. They writing pushes people's buttons for good or bad, and sometimes both at once. That's the nature of blogging, and good bloggers realize that stiring the pot is often not only useful, but necessary.

    But due to the very nature of blogging, it is easily attacked. Comments taken out of context, posts written in anger, opinions written when not popular, are all easy targets compared to taking on vetted statements of candidates or their media surrogates. Bloggers themselves leave a trail, and I know few including myself who haven't written posts they'd like back.

    But that's the nature of blogging. It is partisan. It is incindary. It is raw. That's what attracts people to it and why it inspires people to action. No one will admit they like to watch a brawl in a bar, but few if any avert their eyes.

    I've put my support behind Edwards knowing full well his sweet talk to the Democratic base and netroots might be nothing but talk. This is a deal breaker for me as actions speak louder than words.

    Throw the bloggers under the bus after some right wing smear and I'm throwing him right after them.

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    What he said. They're saying Moooooooooose. The guy is really popular and a hell of a reciever.

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    We held you guys to 22 on offense which is about as good as you can do against that Colt offense. But without an offense of our own on the field it wasn't going to happen. Rex is going to have a hell of an off season.

    I'm happy for Peyton. As Urlacker just said, the Colts are the best team in football. They won the Super Bowl.

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    Now if only he could take a snap without fumbling it.

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    What you guys are doing deserves support. You are walking the walk, and providing the infrastructure we need to win long term.

    I'm proud to support this effort and encourage everyone reading MyDD to do the same.


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