John Edwards - decision

I received the following e-mail (along with everyone else on his e-mail list) from John Edwards:

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Sometimes, when you crash the gate, you trip

Since 2002 I have served as an elected member of the Missouri State Democratic Committee. Every two years, as required by statute and state party by-laws, the elected members of the state committee who represent state senate districts must stand for election (or re-election) by the members of their state senate committee.

As chair of my four county state senate district party committee I am charged with calling the meeting. Each party county chair and vice chair and each state legislative district chair and vice-chair have a vote. For our district this means a total maximum of 14 votes.

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For some of us, it's not over

For over two years I've been working on the campaign of Monica Penrose for Prosecuting Attorney of Johnson County, Missouri.

The unofficial results released at approximately 1:00 a.m. on Wednesday, November 9th had Monica Penrose down 45 votes out of almost 15,000 cast. The incumbent Democratic County Auditor, Kay Dolan, was down 3 votes to her challenger. Both margins are well within the 1% margin for a recount. We were not provided the totals for Warrensburg Southeast 1 and Pittsville precincts at that time. The precinct by precinct totals to that point were taken off the county website some time in the morning on November 9th.

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MO-Sen: ad clutter

Missouri politics never disappoints.

Those ads. We can't get away from them. They are everywhere and on all of the time. Jim Talent, the rnc, republican front organizations. They all have television and radio ads inundating the airwaves. All advocating that we take the extremely evil Claire McCaskill out back and beat the crap out of her.

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Postcard from a veteran

On Monday I received a printed postcard with my name and addresss on the front in the handwriting script of someone who obviously has arthritis.

The card came from an individual in Georgia. He provided his name, address, e-mail, and phone number.

Evidently he got my address - a public record - due to my membership on the Missouri State Democratic Committee. I looked him up on the web. He apparently is active in writing letters to the editor.

I like the idea of an individual - who is obviously fed up with the way things are - reaching out in this fashion.

I'll be calling him shortly.

His postcard:

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A Tale of Three republicans

Knowing that the plural of anecdote is not data, I am still fascinated by my encounters with individual republicans.

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Candidate filing in Missouri

Yesterday was the first day of candidate filing in Missouri. The Filing period for the August Primary begins at 8 a.m. on February 28, 2006 and runs through 5 p.m. on March 28, 2006.

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MO Senate - "no" Talent switches on stem cells

On February 6th Missouri's invisible republican senator, Jim "no" Talent, was against stem cell research before he was for it.

...Sen. Jim Talent, who faces a strong challenge in November from Democratic state auditor Claire McCaskill, has declined to take a stand on the measure. But he has co-sponsored a Senate bill to ban embryonic stem cell research and impose a million-dollar fine and 10-year jail sentence on violators.

"If Talent comes out in favor of stem cell research, he loses support from the evangelicals," said Max Skidmore, professor of political science at University of Missouri-Kansas City. "If he opposes it, he'll lose support from the business community that otherwise might support him...."

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My Op Ed in our local paper

Last Thursday I whipped up a lengthy piece which I submitted as a "letter to the editor" to my local paper, the Warrensburg (MO) Daily Star-Journal. I heard nothing from them. Today I opened the paper, and to my surprise, I found they had run my letter as an opinion editorial, giving me a byline. Not only that, they ran the piece without editing or cutting it (though they did leave out the italicized titles).

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My letter to the editor - today's Kansas City Star

A letter to the editor I submitted a few days ago was published in today's Kansas City Star.

They changed some punctuation and phrases to conform with their style. They left out "ex cathedra" [We have ex cathedra assurances from Senator Roberts...]

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