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    Wouldn't someone of Scottish descent know that it is abreviated as Scot?

    Probably. Ever hear of an "abbreviated" typo on the Internets?

  • Reality is a little more complicated.

    John Kerry got 39% of the vote, Howard Dean got 26%. The distribution of the delegates was 13 for Kerry and 9 for Dean. All that sturm und drang for a net difference of 4 delegates....

    If you look at the results by county (it appears that there are a million of them...), you'll note that Howard Dean actually carried a few counties in New Hampshire.

    That Howard Dean's fall from grace wasn't greater, given the media assault on his campaign, is a tribute to his campaign operation and the voters of New Hampshire.

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    ...A significant percentage of our pool of commenters comes from people who were banned there, and are looking for somewhere else to spread their bile...

    ...and I thought they came here for the waters - or was it the writing? I was misinformed. Whatever, there used to be a dubya involved in there somewhere.
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    I grew up in Southern Arizona - we learned early on not to mess with them mean Tejas liberals.

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    I didn't mean to intrude on the junior high version of MyDD. I was looking for the adults. They must be around here somewhere....

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    They'll end up passing the money through party committees. The personal contribution limit [pdf] for statewide office is now $1,275.00 (via the Missouri Ethics Commission). With a party committee being able to contribute 10 times the personal limit, that would mean that "baby" Blunt has to find 23.53 party committees to clear the $300,000.00 contribution to his campaign.

  • But, but, the saintly Rudy Giuliani is perfection personified and will vanquish the evil foe in a head to head match up according to some around here. It can't be otherwise, his house parties must number in the millions.

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    And republican Governor Matt "baby" Blunt gets a big chunk of change from swiftboat liar financers:

    The Missouri Ethics Commission shows the very large contributions made to Blunt's 2008 campaign after January 1, 2007.

    From the April quarterly report:

    Bob Perry  Houston, TX - Perry Homes    3/4/2007
    Doylene Perry Houston, TX - Perry Homes    3/4/2007

    From the July quarterly report:

    Bob Perry Houston, TX - Perry Homes    6/11/2007
    Doylene Perry Houston, TX - Perry Homes    6/11/2007

    There's a history of generous giving there:

    Bob Perry - The Man Behind Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

    Austin, TX: Bob Perry, a major Texas donor to the Republican Party, President Bush, Republican candidates, and conservative, pro-business political committees has contributed $200,000 to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a group attacking John Kerry's Vietnam service.

    The Houston-based Perry owns Perry Homes, one of the state's largest homebuilders with reported revenues of $420 million in 2002. While an active political donor since the mid-1980's, over the past three years Perry has eclipsed the giving of Texas' elite money men and positioned himself as the largest single political donor in Texas giving candidates and committees more than $5.2 million since 2000.

    Perry worked with Karl Rove as early as 1986 when Perry served as Campaign Treasurer for Republican gubernatorial candidate William Clements and Rove served as a campaign consultant and fundraiser....

    Hmmm, I wonder if karl rove is going to come work the 2008 election in Missouri?

    August 27, 2004

    The chief financial backer of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and its television ad challenging Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry's military record is a wealthy Texas homebuilder known for his deep pockets and aversion to the limelight.

    Bob J. Perry, 71, provided at least $100,000 to help start the veterans group at the urging of his friend John O'Neill....

    ....White House senior adviser Karl Rove told Fox television's Brit Hume this week that he's known Perry for 25 years, and he was one of the few wealthy Texans "willing to write checks to support Republican candidates....."

    There's karl again.

    ...Perry, described as a "close friend of both Karl Rove and John E. O'Neill and "the single largest Texas donor to the Republican Party", contributed 4.5 million dollars to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth smear campaign against then presidential candidate John F. Kerry...

    That's some serious money.

    He seems to like Mitt!

    The primary funder of an independent group that raised questions about the résumé of Sen. John F. Kerry during the 2004 presidential election has signed on to raise money for former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney's GOP presidential campaign.

    Bob Perry, a Houston home builder, is named as a member of Romney's Texas Leadership Team in an invite for a fundraising event in Dallas on March 26.

    Perry has earned a reputation for his willingness to finance "527" groups. He gained notoriety for the $4.5 million he donated to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth...

    2006 was a good year, but not so successful:

    In the 2006 midterms Perry spent about $9 million on robo calls, mailers, and TV and radio ads attacking 20 Democratic House and Senate candidates. Highlights included Montana's gay-baiting TV ad "Brokebank Democrats," and his impish habit of putting the home phone telephone numbers of Democratic challengers in his ads.

    Perry even took the trouble to funnel his meddling millions through three separate, generically-named "527" groups. But none of his sleight-of-hand amounted to much of anything this time around: In 14 of the 20 races, his GOP candidate lost. Four of his candidates won; they're still puzzling over the ballots in two.

    For about $2 million per win, Perry annoyed the hell out of hundreds of thousands -- if not millions -- of Americans with prerecorded mudslinging phone calls, angry mailers and the like...

    I wonder if karl has bought a house in Missouri?

  • I have the graphs and tables that they don't have.

    Then add it as a comment to the previous diary.
  • ....is the only way we lose next year.

    Especially since Rudy Giuliani doesn't have any family values problems, or "controversial" business associate problems, or hasn't ever flip-flopped on any major wedge issues important to the republican base.

    Is it too much to ask people to do some basic research around here before posting breathless "what ifs"? I hear Google is really easy to use.

    Act like political activists for a change, not like a bunch of junior high school Heathers.

    Oh, and by the way, a real Democratic Party activist avoids recycling or repeating republican sound bites, talking points, or memes about any Democratic Party candidate for president.

    Frackin' amateurs.

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    Matt "baby" Blunt, the republican incumbent, has outraised Attorney General Jay Nixon. But, the Missouri Supreme Court reinstated campaign contribution limits and punted to the Missouri Ethics Commission about making determinations about the nuts and bolts of returning overages. Blunt has a big problem if he has to return the money (including $300,000 from a couple in Houston Texas - he of Swiftboat Liars bankrolling fame).

    Yeah, this race is nasty and it's going to get worse.

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    ...Interesting that this is an out of the way blog now.

    Not a reflection on the frontpagers, just an observation on the long list of our old friends who no longer show up.
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    Calling Harry Reid or Democrats in general braindead achieves what political end?

    Not very much, but it is political. Not that I agree with the sentiments.

    Comparing a notorious attempted long distance medical diagnosis by an M.D. and Senator with an anonymous someone's rhetorical flourish at an out of the way blog accomplished what?

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    Yes, but to what end?

  • Using my superior math skills, that appears to be 6 words.

    You gotta consider the punctuation, man. It's a Zen thing.


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