• if you don't like it, what are you doing here?

    I'm waiting for February 5th. What are you doing here?
  • Another MyDD jump the shark milestone.

  • Well, one difference between you and Reggie is that he says he's merely acting like an ass - while you make no such pretense.  It's hardly a difference to hang one's hat on!

    But seriously, both you and Reggie are coming across as saying the very same thing, namely that everyone is wrong to criticize you, and we would realize how undeserving of criticism you were if only we saw as clearly as you do the real problem, those other people, the trolls.  If we were capable of fully grasping that problem, then we'd realize your behavior is completely beyond reproach.

    Project much?

  • ...And since no one is suggesting you should, that would be a straw man...

    ...people should still be expected to observe a certain degree of civility...

    ...what's your rationale for giving Reggie a "troll" rating for his comment above...?

    My apologies, I assumed you wanted the hand holding and happy song. Now I understand that if I provide warm milk and cookies to go along with your gentle admonitions this would probably be sufficient to moderate his recent distressing behavior.

  • You could always join Ned Flanders on tour with Up With People.

  • ...(By the way, I see at least one person agrees with you that Reggie's post should be troll-rated.  It is this person, who just posted a diary to instruct us that one of the Democratic presidential candidates is "shrewd, calculating, and opportunistic.")...
    I speak for myself. No one else speaks for me. Unless you really believe that the fact Helen Gahagan Douglas was found to have voted with Vito Marcantonio actually means something.

    ...If he follows through on what is saying, i.e. if he continues to post diaries like this, despite our presenting him reasoned arguments why he should stop it - that would be trollish behavior which I believe he should be banned for engaging in...

    It's trollish behavior. He's a troll. I'm not interested in holding hands and singing songs of brotherhood with him.

  • ...He's not the one engaged in childish name-calling directed at other users of this site. You are.

    Save your righteous indignation and high dudgeon for someone who cares what you think. Frackin' amateur. February 5th can't get here too soon.
  • so everybody be on their good behavior because the media is watching? that just squashes spirited debate. worrying about what everybody thinks is how we got into the war. anybody influenced by what a reporter had to say about a blog - is an idiot to begin with. i'm sick of this everybody-walk-on-eggshells attitude. i personally enjoy a mix of the serious & the outrageous. if this ever blog ever degenerates to a emily post/ goody-two-shoes snore fest, i'll go find another site.

    This is almost too funny.

    This site is a shadow of its former self and you think it's great?

  • Michael, what's your rationale for giving Reggie a "troll" rating for his comment above?

    He's trolling.

    I wrote this at another place a long time ago....

    ...There are some things we all need to accept:

      1. The owner/organization/sponsor of the blog calls the shots. If you're going to complain about the infringement of your right to free speech please go ahead and start your own blog - if your content is good maybe others will show up to read it. Or maybe not.

      2. Longevity does not confer gravitas, quality of content does.

      3. Being a newbie doesn't quite confer a lower status, just the same, don't be an [xxxxxxx] - and don't be defensive about being new.

      4. Wailing about being victimized doesn't wear well on anyone. It's laughable when it comes from supposedly self-reliant right wingnuts.

      5. The opposition is organized - they come to the progressive blogosphere in mind boggling numbers to disrupt, sow dissension, and lower morale. Not everyone who posts on progressive blogs is who they want to appear to be. Trust me on this one.

      6. Trolls and those intent on disruption should be crushed and mocked without mercy - and the management should remove them as soon as possible, leaving their wasted carcasses as an example for others. While recipe posting is a brilliant tactic, too much attention to battling trolls distracts the members of the site from other much more important business.

      7. The media reads the blogs. They are lazy. They look for stuff which smells like dissension. You are irredeemably stupid if you uncritically and breathlessly repeat right wingnut talking points, stories, and memes. The media will use such because they are lazy, superficial, and stupid. Did I mention that they were lazy?  

      8. The odds are against any of us being the next great professional political strategist or pundit. Okay, considering the Faux News Channel and the rest of the cable news network talking heads this isn't my strongest point. Don't take it personally. Learn to throw an elbow and to take a head butt.

      9. If the progressive blogosphere is to reach its true potential it will take all of us turning the philosophical and theoretical into the practical. If you haven't already signed on to volunteer for a 2006 local or statewide campaign you're just occupying space and wasting bandwidth...

    ....which became the basis for this.

    If this piece of crap diary and its defenders are any indication of the political insights and abilities of the majority of progressive activists in the Democratic Party then we're all in serious trouble come the 2008 general election.  

  • ...If all we do is try to spin things our way, when everything becomes a partisan zero-sum game, then it's common sense and intellectual honesty that loses out...

    Where have you been for the last 6 1/2 years?

  • He can read.

  • Read this really slowly so that maybe you can understand it.

    A smart and disciplined supporter would avoid doing anything counter to the messages and strategies of a campaign. Enthusiasm without intelligent awareness and discipline does nothing.

    Thus endeth the lesson, grasshopper.

  • ...You say that like every Obama supporter on MYDD is part of the campaign apparatus. Which is plainly not the case, nor should it be...

    That is the case and it should be. Otherwise jumping on the campaign bandwagon on the part of fans/supporters is just mindless narcissism.

    The point is to win the election. An intelligent and aware supporter helps to do that by being smart and disciplined, not by randomly caroming off the carefully crafted messages of the campaign (all to the detriment of the candidate).

  • I stand by my previous statement.

  • ...That is what a smart campaign and supporter would do...
    It won't happen. It's been amateur night around here for months...


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