• about five comments or so.  I wouldn't have said so otherwise.

  • The diarist agrees with you, as I hope we all do.

    No "hit" diaries of any kind, unless they're about my namesake, Old Man McNasty.  What would the point be now anyway?

  • Seriously, buddy, I cannot believe someone troll rated you for this.

    I know we're supposed to back off and let people vent, but truly this "architek" person cannot even charitably be considered to be on our side, broadly defined.

    If MyDD wants to escape its current doldrums, you're going to have to start banning the real trolls.  Please start with architek.  I think supporters from both sides would see it as a healthy start.

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    Maybe we can blame it on her loose cannon set of advisors, but still, it is entirely unproductive.  It can only set the stage for future grudges, which sadly appears to be Senator Clinton's perspective still.

    Having intentionally leaked the "Hillary wants to be VP" idea makes it essentially impossible for Obama to accept her.  I don't know what the point is.  It's surprisingly short-sighted.

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    "She's like school in summer."

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    Seat both states at 50% and move on.  Without all the whinging.

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    is the non-Judas one now.

    I wonder in retrospect how much Bill Clinton has hurt his wife's candidacy.  I think it's fairly clear his actions overall have not helped.  But his major gaffes and disagreements were probably mostly pounced upon by bloggers like us rather than the public at large.

    Still, he hurt her.  She hurt herself, too, but Bill was off the rails.

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    seating FL and MI without penalty would mark the end of any planned calendar for the nomination.  The DNC would continue to raise funds but have no realistic claim to enforce any dates for primaries, let alone try to move Iowa and New Hampshire off their thrones.

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    I was really proud when Ferraro was on the ticket.  That was my Democratic Party putting money where its mouth was.

    She's been around too long and is too smart to not know what the end effect of her comment campaign will be.  Her racism I think is invisible to her at a conscious level, although it's painfully obvious to us.  But the destructive nature of her comments to the Party is something she's well aware of, but she's doing it anyway.  I don't have anything nice to say about her now.

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    The only group in which she still holds a national edge over Obama according to the typical slicing-and-dicing:
    White women over age 50.
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    Yes, it would "unite" some of the strongest Clinton supporters with our nominee, but others will still see it as a bitter consolation prize.

    No, it would undermine Obama's message and support dramatically.  We'd lose support in the mountain west and still have a hard time winning FL.  I don't think she'd be a smart pick for the GE (and Obama's said "no" to her regardless.)

  • I think everything you're saying is a lie.

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    Perhaps publically he is, but:

    • He is using Clinton campaign talking points explicitly in the lawsuit
    • He complained to newspapers loudly a couple months ago about not having received a personal phone call from Senator Obama yet.

    He's for Clinton.

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    He literally decided to support her after she called him a few months ago, and Obama hadn't for three days.  He publically complained about not getting his ego stroked similarly by the front runner.  That's all it took for him to join the Tonya Harding movement.

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    How creative of you to use your birthdate as your login for this first diary.

    The first time you get to vote is always a fun one.  It was Bill Clinton for me.  I regretted it ever since, but the only thing stupider would have been Perot...or later Nader.

    Anyway, have fun with your first Presidential vote.  You might want to get a few more years under your belt before you come back here and pose as a Democrat to give others advice, though.


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