• Now we know the real reason Clinton never spoke out do defend Beverly Perdue or Richard Moore from the attack ads that all other dems and republicans agreed were wrong.

    She had something in it for herself.

    The smoking gun, again, of her unbelievable self-centered politics, and the fact that she and her loyalist are 100% for sale.

    Oh well, she still cannot win.

  • I will tell the folks who think the Ayers thing is a big deal this.

    As for Obama being on a board with Ayers, big deal.  You don't vet everyone you are on a board with, or even everyone who has ever raised money for you (uhh, you probably should have vetted Mark Penn Senator).  Obama was in no way responsible for Ayers, and even if he was, since when is a 60's radical the anti-christ to the democratic party.  Oh yeah, since they swung so far to the right behind their candidate.

    And as far as serving on boards go, I will take Obama's time on a board that Ayers also served on compared to Clinton's time on the Wal-Mart board anytime.  Wal-Mart has done more to harm people in this world every single day than the weatherman ever did, and Clinton's hands are way dirtier. Don't give me her line about fixing it from the inside either.

    Wal-Mart has a worse track record for sex-discrimination in the work place than any company, and it continued before, during and after Clinton's tenure of any company ever in history. I have never set foot in a Wal-Mart and never will.  Hillary should be ashamed.

    This was actually the first thing I learned that started to show me the real Hillary this election  cycle.  I was truly disgusted to learn the best he democrats could come up with for a candidate was a Wal-Mart board member.

  • comment on a post How DailyKos Almost Turned Me Against My Candidate over 6 years ago

    I have read your original post and the comments you mentioned, but how on earth can someone criticizing you turn you against your choice for president.  This does not make any sense to me at all.  It is true people were critical of you, but your post was a bit...odd let's say. And just for the record, the comments in gray boxes in your post are the accepted standard of many of the most prolific posters on MyDD.  Just go look at the most commented diaries next to your diary for a second.  Again, you are actually jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire here compared to DKos, so I don't get it.

    Obama is my choice for president because he is the best, most qualified choice to be president and the only person offering to take this country forward and not backward.  I am not voting for him because his supporters are a neat group of people to belong to, or I really like some blog or another.

    If the bad behavior of some at DKos is that offensive to you, I guarantee you are going to be more disappointed here.  I spend time primarily on these 2 blogs and let me tell you, the bar is certainly no higher here, and very imbalanced in favor of Clinton.  That's why I spend more time here, I figure why preach to the choir at DKos when I can engage folks who might possibly be swayed some day to vote for Obama on this sight.

    Just take a look at the Rec'd diaries calling Obama the affirmative action candidate and his that his candidacy makes some of these people think anyone now qualifies to run for President as a Dem.  This is about the most insulting thing you can say to an  Obama supporter, and shows there are a number of people here who will say and do anything to support a lie they want other people to believe.

    Having said that, there are also a whole lot of smart, thoughtful people here just like on DKos that will engage in dialog, even when they disagree, which is again why I spend time here.  I really like some of these folks.

    So, I don't know, if you are almost scared away from your candidate that easily, you may want to remember why you like Obama's message in the first place and not look for validation outside yourself. Don't let the critics get to you.  He is the only person qualified for the job this cycle.

  • I have to say I agree. As long as it is isolated.

  • I agree.  Ban the post who made that reference too.

  • comment on a post Why is Gay-bashing Allowed at MyDD? over 6 years ago

    It is a bigoted comment and should be removed.  The sad thing is I have actually seen this diarist write some pretty nice stuff too (and commented as such), but this was  wrong.

    And to all the folks saying that this is bad, but why wasn't so and so banned too, the answer is, every diary and comment that stoops to this or similarly disparaging level should be banned too.

    So when you see something as disparaging as you are referring to, do something about it.  We should be able to seriously disagree without resorting to attacks.

  • comment on a post walk away renee..or obama over 6 years ago

    how to repeat something ad nauseum.  Give it a rest, you sound so desperate.

    This is something like the 10th diary in 24 hours begging, whining, demanding, insisting, bribing, threatening and cajoling Obama over the fact that Hillary is not getting to call the shots and make Obama have a debate at her beck and call

    Guess what, he is winning.  He will debate her when and if he wants to. And if he decides not to bother, well...that's his call to make.

    Clinton is not the heir apparent to this party, as the American people have soundly shown her, and he is winning in every metric. Kind of means she needs a debate a whole lot more than he does, and he does not have to follow her game plan.

  • on a comment on Why Honesty Counts over 6 years ago

    And every time I wonder if any of the Clinton folks are actually fooling themselves with the rhetoric which was intended for Obama supporters...

  • on a comment on Why Honesty Counts over 6 years ago

    Sometimes I wonder if the people towing the line for Clinton here are actually fooling themselves or not.  They are pretty good at pretending they believe the nonsense, and most of us know better, but I wonder if there is still some poor sod or two out there who really buys all the Clinton campaign messaging?

  • comment on a post Why Honesty Counts over 6 years ago

    Yep, ask for anything you want.  Say it is for any reason you want. Try to spin all you want. We all know better.

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    Clinton darn well better stay in the race until the Denver convention is over. I am begging you Hillary, Don't you dare quit this race one minute before the convention is over.

    Otherwise it will just give all y'all one more thing to try and blame her almost unbelievable loss on.

    This is a campaign without precedent in how favored it was to win in every way and still managing to end up this far behind.

    To call it tied at this point, you are delusional.  That's like saying the titanic didn't crash, it is just in dry dock.

    She was the candidate with the most name recognition, the most money both personally and in her campaign coffers, one of the most popular ex-presidents ever stumping for her, a  campaign that has been in the works for decades, every major media outlet naming her the odds on favorite, and all the major party players assuming the nomination was hers to walk away with.

    It just was not supposed to happen this way.  But then again, here we are. Man Senator Clinton sure can run things into the ground, exactly like she screwed up health care reform and screwed up the vote to authorize Neocons to use force in Iraq.

    Sorry to say it like it is folks, but the truth hurts.

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    Come on people, WAKE UP, it is entirely because we are infighting while McCain gets a pass.

    I don't know who you support.  For disclosure, I am 100% Obama. But either way, the fight is badly damaging both Clinton and Obama.

    In the mean time, the media is having an all out love fest with McCain right now.

    The thing the republicans did best for quite a few years was get themselves disciplined and on message and ostentatiously supportive of each other, despite wildly varying viewpoints.  Social conservatives and economic conservatives with relatively little in common were in lock step with conservative cable, radio, and think tanks.  All of them actually had great misgivings towards each other regularly, but you almost never heard about it until you went digging hard.

    Democrats seem utterly incapable of pretending to overcome differences and getting on the same page with each other.



    So I don't care who you support.  I really don't.  Me, I never liked Bill Clinton, and though I used to think I kind of liked Hillary personally, she has deeply offended me every day for months and the love is long gone.

    It goes pretty much without saying that there are plenty of people reading this that feel just as much dislike for Obama that I feel for the Clinton's.

    Well, we can keep at each other as we have been and give McCain a win in what should have been the hardest damn election any republican has ever faced.

    Or we can get our shit together, get on message, stop doing the republicans job for them, pretend like we actually can all see eye to eye, and start kicking the crap out of McCain instead of each other.

    And we damn well better be willing to get over our personal feelings and vote for whomever gets the democratic nomination, or we really will be screwed.

    And for those of you who think McCain can't win, and once the nomination is figured out we will easily beat him, I say think again.  I remember people saying the same in Bush V Gore and Bush V Kerry.  There was no good reason at all we should have lost 2004, but somehow we did anyway.  Taking anything for granted is suicide.

  • Your own state party representatives already told you your vote was going to be a total waste of time, so don't blame me or anyone else but them.  

    I was just saying that the whole thing sucks and there must be a way to give a nod of respect to those who were screwed by their own party without rewarding the state dems for flouting the system to try for a power grab. That sucks to you and I can understand that. Unfortunately about the only remaining fair option (that there is any chance of actually happening) is that the delegates don't get counted. It is within the bounds of the rules, they had every warning, and you need to take it up with your state party.

    The part that gets me is that you apparently would be happy to have your vote counted, but not count the vote of anyone who did not vote because they were told their vote would not count.

    Guess your empathy and indignation does not extend beyond Clinton supporters. Hell, it does not even extend to Clinton voters who did not bother to vote in a meaningless primary.

    And for the record, if the states would do it, I would be happy to have completely new primaries in both states as long as every candidate is allotted time to campaign, has their name on the ballot, and it is paid for in the traditional manner each state usually pays for primaries,not by a gang of rich Clinton supporters. I have said many times that a truly fair re-do would be fine. Hell, I would even kick in a donation myself to make it happen.

    All the other options besides either not counting the votes or a whole new primary, are patently unfair.

  • Not this weekend man, 70 and sunny.  Woohoo! I have to get away from this damn computer and go see what that big, glowing, orange orb in the sky is.

  • I know as a white working class voter in Washington, he easily has my vote.


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