• Thanks for that.  Sincerely.  Not everyone would come out and say they were mistaken.

    That's an unedited transcript from Lexis.  Not the entire program, of course, but the only part that mentions the Clintons.

  • Stop. Lying.  If you can back up anything you just said I'll recind that request.

  • Yeah, cause posing in jeans when stuck on a plane with the press for 10 hours a day is exactly like Bush's Mission Accomplished moment.  The stupid never ends around here.

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    This is a follow up to this comment by kasjogren

    What Anna Shane heard:

    On a depressing note, I heard an African American man, who was on a show about the lack of color in the GOP, state that we now know that "The Clinton's" are racists, and no one told him he was full of shit.

    What was actually said:

    TONY COX: Hurricane Katrina aside, for the moment, what do you think are the main Republican platforms that make minorities shy away from the party, Debra?

    Ms. DEBRA DICKERSON: Interesting. I think that the - their orientation against considering race to be a prime mover in a lot of situations. That basic disagreement that race is still a big problem for people who are not part of the white race, that's the major stumbling block. I think entrepreneurship in that sort of thing is very appealing to blacks, but it's that we don't want to talk about race, and we believe ourselves to be color blind and it's all just about paying attention and working hard.

    That is the entry point until the party can understand that we still- that many black people still see race as a major issue and it's not a comfortable place to bring up things about race. So that's the major stumbling block and race is so far down on their list, and I think a lot of black people have a lot of affinity for a lot of Republican ideas. Again, we are a very conservative people. But many of us still agree that race is still a stumbling block. And when they say no it's not, that's your basic problem right there.

    Mr. ERIC BROWN: And I find it interesting, because this present election cycle has really shown - or should have shown a lot of blacks that, does race really matter with the young Democrats? I mean the Clintons have gone out and their surrogates have gone out to prove that, you know, race doesn't matter. Look how they have gone on to treat the people of South Carolina. Look how they have gone on to talk about how the, you know, working-class white person is more important than a black person, that's who we are going after as far of votes.

    COX: Yeah, but the counter-argument to that, obviously is Barack Obama, the fact that the party has embraced him and is supporting him.

  • I agree.  Let's eliminate the SD's and whoever is ahead wins.

  • Do you remember what show it was?

  • I read the entire article including the question she was asked.  You aren't fooling anyone.

  • That seems like ratings abuse to me.  /shrug

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    I just read that article closer and everything it says about Gore is bullshit too.  To quote Alegre, WTF is wrong with you??

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    You linked to an article that contains debunked crap (like the Selma item).  So if there's a risk that Obama will get Gored, that people will lie about what he said to make it look like he can't be trusted, then you are helping them do that.

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    I know what you are trying to accomplish with this, but the people you are trying to reach have no shame.  None.  There is no reaching them.  

    They will exploit anything.  

    Just look at catfish2 above, pushing this bullshit and then using the RFK situation to justify it.  Catfish2 is taking two totally contradictory stances on the two issues and is completely oblivous to that fact.  There is just no reasoning with someone like that.

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    Grew into?  They are two seperate stories.  Both true.

  • Yep, saw that.  Person did a lot of work crunching those numbers.  310 people, 100k posts over 18 weeks.  The definition of a fringe.

  • You mean you didn't see the TV ads, the speeches, the fundraising material, the banners, and the stickers that exploited this issue?  Oh wait... that was HRC and bitter.  It all gets so muddled.

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    Barack's response is now the stuff of legends.  He pretended her only hope to win the nomination would be if he's off'd.

    Someday you'll realize just how few view the situation this way.  I'd be shocked if they  number in the hundreds, and I strongly suspect it is fewer than even that.

    The fact is that Obama's campaign issued one tepid response when the RFK nontroversy broke that was totally in line with language used by every campaign.  Hillary issued a similar response when the right wing attacked Kerry over his botched joke in 2006.

    The Obama campaign did make a mistake when they sent an email to the media list linking to the KO Special Comment, but it does not come close to rising to the level you want to make it.  It just doesn't.

    The "outrage" over this seems totally contrived and over the top.  It looks like someone searching for reasons to hate Obama manufacturing yet another reason.


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