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    UP URS
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    A new book by the genuises who are sure to bring you electorial defeat as far as the eye can see.

    With chapters by;

    John Kerry: "How I made nuanced arguments within my opponents frame and lost big time"

    Joe Lieberman: "You lost your job to cheap but well educated overseas labor, your son died in a war based on lies, well thats the American Way, Is this a great country or what?"

    Dianne Feinstein: "I give you Condelessa Rice who has lied consitently to the American people and to congress on some of the most important issues of our day: She has my blessing and support for the office of Secratary of State."

    Tom Daschel: "How to aim for the polical middle ground and miss the target completely - A sure to lose legislative rodmap you too can follow to defeat, I have proved my system for myself"

    Joe Byden: "Oh sorry, I did not know my grossly inflated ego was even showing"

    The 107th and 108th congressional Democratic Cacuss battle cry: DUCK AND COVER -EVERY MAN OR WOMAN FOR THEMSELVES!

    Well I'm just getting started. Care to add some on your own? Otherwise direct your displeasure directly to me.


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    Only a dye in the wool Republican would think the Bush GOP SOTU agenda was down the middle you don't know fascism when you are drowning in a sea of it.
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    Every attempt to use persuasion within your opponents frame will fail, especially when they own the media and they are in control of all branches of government.

    The only hope we have of turning this situation around is to oppose every single bill and agrument they put forward.

    As a minority party we can not get bills to the floor unless they want them there.

    We can only define what we stand for many times by opposing what they want to accomplish and by redefining the way the issues is framed.

    We also have to be totally united and we have to enforce parlimentary discipline across the board, we can not afford the luxury of having each office holder vote his own way and offer his own preferred solution because when you do that you are labelled as opportunists and as having no guiding principles in government.

    Stating it simply you can persuade these bastards and you can't compromise with them, you can't shame them into right action becuase they care much more for power than anything else and that is why this nation is decending into fascism.

    This situation is hopless untill we learn to fight them tooth and nail on every issue and until we have a united opposition against every thing they say they stand for and every proposal they put forward.

    You would think by now people would realize that we are living in a sea of propaganda and that attmepts to pursuade from our side havn't been working.

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    Daschel and Gephardt attempted to steer the Democratic party course as mainstream centrists.

    Pelosi in my view treated the results of the 2004 election as a similar call for moderation of Democratic views which differ from the aparent election results, a presumption of support for Bush and his policies.

    Roemer and his criticism that Democrats are intolerant on abortion.

    Kerry and his view that Bush policies in Iraq should be continued and supported, rejecting the oppsition voices which question the Bush policies, Kennedy for one.

    Feinstein speaking in support of C. Rice for Secretary of State, someone who lied repeatedly to the American people including lying to congression committies.

    What have we democrats got from attempting to compromise with Bush and the GOP?

    Are you able at this point to advocate at this point a tooth and nail fight against every element of the Bush agenda?

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    As Sam Seeder of Majority Report AirAmerica puts it;

    A typical Coporate Media report:

    "The consensus among well reputed sicentist continues to add mass to the Bush administration statements that the world is indeed flat. While Democrats in an increasing show of partisanship continue to support the discredited notion that the earth is some kind of upside down miss - shapen pear-like globe."

    "These wacky liberal left wing moon-beam Democrats!

    "Next, and I think you know this, they will be repeating the now completely discretided notion that the polar ice caps are melting and that the ozone layer continues to grow in an attempt to block the absolutely necessary developemnt of Alaskan oil fields."

    "Where will all this discredited liberal left wing Democrat wackyness end - in complete and actionable Anti-American disloyalty?

    "Next, and you know its coming the Democrats will be saying that job exports do not help the American economy, or that the Bush administration lied about its many and changing justifications for invaiding Iraq, or that the the medicare drug benefit was somehow misreprented to congress and to the American people, or that 9/11 was an inside job, ... or that the Bush policy was to approve of the use of torture, or that Bush himself was a-wol from duty."


    And the really devastingly bad aspect of our situation is that so many people, inlcuding people who write into these boards, believe that next time it will be different and the next election will be covered fairly by the mass media if we only complain loudly enough or if we just continue to point out the mechanisms and instances of propaganda we are all aware of now.

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    every single aspect of the Bush agenda.

    Oh - yeah and the corporate mass media continues to ignore the organized, orchestrated right wing propaganda onslaught and treats each of these incidents as nothing more than mere back and forth partisanship.

    Oh - Yeah and the Bush administration lied about 9/11 with complicity of Democratic office holders

    Oh - Yeah and they stole the 2004 presidential election by denying democratic constituents their right to vote, and by vote changing and vote tampering in Ohio and Florida

    Oh - Yeah and the mass media is nothing more than a biased propaganda outlet for corporate interests who back the Bush administration

    Oh -Yeah and the Democratic Party by its many forms of acquiescence is one of the supporting pillars of GOP rule

    Oh - Yeah and too many Americans are all too willing to go along with the destruction of their democracy and with the conversion to fascism so long as they themselves do not believe their personal interests are threatened.

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    issue these phony polls and their infrastrucutre supporting their purpose and use reveals.

    As I wrote so many times before the election the real importance of these skewed polls is that we now live in a propaganda state.

    You know dam well that the traditional media will announce those bogus results over and over again until the average viewer does think without question that the country is behind Bush and agrees with his policies.

    And since many average people DO act like sheep when it comes to the next vote they will instinctively decide to vote with those identified pre-election by the mass media universally as the likely winner or leading party or candidate in the contest.

    How can it be that the importance of the lies and propaganda in our polling infrastructure and in the use of them by our biased all to happy to propagandize mass media continues to escape your grasp?

    You go thru the numbers (your guilible to believe them in the first place but you do even when you know they KNOWINGLY CHEATED ON THE METHOD) you crank out the numerical conclusions and you treat them like a zoraster looking thru the entrails of a slaughtered animal.

    Wake up Chris, the situation is worse than you realize. As I said before the election it will not be so easy to get rid of these bastards and the problem goes much deeper than professional polling organization who DO know better cheating on methods to deliberate create a political effect when those results are spread by the equally dishonest corporate mass media.

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    Bush didn't win he stole.

    The vote was stolen in Ohio and in Florida and with the help of the media the theft was covered up.

    All of your reasoning fails based on those thruths and your really disgusting hatred or anger towards the Democratic Party and what it stands for is obvious.

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    You raise a very important point;

    "I often wonder why Democrats assume that Dean will be eatten alive by Republicans, when actually when he takes on Hannity and real right wingers, he is very effective.  The only time I have seen him stumble was when he has been attacked by his fellow Democrats and only thing in six to one pile ons.  Something, it is noted, they fail to even try with Republicans."

    The worst sort of attack will come in the form of the smearing party quoting some Democrat who does not like or does not agree with Dean on some issue.

    I have been trying these past several days to point out the need for unity on the Democratic Party side in our congressional votes (large and small) and in our message and I think this is going to be absolutely key to our ability to make the Democratic Party healthy again.

    We should (I believe) be on guard against some DLC type or whomever within the Democratic Party who attacks Dean.

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    I agree with your points about the Chicago Tribune, also they own the LA Times and obviously influence editorial policy although they keep a range of commentators across the spectrum.

    The key point is they do smear, they will post articles that are part of a smear campaign and they are a negative influence with respect to a healthy democratic opposition party and with repsect to people knowing the truth.

  • Really ... it depends ???

    The deficits have to be discussed TODAY and they have to be discussed in terms of the Bush budget.

    The issue has to be framed in terms of the constituency which will respond to the Democratic message. See the quote articles below I posted from Dean (constituency "the middle class" "wealth redistributed upward") and another from Pelosi ("Bush budget a hoax" "balanced on the backs of the needy").

    Where the democrats fall down is on party unity and vote around the message and the response.

    I also see that a lot of peope here still do not realize how a minority party has to operate, that is with a unifying vision, a unified message in response and with as much unity as can be enforced on votes in congress by the leadership.

    Democrat members who do not fall in line must be punished, there is no other way to deal with the situation, large issue and vote or small. We are no longer a majority party which can afford to have members going their own way in what they believe is their own electoral best interest.

    If you think there is a way around this you are mistaken.

  • http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=584&e=1&u=/nm/20050207/pl_nm/budget_cong ress_dc

    Bush Faces Fight with Congress Over Spending Cuts

     top snipped ...(gop comments)...


    Democrats balked at Bush's plans to slash spending in some areas such as a popular community police programs. They also slammed his deficit forecasts for being misleading for leaving out the cost of military operations in Iraq (news - web sites) and Afghanistan (news - web sites) or any potential costs of his plan to reform social security.

    "The president's budget is a hoax on the American people," said House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi of California.

    "The two issues that dominated the president's State of the Union Address -- Iraq and Social Security (news - web sites) -- are nowhere to be found in this budget."

    The White House is forecasting a third straight record fiscal shortfall of $427 billion this year, including war costs. The deficit will shrink to $251 billion in 2008, according to Bush's plan, but this is without spending on Iraq and Afghanistan or social security.

    Democrats blame Bush's tax cuts for turning the budget surplus he inherited from President Bill Clinton (news - web sites) into a record shortfall and creating the need for budget cuts today.

    "To help pay for its tax cuts and costly new proposals, the administration cuts critical investments in areas including health, education, veterans' services, environmental protection, and community development," said South Carolina Democrat Rep. John Spratt (news, bio, voting record).

    Bush included in his plan ways to squeeze $45 billion in savings from the Medicaid health program for the poor. Medicaid is one of the automatic programs that make up the largest chunk of the federal budget.

    These do not require Congressional approval each year which means that Bush cannot force Congress to do what he wants on these programs by threatening or using a veto.

    "Some of the savings that appear substantial in the budget may not happen if Congress isn't in the mood to tackle entitlements," said Bixby.


  • http://www.democracyforamerica.com/features/2005/02/07/middle_class_hurt_by_bushs_values.php

    Middle Class Hurt by Bush's Values

    By Gov. Howard Dean, M.D.
    This is one in a series of weekly syndicated columns written by Governor Howard Dean.

    Ever since the purveyors of conventional wisdom pronounced that the last election was about moral values, the beltway pundits have been endlessly engaged in trying to divine What It All Means. After all, President Bush presented himself as the embodiment of compassion and American values, and has told us that the election was his accountability moment--proof positive that the American people support his policy priorities.

    The simple truth is, however, that it did not take an election to convince us that the American people are a deeply moral people. When we see children pool their pennies to help tsunami victims, or a community unite to pay for a neighbor's transplant operation--that is all the evidence of compassion we need.

    With the State of the Union Address and the annual budget submission, President Bush will have his opportunity to unveil the most tangible statements of his priorities and values. These two documents are a distillation of hundreds of choices made and priorities ordered. It will be interesting to see what he chooses.

    Because in the course of making thousands of decisions that impact the real lives of Americans, one decision that the President made has impacted virtually all others, and that was the decision to completely change the structure of our economy by dramatically shifting the tax burden from corporate interests and wealthiest individuals squarely onto the middle class. That decision has put our nation in a financial straightjacket for generations to come.

    ... continues ...

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    on this issue.

    This can only be done with research.

    Any of the above points could be a part of a democratic narrative, but the democratic party must use the opportunity to vote on the Bush budget as an opportunity to present what they stand for in a united way.

    The democratic party does not present a consistent message and it does not enforce parlimentary discipline.

    As a minority party which can not bring bills to the floor for a vote, the democratic party must reframe the issue around a real constituency that will vote on the issue, it must provide a consistent member by member front and a disciplined vote in congress consistent with their vision.

    I think the issue can be reframed in terms of jobs and the need to have affordable money to expand business, and that the Bush economic policies have failed. Clinton's approach closed the budget deficit and created 22 million new jobs, and every GOP member in congress voted against it.

    But Democrats have not used this frame and they have allowed the GOP lies about a "booming" Bush economy to go without a response. Statistics about un-employment are a lie as well.

    The Bush budget also does not cover the war costs either this should be a cause for concern by the entire political spectrum.

    The Bush budget steals from the poor with budgets cuts for the most needy and gives to the wealthy with tax cuts that are regressive and favor the rich.



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