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    So, grass roots efforts to get out the vote for canidates who truly believe in social justice and equality is a viable plan?

    Is it true that votes get you through the times of no money better than money gets you through the times of no votes?

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    Do you think that NAFTA (and may I add: Welfare to Work) fractured the Democratic Party? I for one was not thrilled about this legislation. Did Clinton engage in too much "triangulation" - which provides position but no direction?

    How is it possible to get back these voters? Are elections now going to the guy who spends the most money attacking their opponent? I see through this but am I in the majority?

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    Is there some Libertarian or Christian values party coming up through the ranks that is bright enough to draw voters away from the republicans? It really only needs to be as influential as the Independent or Green parties were at drawing off Democrats.

    Religious conservatives have been spoon fed from their leaders to vote single issue - as though that would be our salvation. It is laterally a sin to vote democratic. Is there some way to implicate the religious leaders that advocate for Republicans in an effort to discredit them - since they do deserve it.

    This is the group I am most concerned about - especially if it is considered the largest block of supporters. Do you think that Republicans' support for policies that lead to the death and injury of innocent lives, both here and abroad,  is enough to make this block of voters look elsewhere?

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    What comprises the Republican base at this point?
    I have not seen many breakdowns of supporters.
    The idea of this administration as a bunch of liars has gained much traction, but is the party as a whole bound to their coattails?
    I would like to believe that specific demographics could be peeled off of the Republican Party base.  
    It's time for conservative coalitions to fracture over the effectiveness of the party at moving America forward and not ruining it in the process.
    The Democrats had their "tax and spend / liberal" frame job, what's it going to be for the Republicans?
  • ...out of the republican party. The photos paired with the caption "This is what the republicans want to do for you - nothing." -with the exception of making laws that effect your freedoms given to all of us by the Constitution.

    This is really important that the political tide change right now since Rehnquist has died.


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