TX: My father's council race

I have another update in my ongoing series for my father's Fredericksburg Texas city council race.  Today I sent out the first e-mail of the campaign (to a whole 20 people) using Constant Contact thanks to their free 60 day trial.  The text of the e-mail is below.

Also, last week the year signs came in and with the help of some of my father's students, all 250 were put together and 20 of them are alreayd up around town.

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My Father's Council Race is On

My father Tom Musselman, running for city council back home in Fredericksburg, now has a challenger, one of the local "Republican Women" who we thought was going to sit it out.

From the campaign blog...

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My Father Filed for Office Today in Texas

In an 80% Bush County, I am not giving up hope.

Just yesterday, my father Tom Musselman officially filed to run for the City Council of Fredericksburg, Texas, a non-partisan office.  I have been working for the last day on his campaign website, part of his efforts to better connect with the citizens of Fredericksburg.  I invite you to check it out at www.TomMusselman.com.  Read the bio, keep up with the latest news, and also, if you live or know someone in Fredericksburg, Join the campaign!

If you know people that live in the city, please forward the website to them.  If you have a blog, please link to it in order to get his rankings a bit higher when people go to look for it on the web.  He has to compete with my own name as it is right now.

Tom Musselman for Fredericksburg City Council

The filing photos should be ready in the next day or two.  Ads are already running on the air and the first print ad will be in this week's Wednesday paper. I am basically his campaign consultant.  And I would welcome your thoughts.

It's Over: Dean has the Votes

The Dean camp says these 250 voting members (see extended entry) represent 241.75 votes, over the majority 214.25 needed to win (release, 2/4). The Fowler camp says that the interview reply by Fowler that "I would be happy to have Howard Dean be my executive director of the DNC" was "a lighthearted joke" and that "he was laughing when he said it, as was Judy". Now I can go on a weeks vacation. Jerome

Posted originally at Burnt Orange Report.

After first seeing this morning that the Georgia Delegation is on board, and that the New York delegation is on board, I get word that as of this morning, Dean has officially secured enough votes to become the next chairman of the DNC.

Stay tuned for an endorsement from Simon Rosenberg today. (ABC's The Note has already published the fact that Rosenberg is making a "major announcement" on a conference call with reporters at 1pm Eastern; my source tells me it's going to include an endorsement of Gov. Dean.)

It's over folks (and that includes you, the overconfident Mr. Fowler).  For the first time in my five years of political awareness and involvement, I can experience what it's like to have my guy win.... Gore, John Courage for Congress, Dean, Kerry...

Dean.  Let a New Day for Democrats begin, god knows we need it

Update, Jerome: From the comments-- Simon Rosenberg concedes and endorses Dean-- "as good as we were, he [Dean] was better.... Dean overcame a lot of obstacles to win this race... I always knew this would be a longshot."

Sure, Simon is right, it was a longshot for him, and not all of the good ones get to win; but Simon ran an excellent race (Matt Stoller gets props as well), and when there's an open DNC Chair in the future, Rosenberg's got backing here.

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Dogs Don't Do That in the South

In the category of odd things I have read, this trascript takes the cake.  It is in reference to this website for the Sherrif of Guntersville, Alabama where he states...

I was raised in era, the 1940's as a child and the 1950's as a teenager, which I remember with great affection. During this era, love of God, family, and country abounded. Men were men and women were women and there was no mistaking which was which. Both were proud of their individual roles. Homosexuality was very queer and a despicable act... an abomination.

AmericaBlog has the audio of an interview between Sirius radio jock Mike Signorile and the Sheriff while The Last Midnight has a full transcript.  A couple of choice parts to get you started?

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A New Perspective on the DNC

If there is one thing that I have noticed about this DNC chair race (and isn't it a wonderful thing that for the first time in about 15 years, we are having a true public debate over the operation of our Party) it is that there is one person driving the media coverage (outside of the blogosphere).  If you haven't noticed, every time Dean makes a move, whether it is his formal announcement or endorsements he drives a media response from the press.  It makes the front page of Yahoo and CNN, it gets discussed on cable news, and of course gets batted about on the Net.  And in these stories, there is a choice quote or two from (usually) Frost (and earlier Roemer) and the obligatory listing of "also running are..."

My point in this is not to yammer on about Dean, it is to point out that aside from an occasional story on Frost now, and less so Rosenberg or Fowler, the media won't lead or write a story about the DNC race.  And even if they do, what do you find?  The second quote in the story is almost always from Dean.

The media knows what sells.  The horserace sells, but even better, a horserace with a well known figure outside of the Democratic Party sells even better.  Now, just for a minute, I would like to ask you to picture all of the DNC Chair Candidates as actual Chairs.  In each case, they release a press statement or get scheduled for an interview or "crossfire" like event on cable.  Of all the candidates, who do you think will get "message airtime"?  Who will the media actually pay attention to?  More importantly, who do you think average viewers are going to see and listen to, and then go "I remember that argument, because I know who is saying it and it sticks in my mind for longer than 3 minutes"?

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DNC Pictures

I can't believe that I have taken as long as I have to get all the pictures loaded from the DNC Atlanta meeting.  If you want to page through four pages of pictures from the Sleepless Winter Book Tour, start here.

And here are some selected photos that I know you will love...

The Missing Fish

Florida Ballot Box (funny)

Dean and Georgia for Democracy

Karl-Thomas and Al Sharpton!

Karl-Thomas and Simon Rosenberg

Donnie Fowler and us bloggers

DNC Atlanta Report: Part 3 of 3

Having finished up parts one and two from my time at the Atlanta DNC Southern Caucus meeting, now for the bit about Texas.

Of the dozen or so DNC members from Texas, it is likely that they will end up voting for Martin Frost in the early rounds, not because they may believe that he is the best candidate, but because he's a Texan, and it's just the proper thing to do.  What was causing some consternation is that our State Chair, Mr. Charles Soechting, planned on introducing a resolution of support at today's State Democratic Executive Committee meeting to be voted on.  The SDEC has 60 odd voting members, of which many are Dean folk that won elections for the seats at last year's State Convention.

No one likes to be railroaded into having to vote a particular way.  In fact, my SDEC district representative met with 11 of the 21 county chairs in our region this weekend.  I was proud enough that they had put forth a strategic planning statement and program to be submitted to the chair about how to work with counties for future success.  Then I was told over the phone that the 11 County Chairs endorsed Howard Dean for National Chair and urged our SDEC rep to make that known.  

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DNC Atlanta Report: 2 of 3

This is the second of three posts on my experience at the DNC Southern Caucus meeting in Atlanta.  The third post will be on events related specific to Texas and Texas candidates.

As far as message is concerned, it's starting to remind me of the Democratic Primary where Dean ended up defining the message and other candidates, seeing where the Party was, ended up with similar thoughts.  For me, a Reform minded Deanocrat, this of course is encouraging and the question now becomes, of those pushing for reform, how much is politics and how much is sincere.  For me at least, it seems if the battle is not Dean v. Anti-Dean, it's Dean v. Dean Light...

That being said, I attending the Atlanta meeting with an open mind, and an intent to report on what I saw to better offer a view into a decision that isn't ours to make in this type of election.

In the order that the candidates spoke, below are my thoughts on style and my personal meetings at their separate events.

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DNC Atlanta Report: Part 1 of 3

In this entry I will present some of the points that were made by the "introduction" speakers at the general session.  The following entry will be a DNC candidate by candidate discussion. The third entry will be on the Texas angle and the "Texas Tussle" that is ongoing.

The Southern Regional Meeting of the DNC on January 8 almost ended halfway into it as those in charge claimed that seating to the general session was limited and only those with preapproved credentials would be allowed in, and if there was space after that, others would be accepted.  By the time I was reluctantly let in, there still appeared to be dozens of open chairs and I am thankful that the obstacle was "fire codes" rather than disallowing bloggers, as was the case in Florida.  

Governor Phil Bredesen of Tennessee gave a good speech in which he said we "need not a regional strategy but a national message that speaks to a culture of America because the people we need to reach out to are beyond the South".  

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