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    The district has changed alot.  In fact, I've lived in it both in 2002 and will for 2006.  It used to be 14 counties, some of the most Conservative in the state, against an incumbant who hadn't been challenge bascily since he was elected 6 terms before.  John raised over $150,000 back then with absolutly no help from committees or otherwise.  Now, the district is 5 counties.  The district swung by almost 11 points to the Democrats this last election against a no name placeholder candiate (who has since run for San Antonio Mayor and now in the Republican primary for Governor, he's not credible, and didn't spend any money).

    It's a 60-40 district when you look at it, but that's good by Texas standards.  We took back a house seat in Austin that was supposed to be 56% Republican.  Another one we almost won by 187 votes and it's even more Republican (and that district is within Courage's CD-21).  My point is, helping Courage helps the Texas statehouse (at least 3 races). This time he'll have support from the major party committies, he's run for Party Chair in San Antonio, is well known in Democratic communities, and is closing in on raising $20,000 having only officially launched his campaign last Saturday.

    He's working with the Progressive Netroots on building technology solutions for the long term. He's not just in it for himself, but for the candidates around him and for a Party in Texas that needs to be built on the ground.  We had a Texas Blogger conference call with him last night. He's one of us.  I hope you'll give him a second chance.

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    John Courage, who's running a great central Texas campaign against the man.  Courage actually was the guy who inspired me into politics 4 years ago when he ran in the old TX-21 when Dean came down and blockwalked with him before he ever thought about running for President.  We had a Texas Conference call last night and John is also in the top running for the DFA endorsement.
  • Speaking of Netroots do you know Chris what the status is of the "Netroots" project that I believe Jermome and Markos are working on? I didn't know if you were part of that or not but I've been wondering for a while now what all that includes and where it is...
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    over the top?
    out of step with reality?
    not aware this was a 70/30 district at best?


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    There is no Diebold anywhere in the district. Enough with it people.
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    70-30 in Portman's 04 election.  Link CNN.
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    That Thursday Pop was likly aiding in part to our own little swarm down here in Texas when we launched a Texas Thursday 'Paul Hackett Honorary Texan Day' and set up our own ActBlue page which moments ago went over 50 contributors and $2,000.  Needless to say, I'm pleased.
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    Jerome,  I'll be at DemFest all weekend and hopefully writing about it or live blogging over on www.burntorangereport.com.  Also, I'm soon to be the new owner of BOR, taking over from Byron who got a great consulting job up in Fort Worth.  I should drop you a line or we can chat some.
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    That's my .02
  • As to the tie, see my comment below.  As to the local scenery, the image that is on the banner is actually a very well known outline in our town.  The Vereins Kirche is an old 8 sided church that used to be in the middle of Main Street and is now the central figure in our MarketPlatz.  As I get the pictures added to the biography, there will be some family shots.
  • HAHAH, that is great.  I'll have to let him know about that one.  And the name has always been a potential for ads For Strong Leadership, Vote Musselman.  

    As to the tie, it's a Unicef tie I bought him while at the United Nations when I was there for the Global Young Leaders Conference a few years back.  He is known in the classroom (he's the Social Studies Dept. Chair) for his wide collection of rather interesting ties.  He has one that is giant fish and another that is the mona lisa.  In comparison, this one is rather tame but it's one of those local flavor things that wouldn't be obvious outside of town.

  • There is a lot of text, but I will be adding pictures in soon.  The easter fires were an event that is held just outside of town where there is a big bonfire and local children get to dress up in bunny outfits and do an egg hunts and other such things.  One of our many local 'fest' like activities that has gone to the wayside as other things get put in their place.
  • Yes, it was the Yellow Dog Blog, which was being written by Andrew Dobbs, the state party's Assistant Communications Director and a fellow blogger over at Burnt Orange Report.  I think that things have just gotten busy, I'm not really sure.  It hasn't been updated (if it's even up still) since last fall.
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    I'm keeping things up to date over at the Burnt Orange Report with Byron.  Looks like Donnie will get his Two Man race soon enough.


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