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       You put it much better than I could. I'm digging the Unity theme of your post, too.

  •  Exactly. Why would she go from potential SML, to second-banana to a guy who dosen't trust her any farther than he could throw her? Plus, Obama knows that Clinton as a part of his administration makes it into the Hill & Bill Show. He won't have her as Veep, he's going to need her too badly in the Senate, and her supporters need to FINALLY see the forest, as opposed to obsessing about every stunted tree...

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    It's like pulling gray hairs. For every one you pull three sprout up. We hafta go green/sustainable, there's no more excuses for oil addiction. Bring Our Troops Home Now!

     :) Obama 08  /

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      saw that tonight. I'm glad someone's talking about it. You can disapprove of what Rev. Wright said or did, but at least he wasn't talking about the US kicking off the Apocalypse.

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    ...then they wouldn't be the same. Is that your point in subjecting us to this analysis? Yes, most black people do seem to support Obama, but so do alot of white people, myself included.

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    Thank you as well, zcflint05, from the bottom of my heart.

  • hear hear. Alegre, I know it stings, and I'm sorry, but it's time to put your talents and name recognition to work for the party as a whole. Get on board, girl.

  •    Thx for treating us all to another lengthy transcript of EVERY SINGLE WORD out of the Clinton campaign yesterday. That was breathtaking. really. Then you get a little too eager, or something, and reply to your own post, like you'd just read it, and we're shocked! to learn what horrible thing the world is doing Our Lady of Tax-Mercy. You know we can see your name at the bottom of the comment, right?

  •   The Obamanaut/Clintonista War tends to rent a little too much space in our heads sometimes, it's important to remember that both camps are contributing towards the larger project of changing the political map of America.

    Dems in 08! w00t!

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      ROFL, that's too perfect, Al! Clinton is embracing most of Bush's irresponsible and intellectually bankrupt schemes, she may as well profit from the sucking-up, eh? Plus, I hear she needs the cash to pay off some of those "regular folks" she's been stiffing for the last year or so. Keep up the cheerleading, Al, you'll be invited to work on her campaign any day now.

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      How, exactly, has Wright "stripped" Obama of anything? I thought his campaign had more to do with his vision of our shared future, than with the rantings of his old pastor.

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       If this guy is such a big deal (as the MSM has not ceased telling me every 5 minutes for the last week) Then how come McCain isn't getting hammered for his psycho-stump-preacher backers? Has Hagee been moved to an "undisclosed location"? What about that guy, whatshisname? The not-so-ex David Duke fan? Anyone have any idea why the MSM isn't talking about those guys at all? Is Republican control of the Media that absolute?

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    ...This was the author of the NYT bestseller "Are Men necessary?" Not to denigrate her literary talents, but I tend to think of my gender as vital.

  • ...I think they're just hanging on to Scarb & Pat B until they get hard confirmation that the Bush-loving crowd is done for in American electoral politics. And yes, one day soon Mika is gonna get bored with carrying that ass-clown, and deliver a knock-out blow to Joe's pompous ass...

  •    Iran will have a thermonuclear weapon within 3 years, no matter what we or our Israeli allies do. They understand very clearly that that is their only path to national survival. They've seen what happens to those who don't have them. Clinton's yammering about a regional umbrella fails to address any of the political/military realities in the region. The only question is: Are we going to keep trading lives for Oil, or are we going to make the (sure to be painful) transition to something else?


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