•  Alot of folks are acting like Hillary is on her way to the sausage factory, but it just ain't so. Clinton will be invaluable to Obama, and she's got a long hard job ahead of her still. He's got the Vision Thing, and she's a master of the nuts-n-bolts of the Senate. I predict a long and fruitful partnership between the two. I'm an Obama supporter, and I can't tell you how frakkin' thrilled I am to have Hillary on my side for this fight.

    Go Hillary!

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      Didja hear her speech today, John? Do you know what it means? Lemme help you out: It means that your strategy (if I may abuse that term) has failed. You thought you'd have us at each other's throats. You thought we'd tear each other apart while you stood there spouting BS, and come November, you'd just waltz into your new job, no muss, no fuss...


    It might have LOOKED like a doable plan, when you thought you'd only be facing Barack, or Hillary. With both groups of supporters pissed off at the other, you thought you'd get the lion's share of any mad/sad/hurt voters who showed up. Too bad, so sad.
    Now you've got to face not only Barack Obama, a man who wholely outclasses you in energy, vision, intellect, and organization, BUT!
      You've got Hillary Clinton on yer ass now, cowboy! Good luck, Chuck! Sucks to be you! All that toughness, tenacity, and intelligence is now gunning for your withered ass. Ask Barack how that feels sometime. He's three times the candidate you are, and she damn near took him out. What do you think she's gonna do to you, and yer half-assed campaign? ROFLMAO.......

     Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, john-boy.

     Thank you, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, from the bottom of my heart. Now go out and tear this clown a new one >:)

  •   Harold Ickes would argue anything Hillary wanted him to argue, legitimate or not.

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      ...that you get your facts striaght BEFORE you shoot your mouth off. I was born and raised in Florida, & I've been following this whole sad, sorry clusterf%^k since day one. Many Democrats here were perfectly happy to go along with the Republican plan, and many voted for it. Your assertion that the FL Dems "could do nothing about this" is either wishful thinking, or plain ignorance. As to my being a "cultist" because of who I support for President, well, you are entitled to your own opinion; but here's a fact for you: SHE LOST! Deal with it.

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     Having read a few of your diaries here, I'm guessing you are WAY more concerned with Clinton's political fate, than you are with what happens to the party as a whole. Still, I'd like to make a few counter-arguments to some of the things you mention in this diary. I can be a little sharp sometimes, but I will try to be courteous here.

    "Why are Obama and his backers and the mainstream media so afraid?  Why are they acting terrified of Hillary Clinton?  Maybe because she leads in the popular vote, the electoral math, and the national polls?  Even though the mass media are trying desperately to make her invisible?"

    1. Popular Vote- You have nothing to back up this assertion but fuzzy logic, and poor math skills. Even if it were true, where was Sen. Clinton during the last eight years? The US Senate! Gosh, seems like a good platform from which to make a case that the popular vote should be the determinative factor in a presidential race. I wonder why she NEVER did.

    1. Electoral Math- I've seen 450 bazillion different ways of counting this magical number, and they all have their good and bad points. Fact is, no one knows what the electoral map is gonna look like after 8 years of Dubya's frat party. The Republicans are going down in flames this year whether we run Clinton, Obama, or a mildly retarded chimpanzee. We stand a better chance, IMO, with Obama and his ability to pull Independents, and intelligent Republicans. Talking about Electoral Math at this point is like relying on tarot cards.
    2. National Polls- This is your worst argument, as I'm sure your're aware. Any national poll this far from election day, when we don't even have a nominee, is about as useful as tits on a bull, and you know that.
    3. Why are we so afraid? I'll tell you why: Because every time Democrats have gone to a divided convention in the last 30 years, we've lost, and we can't afford to lose this time. And we're afraid that Sen. Clinton's take-no-prisoners, say anything to get an edge approach is hurting the party as a whole. How did a Clinton lose the support of African American voters? By saying things they found offensive in order to gain a political edge in a certain state. At best, a bad tactic.

     As to Bill Clinton's pathetic attempt at victimology, quoted at length by yourself, I hafta call bullshit on that one. Sen Obama has gone out of his way to civil, even while the Clinton campaign used every Rovian trick they could ("kitchen sink", anyone?)in order to smear him. Sen. Clinton has received far more courtesy from Obama than she would have received from me, had I been in his place. His claims of "disrespect" have the same level of reality as do the "polls" he cites (but never names? What Poll? What organization conducted these polls?)

     And finally, please give me an example of this "disrespect" you make such a big deal of? I'm not talking about those "iron my shirt" nutsacs, we both know those punks were Repug plants, I mean how, EXACTLY, has Obama disrespected Clinton?

     Anyways, I know you won't bother to respond. You want Hillary to win, and I think that's all you give a shit about. I personally think your desire to see her succeed has more to do your own emotional needs than any great concern for the rest of us, but that's just my opinion. But even if she loses, she's already won a lot for women everywhere. The next woman who runs for President will owe Hillary alot, and she deserves credit for that.


  •     This guy is a troll, Draco. He's a sock-puppet for molee, this is the only thing he's ever commented on, and he writes just like mo. half-assed effort, clown. don't let the door hit you in the ass in November!

  •   What are you basing this "knowledge" on? Granted, hillbilly racists won't vote for him, but you're talking about a numerically small part of the electorate there. These Repug numbers (I use the term loosely) are only valid if all you Clinton supporters stay home in November. I'm voting for Obama, but if Clinton somehow got the nomination, I'll vote for her almost as happily. Are you going to stay home, moevaughn?

  •    Seriously, Molee, you can't think of ANY reason these Republicans might be coming out with these trash polls and rosy-eyed speculation? At just this particular moment? With the mood of this country going so badly against the Repubs this year, and most objective electoral analysis saying something very different? Are they simply trying to save Democrats from themselves, do you think, out of a sudden sense compassion? When Hillary stoops to quoting Repub hacks to save herself, it's ugly but understandable. When her supporters do it, however sincerely, it just makes you look like a sucker. No offense.

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      Not the most glowing review I've ever had....

  •  ....I'll recc it cause yer being nice, Al, and you 're fun to read when your're being nice. Hell, your fun to read when your're pissed off, too. Hillary is gonna need alot of your Upfull Groupvine-vibe the next few days. If it makes you feel any better, this Obama supporter feels your pain, and appreciates your positivity. Peace, Al.

    Obama in the White House!
    Hillary in the Senate Majority Leader's seat!
    George W. Bush in Federal Prison!

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     Bwahahaha, that's a good one! I knew you were a good writer, now I see you have artistic ability as well. I'm going to try to resist the impulse to troll over to H44, and spam that in a bunch of posts. The operative term there is "try"....

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      glad to see i'm not the only paleo-techie round here, hehe. I still haven't learned to put in links.

  •  Bwahaha....fair-minded, funny, and profane. My favorite kind of comment. linfar abandoned her critical-thinking skills a while back, sadly. The spectacle of Clinton trying to walk back this gaffe over the next few days will be a sight to see. I think what makes Clinton supporters like linfar and alegre so mad is seeing Hillary's own weapon of choice turned against her.

  •   You're lately come to wisdom, linfar. I just went and read some of your past posts, and you seem to have had no problem, til tonight, with beating Obama over the head with every stupid thing he's said the last 15 months. Lemme see if I have this straight-

    Hurts Obama = Tough, but fair, political smashmouth
     Hurts Clinton = Vile, disgusting, sexist, un-american woman-hating.

    Do I have that about right? The karmic wheel turns slowly, linfar, but it does indeed turn...

    Obama 08

  •  Wow. The most esoteric, and introspective post I've read in a while. I think your're right, and I really dug the sig quote, hehe...

    Obama 08


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