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    I'm going to take Blumenthal over Yepsen anyday.  Yepsen has a vested interest in maintaining Iowa's prominence.

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    Excellent diary, Rob.  It was a thoughtful comment.

    I'm going to let Elizabeth respond to the self-righteous commenters who have taken it upon themselves to wring their hands and wonder what if Edwards has to take a week or a month off from campaigning in October 2008?  

    "You don't get to judge me because you think you know exactly what you would do if you had my disease. I want to be really clear: you don't know. And if the sun always shines on you-- and I pray it does-- you will never know."

    And I believe the same goes for John Edwards.  You don't get to judge him because you think you know what he would do.

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    Shuster ended up apologizing to Blackburn.  The soldier he asked her about didn't live in her district but a neighboring one.

    http://www.mediabistro.com/fishbowlDC/te levision/shuster_says_sorry_67839.asp

  • The US Tax Code is 17,000 pages long.  Promises to simplify it are easier made than kept.

  • Agreed.  Everybody likes to hear how they'll pay fewer taxes.  

    Nobody likes to hear that they'll have to pay more elsewhere to make up the difference.

    I showed my spouse, who works for the Dept. of Treasury, Obama's plan.  He said he'd like to smoke whatever Obama's smoking.

    If you want to get a real sense of what tax reform is all about, I highly recommend reading "Showdown at Gucci Gulch," which chronicles the Tax Reform Act of 1986.  The benefits were merely temporary.  Nearly all the reforms that had been enacted have since been eliminated.

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    My spouse works for the Department of Treasury.  When I showed him Obama's plan, he said he'd like to smoke whatever Obama's smoking.

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    Stoller doesn't live in Virginia and has little clue about its politics, much less about Warner's performance as governor.  It's as though he thinks after trending red we should suddenly lurch to the left.  

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    WOW.  That is a very smart move for him to make.  I wasn't planning on watching Bush but I will change the channel to see what Edwards has to say.

  • the FL legislature voted for moving the date.

    You can't expect anyone to seriously believe that nobody understood the consequences of that vote.  The Florida Dems were pretty stupid to go along with this in the first place.  

    And in case you forgot, both parties penalize states that hold their primaries before Feb. 5.  It's only the DNC that also penalizes candidates.

    A little more digging shows that the Florida Dems have blinked.   Political Wire:

    The Florida Democratic party pleaded yesterday with the state legislature to move the Florida's primary back from January 29th to February 5th, Ballot Access News reports. The national party has threatened to cut the number of Florida delegates allowed to cast votes at the 2008 convention from 201 to 93 if the state does not comply with party policy and move its primary.

    But the Florida Legislature is dominated by Republicans and probably will not cooperate.  I wonder if they could sue?

    blowing off two of the biggest states in the entire '08 election.

    What blowing off?  The rules were decided last year and everyone voted for them.  Nobody can claim ignorance here.

  • You're overestimating Howard Dean's ability to influence the situation.  He doesn't control the primary process.

    The entire DNC membership votes on what to do and it's up to Howard to carry out their decision.

    does not have the authority or enough respect among state party officials

    You can't back this up.

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    Jerome, this post is beneath you, not the least of which is you're relying on The Politico to make your case. This is stupidity.

    Last April, there were 10 states plus D.C. that applied for the two "pre-window" primaries: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, D.C., Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, South Carolina, West Virginia.

    Florida for some reason did not take advantage of the opportunity to make their case. Therefore, the Florida Democratic Party has absolutely no basis on which to claim that their voters are being disenfranchised.

    The decision of the Rules and Bylaws Committee to add Nevada and South Carolina to the pre-window period was approved by the full Democratic National Committee last August. Furthermore, the entire Democratic National Committee adopted the Delegate Selection Rules for the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

    Bottom line: Everybody knew the rules and voted to accept them. If anyone objected, those objections weren't made publicly.  Florida and Michigan should not be rewarded through a compromise for jumping the queue.

  • The situation with Virginia is that in 2006 voters ratified an amendment to the Virginia Constitution banning marriage equality for gays and lesbians, and denying legal relationship recognition for all unmarried couples.

    I think almost 20 states constitutionally ban same sex unions and another 7 or so ban same sex marriage.  That's harder to get around.

  • Logical maybe but not possible.

    There's a reason why they're in that particular region of Pakistan: it's mountainous.

    Do you honestly think anyone could conduct quiet, covert operations?  You'd have to send in lots ground troops and even if we did, there's no guaranteed victory.

    Juan Cole

    Musharraf had made a truce with the tribes of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas in Pakistan's northwestern region, where al-Qaida remnants are thought to be hiding out. These vast, rugged regions along the Afghan border have defied central government control throughout history. Even the British Empire at its height never subdued them....

    In the best of times, hunting down an individual in Pakistan's tribal areas would be rather like trying to find a person moving among safe houses in Wyoming, Colorado and Nevada. The current unrest would only make the job of any U.S. Special Forces operating in the region that much harder. But the de facto American threat to invade Pakistan also brought an alarmed reaction from the Musharraf regime. On CNN, Foreign Minister Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri angrily pointed out that Pakistan had sacrificed 700 troops to the fight against extremists in the tribal areas. He warned that any U.S. incursion would enrage the Pakistani public and defeat any hope of Washington winning local hearts and minds.

    And how is this current foreign policy stance going to endear the prospect of President Obama to Pakistan?

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    Sweetheart, hold your fire.  I'm on your side.  

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    Because the disasters of the Carter Administration paved the way for Ronald Reagan.  The US was demoralized; All American Ronald Reagan rode in to save the day.  It was tailor made for an actor.

    Clearly Obama & his strategists are betting the Bush Administration will do the same for his campaign:  A country demoralized by a war waged for no reason, the politicization of the government, shredding the Constitution--again, a situation tailor made for a campaign built on hope.


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