• Do you really think that Nelson did anywhere near as much damage as Lieberman does, day in and day out, giving the media soundbite after soundbite about how bad the Democrats are?

    The frustrating thing is that Lieberman's voting record is close to my ideals.  It's just that the guy puts his own publicity as a contrarian ahead of the health of the Party.  And that's just unconscionable in a Senator from a state as blue as Connecticut.

  • Nelson does what he has to and is quiet about it.  Lieberman trumpets his relentless assault on his Party to high Heaven.  

    It's Nelson's job to hold onto his seat and do what he can, when he can.  It's Lieberman's job to provide some leadership and carry the ball forward.  Nelson's doing his job.  Lieberman isn't, and he is making everyone else's job harder in the process.

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    Let us hope that Ms. Finley has learned a valuable lesson from all this.
  • Well, juxtaposing him with bin Laden was probably a bit much, you know?
  • Yes, but Edwards does owe Dean an apology for the manner in which he managed the disagreement, in my opinion.  We're a big tent, and we need to be consistently careful about our disagreements.  When the press is playing "gotcha" once again, we need to be ready to parry the attack and turn it into a soundbite for our side.

    "While I wouldn't have put it that way, Governor Dean is speaking to the same themes I have always emphasized.  There are two Americas -- those who benefit from the current system and those who are left behind.  A lot of folks have jobs that make it easier to vote -- or are fortunate enough not to have to work for their living.  Others cannot reasonably afford to take time off from hourly work to wait in lines which seem to be longer in less affluent precincts."


    "I'm not interested in this game of media gotcha; working men and women in this country face real problems . . ."

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    Yeah, but if there's one thing Republicans know how to do, it's waste money.  One Democratic dollar is worth at least two Republican dollar, especially on the ground.

    To put it another way -- have you seen a Republican campaign office?  Note the new carpets, expensive office chairs, corporate art . . .

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    Senator Clinton voted for the war and has very little administrative experience.  She dropped the ball so hard on universal health coverage in '92 that we still haven't managed to pick it back up.  I don't like her as a candidate (I still don't think this country votes for a female C-in-C, no matter what a poll says) and I don't much care for her triangulation style politics.
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    Yeah, but at least he can still mouth the platitudes, unlike some of the new guys.
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    ...and a waste of time as long as Diebold counts the votes.  Yawn.
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    ...is convince libertarians to vote Libertarian.  That'll peel, what, 5% off of Republican electoral returns, and we'll win a lot of elections.  And when the Republicans start listening to libertarians on civil rights issues to win them back, we'll have a better country.  
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    Somebody who didn't vote for the War.
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    Man, that is an uninspiring list.
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    Yes, well, my proposal is physically possible, so I like it more.  :)
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    Replace tenure with 3-5 year contracts.  Yeah, it sucks to get fired for political reasons, and I am very aware that that is why tenure came into existence in the first place.  But teachers are not civil servants, they are highly skilled and talented professionals, and they and we deserve compensation schemes which reflect that fact.

    There has to be a way to get rid of bad teachers; our kids deserve as much.

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    Y'all gotta find a way to get rid of Tenure.  The few really terrible teachers it engenders give the rest of you a bad name.


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