• Exactly. Barrak and Michelle both have elitist attitudes, Hillary and Bill don't. The voters know this, they see it in the candidates words and actions. Elitist attitudes are disliked by the majority of Americans- "even" ones with college degrees who work white collar jobs. (Especially those of us 40 and older who have been lifelong Democrats)    

  • On Huffington Post and from a few loser Obamacan trolls here. Some of your fellow Obama backers are even telling you that.

    When Obama backers condemn the Obamacan trolls in Hillary blogs it reflects better on your candidate- call out the losers and it makes them look less representative of the candidate. Remember when you comment in a Hillary blog and you are an Obama backer, you are a representative of your candidate.  

  • If more Obama backers that post online were like you then things would be a lot better. Instead the ones we see all the time are the ones that come in and write nasty troll comments in our posts. They have no clue that every time they do that, they make Hillary backers that much less likely to want to vote for Obama should he win the nomination. And I'm not talking about the minority of conservative Democrats (who are iffy on either Hillary or Obama), but the ranks of the majority of moderate and liberal lifelong Democrats who make up most of Hillary's backers. You lose votes when you insult and harass people like that. It's stunning that they don't get it that they are causing their candidate to lose votes. Harassing with constant insults on both the candidate and the blogger is an easy way to lose an election for your candidate.

    I don't go to Obama bloggers posts, I'm not interested. Hillary is the best candidate on the issues that matter the most to me. Idiots coming in to Hillary blogs and trashing my candidate and the blogger with lying misogynist comments is just going to harden my resolve to never vote for Obama because that is the type Obama backer that is everywhere being loudmouthed creeps- not just in the blogosphere either- TV, radio, print media, even Obama campaign people.

    It'd be a very different atmosphere if the Obama  campaign had been run like Jesse Jackson's 1988 campaign. Obama should have encouraged his campaign to be like Jesse's. If it had and the votes were the same as they are now, no one would be attacking, we'd all be engaged and happy to let it go to the last primary, happy to back either candidate that ultimately won the nomination. I know, because that's how it was in 1988. I voted for Jesse in the primary but I was okay about it when Dukakis was the nominee. Dukakis didn't have his campaign harassing Jesse to get out, even though he was almost 800 delegates behind at the end- he won 11 states, and made a great speech at the convention. The DNC was lame and didn't give him any support during his run, but they didn't harass him to drop out like they have Hillary, despite her being far closer and neither candidate having enough delegates to win the nomination (and her being significantly ahead in the Electoral count- and a bit ahead on both superdelegates and popular votes.    

  • The only person doing both are Obama backers.

  • Well that's good that at least they have that minimum of humanity. Says that at Huffington Post, they don't even have that.

  • It shows just how deep their hatred of women goes that they can make repulsive "jokes" about this. I hope none of them have girlfriends or wives because a man like that is clearly abusive, at "minimum" verbally abusive.

  • I saw the Huffington Post blog and was completely sickened- I did notice a number of female Obama backers calling the blog and the Obamacans comments tasteless and disgusting- I noted with little surprise, that almost all the ones saying disgusting things were male Obama backers, a couple of female Obamacans chimed in, but not many, most of the female Obama backers were 1)disgusted that this tragedy was even made a blog, and 2)disgusted at their male counterparts making repulsive jokes out of a tragedy.

    Hillary only said to bet on the filly because she heard from KY backers that's what women here love to do when a filly runs- thousands of us go for the filly, because it's really fun if the filly wins. (38  have run in the 134 years, 3 have won- 2 in my lifetime, and many of the others came in second or third- so we aren't talking about impossible odds. Eight Belles, unlike the other fillies that ran in the past though, had never run against colts- that's why her odd were higher that usual for a filly: 12-1 at the time of the race, the other fillies that have run in my lifetime were more like 6-1 or something like that.

    I also thought it was kind of stupid and racist for those jerky Obamacans to be comparing Big Brown to Obama. (It invokes some ugly racial stereotypes about African American men.) Big Brown was named in honor of UPS (they have those big brown delivery vehicles). Also they were invoking the nickname of Secretariat- "Big Red" as a kind of good luck charm.

    I am an Kentuckian and we are saddened and shocked by the Eight Belles tragedy. I was disgusted by the network hosts barely mentioning the tragedy and being all bubbly about the win. I had to turn away to another channel until the local coverage came on.

    The local newscasters were much more subdued. Big Brown does look to maybe be another Secretariat and we may finally get a triple crown winner after 30 years, that's good. But what happened to Eight Belles makes us all sad.

    Two years ago when Barbaro was injured in a similar fashion- but less severely, people around here were rooting for his recovery. Sadly he never fully recovered and had to be put to sleep, after a second leg developed an infection. People here still remember Barbaro.  

    Just yesterday a horse in another race here was hurt the same way Barbaro was. It's still alive and they are trying to help it recover at an equine hospital. Chances are low for full recovery for a horse with a leg injury, but it can happen if it's just one leg. Eight Belles broke both her front ankles, so there was no chance for her. (they have to be able to stand to recover)  

  • on a comment on Obama's Troubled Waters over 6 years ago

    Exactly. And they seem rather naive too. Obama is no liberal or progressive, he even has said so in interviews, and already has started throwing them under the bus (Fox interview). He wants to privatize Social Security for goodness sake- the idiotic thing that Bush kept trying to push that lost the 2006 congressional elections for the Republicans. (More than even the war) Privatizing Social Security is a far right wing Republican moronic idea. Obama also thinks that far right winger Roberts is just the absolute best justice on the Supreme Court and said that's the kind of justice he'd appoint- the type that doesn't believe in Civil liberties. He was really wanting to vote "yes" on Roberts until other Democrats told him that would be political suicide. He also voted for Cheney's sleazy energy bill, he thinks abstinence education is the best form of sex education...

    Where they got the idea Obama was in any shape a liberal or progressive I don't know. I read his actual stated opinions and checked his voting history and knew he was no liberal or progressive. Hillary is a progressive, her words and actions show this. I love how they bleat about the Iraq war vote without bothering to actually read what she voted for and what she said. They bleat about NAFTA and ignore that she was arguing strongly against it when Bill proposed it (as anyone who was there for the conversations states, including Gergan and Steffanoppalous- neither who are friendly to her. Those two wanted NAFTA and urged Bill to support it. Hillary argued against it.) She's always seen it as problematic. And the last thing (that has any weight at all- the stupid stuff about Bill's infidelity has absolutely zero to do about Hillary.)  they always bleat about is Walmart. Never bothering to look into the fact that she went in to change things for the better for the workers- and she succeeded- things did improve significantly while she was on the board for the workers, she did keep trying to get them to go union all the time she was there, the one thing she wasn't able to get them to budge on. They ignore that Michelle Obama worked at similar corporate positions and did nothing for the workers, in fact conditions worsened and there were big job losses while she was there. They ignore how Obama supported Rezko when he cut off  power to low income residents in winter in his substandard housing, etc...  

  • Ovaries. :)

    I like to say: strong women have brass ovaries.

  • Twenty-something aren't you? It's called maturity and experience.

  • Exactly. I think it was a wise choice, it gave her airtime with those viewers unfiltered. Some viewers might sit back and decide- "You know, she's really intelligent and clearly knows her stuff, I might just vote for her, she makes a lot of sense."

    Obama went on Fox for the same reason. It startled me that some Obama backers didn't get that.

    I think both were wise to speak to Fox.

  • on a comment on Brazile for Hillary? over 6 years ago

    Excuse me? The only people I've seen using that insult term for Brazile have been Obama trolls here on MyDD who stalk Clinton diaries.  

  • comment on a post is elizabeth edwards about to endorse HRC? over 6 years ago

    I've also heard rumors that Rosalynn Carter backs Hillary. Jimmy backs Obama but won't endorse until the convention. He does say Hillary and Obama should both continue until the last primary. Wouldn't be the first time Rosalynn and Jimmy backed different candidates. Rosalynn is strong on women's and children's rights just like Hillary, so the rumor is likely true.  

  • comment on a post Hillary: Tackling Soaring Prices at the Pump over 6 years ago

    It's between 3.57 and 3.75 where I live. I'm betting today they'll all go up around 3.75 (always when it jumps up it's on a Monday or Tuesday- around 20 cents or more, then goes down about 5 cents at the end of the week) I've learned to fill up my gas tank Sunday afternoon.

  • comment on a post Brazile for Hillary? over 6 years ago

    Interesting, Brazile had been one of the ones making pretty ugly attacks on Hillary in the news media. I think the suggestion that Dean, Brazile, etc... just tend to back whoever the current winner is, is the truth of the matter.

    I wouldn't expect any loyalty from them, even if Hillary wins both the nomination and the GE. It's people who back you when you are the underdog and stay with you no matter what that are more trustworthy (that goes for any candidate)


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