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    Peg the minimum wage to inflation.  So we don't have to keep having this fight.  

    Our transit system is the envy of the world?  Are you kidding.  While I haven't been, my parents spent years in Europe and never needed a car.  More roads....no...mass transit so we don't need more roads cutting through our forests and farm lands.  Use that land in the medians of our interstate highways and put elevated highspeed rail there...enough that it actually goes somewhere and it would get used.  Roads are concrete that leads to increased heat in cities.  We need efficient and broad mass transit that goes along with our road systems.  People can have their cards, their freedom, but when they are young or old they can stuill travel freely.  Our skies are already overcrowded.

    How bout staying out of judging what is art and let people consume what they want.  You dont like, you dont need to consume.  You can't legislate taste.  You can turn the channel.  I'm sure something is on PAX you would find entertaining.

  • She also doesn't know her branches of service.  Once a marine always a marine.  She takes a real chance of pissing off a fair number of them that see through such attacks.  Some of them do make it through bootcamp with a few brain cells left.  Its hard but not impossible.  They stick together.  
  • They still lost
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    So they ask Alito about his views.  He says he doesn't have a problem with one man, one vote.  He explains them away as statements made trying to get a job.  He lies.  Then what?

    I'm hoping statements like this are merely words of diplomacy but that the fight is really inevitable.

    He should be filibustered, fought every step of the way through whatever procedures might be available.  If that two Senator from his home state thing to hold him up would work then that.

    Regardless we are likely to get a judge that is conservative but at least it should cost Bush some blood in the process.  There is a lot of time left till election 2006.  As much of that time should be eatin up with scandal and political trouble for Bush as possible.  Whatever makes him angry.  I'ld say he gets stupid when he is angry but...

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    We need fiscal responsibility, but we also need the government to give us the services we want the governemtn to provide.  We know that privatization doesn't work in all cases.  Businesses care about profit, not people and not service.  I want my government to take my tax dollars and I want it to use those tax dollars.  Save some of it to pay down the debt to make us stronger in the future.  Take some of it and help the poor, create jobs, assist the elderly, protect our nation.  I am tired of hearing Republican s shout that its not the governments money its workers money.  No, I gave my tax dollars to the government so that the government would spend it...not so the government would turn around and give it right back to me.  Its a BS statement from a bunch of BS artists.  Don't spend more than you bring in...but what you bring in I want you to spend on the things we need and a few things we want.

    The money being spent on cleaning up after Katrina is going to big companies that then sub contract all of the work.  The sub contractors then sub contract that.  In the end very little is actually going to the region.  That isn't fiscal responsibility and it also isn't the government using our tax dollars to help the economy.  These guys are ripping us all off.  An example of where our government should huire workers more directly to perform cleanup operations.  An example of how inefficient privatization can be.  Im sure there would still be some relative loss of money with the government handling it but not to the degree we are losing it now.  I wonder how many trips to the Bahamas have been funded by our tax dollars going to the likes of KBR.

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    The U.S. military is not like that?  It was like that in Vietnam.  Real men, real people, thats what a U.S. soldier is.  Not some glorified warriro filled with honor blah blah blah.  While I can see your point about playing the odds.  Odds are better that you will come home to freedom and life if you do the time as opposed to killing your superior.  That doesn't mean that a soldier already suffering from trauma of a long screwed up engagement will be thinking clear enough to factor those odds when presented with the real idea of going home versus taking that long walk in a danger zone.  I think if we have learned anything in the past few years its that we are not special.  We are not immune to the evils of the world.  We do evil, we do wrong, we fear, just as we do good, we do right, and we have courage.  A soldier in the U.S. military is just as likely to choose to preserve their own hind end as anyone else regardless of duty, glory, honor, or whatever gets them pumped up.  If this were not true we wouldn't have crime, dishonorble discharges, returning soldiers killing their wives and children.  I mean don't they know its just going to screw up the rest of their life when they get caught?
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    He deserves a welcome home party when he gets back.
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    Bush is so scared of being caught both he and Cheney are scared to death of being put under oath and facing Congress in front of the American people.  Bush leaves no stained blue dress, he just leaves the staine duniforms of men and women of this country.  blood that is not his own but he is none the less responsible for.  Defend him and that blood becomes your responsibility as well.  I'll take ownereship for a little piece of a blue dress.  Do you take owneership for 2000 plus Americans and ten thousand plus Iraqis?
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    You have to be completely up Bush's ass not to see that he lied.  The problem with proving it is they won't investigate it.  Republicans control the process.  And as you can see, discussing it is to bring an attack of being traitorous and unpatriotic.  He protests too much.  No need to prove it right now.  Its as plain as day.  The evidence that is out in the public is all too clear.  This isn't about clinton.  Its a divsersion to suggest that it is.  If it were we are talking about a lie over sex vs a lie that took us to WAR.  Clinton may have lied but Bush lied and killed people.  There is a certain degree of importance that goes alongwith that.  Bush lied and the investigations that will eventually take place will prove it.  But for now we will go with the fact that its true based on everything we've seen and by their over the top denials.  You are a toad to defend him.
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    The whole reason we are in this war to begin with was the first mid-term elections.  Bush pushed the whole Saddam is a bad guy thing then to pump up support for Republicans.  He then had to follow through on it regardless of how the inspections turned out. They were showing that he had nothing in the way of WMD.  So Bush rushed the job and put us to war using lies and twisted intel.  He did it because he said he would and he always follows through.  He had started down a road and could not stop. Now they have to pull troops out by 2006.  Its the best strategy they have for winning a political battle.  Since this is really all about politics to begin with he has to pull them out.  And he;ll start it just after the elections when he claims victory in December.  Victory...again.  We know s its going to happen so we defintely need to be prepared for the spin.
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    I don't know much about Murtha.  Seemed like a good guy until, as you say, he said Cheney is his friend.  Bush should fire people for giving him bad intel?  Cheney sought that intel out, coerced pentagon officers to write reports supporting their opinion.    He is pushing their own defense strategy if he suggests they saw the same info as everyone else.  Nothing wrong with having satellite phots of trucks near a building.  There is something wrong with claiming unequivically that those are biological weapons trucks.  nothing wrong with saying Saddam would like to have nuclear weapons but to say he has two reconstruucted suitcase bombs is just ferar mongering.  Cheney is a thug and he's this guys buddy?  I have to think that this whole friend thing has to do with his previous life.  This pretransformation period that everyone seems to talk about with regard to Cheney.  
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    So you support impeaching Bush for his lies of ommission about WMD, Nuclear reconstitution, Uranium and 9/11 connections to Iraq.  All of which were bogus.  All of which he personally knew were bogus when he spoke about them.  All of the statements by Cheney that he could have refuted and stopped.  Bush lied and got people killed.  Clinton was asked a question, a personal question he should never have been asked in a case that should never have come up in the first place.  I dont care that he lied about an affair.  He didn't kill anyone.  All he did was stain a perfectly good dress.  Bush ahas killed thousands of Americans in a bogus war that doesn't serve to protect the U.S.  He has killed tens if not hundreds of thousands of Iraqis that didn't desire death as a form of liberty.  Clinton is out of office.  he was a great president outside of his pursuit of gun control and a debacle in Somolia.  Bush?  Bush is a toad that will leave office in shame.  You can support him and apologize for him all you want.  You aren't going to snow anyone here.  In 2006 Dems will begin to retake Convgress.  If they succeed this President will be investigated and the truth that sits right in front of us but which the current Congress won't act on will lead to his impeachment.  It will be for something real and powerful.  Bush's power is gone and the idea of a permanent Republican majority is toast.  Congratulations.
  • What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.  Yeah, assuming things continue the way of the last month or so we can look forward to America learning the lesson that fascism can rise here, that evil can take shape here, that we are not perfect, that we cannot sleep walk through life, that it can happen here...and that just because we know it can happen here doesn't mean we are forever immune.  Our children need to learn the lesson and pass it on to theirs.  The lessons we learn today and tomorrow must be passed on.  People are waking up.  Good morning, would you like a cup of coffee?  No no, no going back to bed.  Your gonna stay awake a while and take a good look at whats happened while you were asleep.
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    I certainly believe that the Republican party has been hijacked by a fanatical wing.  Much in the way Islam is tainted by fanaticism.  I can't say that all of its principles are wrong, I don't know them all.  I'm progun (anti gun control).  Some seem like good people.  McCain for instance (if he wasn't so oddly devoted to a man that viciously attacked his character, WTF is wrong with him).  So while you should certainly lean with Democrats at this time Im sure there is still value for your views, whatever they are, somewhere within the Republican party.  You would just have to try to take it back from the thugs.  I guess Im saying don't abandon a party just because its leadership has gone haywire...assuming you still share its core principles.

    That said, I don't think Democrats are against a more efficient government.  I don't think they are against a strong healthy military.  They just don't typically choose to use it willynilly and also aren't so arrogant in their diplomacy.  Clinton used it (should have been willing to use its strength more and listen to his commanders in Somalia but thats another issue) They just understand, in general, that the government can do things for people that businesses don't find profitable.  They also understand that to prevent the lowest of lows in an economy (a depression) it may be necessary to use economic policies that may also prevent the highest of higs.  Government services may seem more costly than a private route, but Jeb has already shown in Florida with prison healthcare privatization projects that it costs more money for less service.  Of course you don't hear the customers complaining because they are in prison.  When you give government money to your buddies from college or past campaigns you aren't doing it with the mindset of saving tax dollars.  You don't want them to sweat for that money.  When you give out billions only to have the comany you gave it to subcontract it and those sub contractors subcontract it down until local people aren't making any money, that isnt efficient government.  Had the government itself hired workers to cleanup after Katrina the local economy in the devesatated regions would be faring better and it would have been cheaper.  Still could be.

    Its my view that while some things could be done by private business it may actually cost more in the long run because the business would seek more profit, would invariably cheat the government, and would end up getting its contract cancelled leading to turnover in providing that service which would effectively cost us more.  Businesses answer to one thing, shareholders.  They don't care about people.  They don't care about their employees and they don't really care about their customers, they care about their customers wallets.  And whats worse they don't seek profit, they seek growth.  Its not enough to be profitable, each year you have to grow those profit margins.  I work for a company that has had 18% growth the last few years but because we didn't hit 20% they want to outsource my job to India.  It doesn't matter that we just went private.  You don't like the DOT?  Imagine trying to get your drivers license updated by calling India because some privatized agency outsourced the job to make more profit while keeping your tax dollars low.  There is inefficiency in government now certainly.  It has to do with people being too secure in their positions and not being given cost goals.  Obviously right now with Bushites in charge the big inefficiency is administrators taking money from the government and giving it out to their buddies in cushy jobs...and creating more cushy admin jobs to help more buddies.  We can all name a few after Katrina but can you imagine how many more there are in positions not highlighted by that disaster?

    I want a government that gets more for my tax dollars but in the process doesn't fill the pockets of business cronies, is able to take care of our elderly, our sick, our children, and our soldiers (Im amazed right now at Bush's inability to perform this basic task).  I want to make sure that people that actually work for a living aren't bearing an unfair share of the burden of keeping this government afloat.  The rich, that have more to spare, more to lose should be willing to pay higher taxes to better everyones future.  I want progressive taxation to prevent a permanent upper class that doesn't have to give back to the community.  Imagine being born into a rivch family and never having to worry about contributing back to society personally.  The mindset that would come from that, that does come from that.  Its sick.  I want people to get rich, but to have to work to get there and work to keep it.  I want a strong military because I think it keeps us safe and pushes our views.  It does matter to us what goes on in the rest of the world and being, usually, a more mature nation, we do good by being engaged in the world.  At the same time I want the military to not be used quite to freely.  I believe we should help out in Darfur (and should have in Rwanda) not because there is profit there but because its the right thing to do.  And we shouldn't be pissants about it.  Soldiers are more willing to fight for someone thats starving and being hacked to death than for business interests.  I think we should spend more on research and development than actually deploying every weapon that comes to mind.  Misslie defense?  Hell yes, when its actually ready and there is a real need.  Researching it yields benefits outside of that program alone, just like the space race did.  

    To much of what the right believes about the left is based on decades of coordinated spin.  It may be vice versa, though right now with Bush in charge its hard to deny how fucked up the Republican world view is.

  • It would be amazingly brazen and foolish of them, but given their recent history its right in line with their tactics.  When will they figure out that tides have turned (I say with fingers crossed that I speak the truth and not simply my hopes) and they are swimming in the wrong direction.  I suspect if they do something like that they will turn off a great many more people than they could possibly imagine.  Americans are stupid, at least 59 million of them are, but they aren't that stupid.


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