• ...do you honestly think Clinton would be spared the GOP's 527 slime machine?

    I'd absolutely love it if this were true.  Unfortunately, I doubt the GOP would be so accommodating :)

  • Something all of us -- Obama and Clinton supporters alike -- can laugh about :)

    Poor, poor McCain.

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    And congratulations on the endorsement :)

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    his plan is NOT UHC. It is not an attack on Universal Health Care, it is an attack on the fact that his is NOT Universal Health Care.

    Neither is Clinton's.

    Both of their plans are stopgaps, at best.

  • ...I believe one of the stated reasons KO's original diary was taken off the rec list as a "personal attack" was because it called out a MyDD participant in the title (namely, Jerome).

    I'd like to suggest that the diarist change his/her title.

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    ...McCain is screwed.

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    ...a quote to back that up.  Specifically, cite the part of KO's diary where he called Jerome a "liar".

  • on a comment on Is this plagiarism? over 6 years ago

    Thank you for posting the text.

    For myself, I've spent more than a decade in active online political argumentation, first on Usenet, then Suite101, eGroups, Yahoo Groups and now blogs.  I'm pretty familiar with what amounts to "personal attacks".  And I guess I just don't see anything in that text that could possibly qualify as a "personal attack", by any stretch of the imagination.

    The idea that "personal attacks" was the rationale given for deleting that diary strikes me as more than a little specious.

  • Money is a regrettable, but integral, part of politics as they stand.

    Obama wasn't born rich, you know.  He received money for his campaign through fundraising, just like Clinton.  If he was more effective at fundraising, then by definition, that's part of running a better campaign.

    And, for that matter, so is spending less.

  • And again, I'll ask: where does Obama claim to be something more than a qualified candidate for President?

    I'm not asking for examples of over-the-top supporters (guess what: Clinton has them, too).

  • ...could you provide a link to that "gods" thing -- specifically, where Obama has claimed to be something more than the best candidate for President?

    I see these comments about Obama, and I have yet to understand why they're more than unhappiness from people who just don't like the idea that charisma plays a part in getting elected.

  • Not sure why the way Obama runs a campaign should bother, at least as compared with Clinton.

    Between the two, I think it's pretty indisputable at this point that Obama's been running the more effective campaign.

  • ...just curious: which rules were broken, and how?

  • That was my thought, too.  Doesn't whether he "campaigned in Florida" - a charge that would cause him to lose all delegates, period - depend upon what the money was spent on?

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    Yeah, I thought that was just a little dubious, too.  With all due respect to Todd, his preference for Clinton is known, and I think it may be coloring his analysis in this case.

    Sometimes a tie is just a tie.

    Considering the fact that Obama was down 20 points 2 weeks ago, and considering all the stories about Obama "coming on strong" and some of the overheated expectations of an Obama upset in the last few days (thanks to polling data showing Obama coming on strong), I have to say this one's a draw.  I agree with Josh Marshall on this.

    I will say this, though--and take it for what it's worth, coming from a "soft" Obama supporter: this morning, I've seen happy, energized reactions from Obama supporters.  By contrast, I've seen some pretty frustrated reactions from some Clinton supporters.

    I'm not sure what that means, and maybe it's just anecdotal.  But there it is.


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