• easily so called progressives excuse this.

    Me?  My first thought when I saw the pic was "W"...this is a W thing.  It's got frat boy mentality written all over it.

    When I read the comments here of some who insist it is just generational; just funny; no big deal and it's just that "old" people don't get the humor, I feel really, really saddened.
    Do these young people think they are the first group of young people who have been lewd and crude about women?

    My generation did it all the time....and all the time it was the same: "get over it, it's just a bunch of frat brothers being funny while drunk."
    Most of the frat boys back then were the W types: guys with/from money who were users and who thought very little about women beyond their breasts, their availability for sex.
    Many of us in college back then, went to frat parties when we were freshman......and after that we went elsewhere, got involved; became liberal activists.  But some stayed in the "frat party circle" having been convinced that getting the MRS. degree was their ticket to safety, security.

    I thought my generation had taught our sons and daughters the lessons we learned fighting for civil rights; for women's rights.....for everyone's rights.  Apparently not.

    I always knew a there would be a segment left over, the W types, who remained frat boys well after the age of 22. I just never thought they would call themselves liberals/progressives.

    I don't know much about his guy and his friends but my first impression about them is "shallow, narcissistic jerks."  
    I don't want them in any roles in the Obama administration.

  • By that time, I may have moved back to PA.  I would work against that misogynistic phony pig.  His sanctimony is sickening.  His "anti war" stance is not believable as he was drooling over W after Bush invaded Iraq.  

    While the jerk consistently called Hillary a hawk, he said the W (in his phony fly boy outfit under the phony Mission Accomplished banner) has "a sunny nobilty."   If that's not hero worshipping the dolt the led us to war I don't know what is.  

    Matthews said the ONLY people on the left that hate Bush are "whackos on the left".  Well I say it's the "whackos in the media, and specifically on MSNBC" that hate the Clintons and have been spinning lies and trash talking dems for years..including Gore and Kerry."

    Matthews is a lying tool who is buddies with scum like Delay and Coutler.  Anyone who votes for a tool like Matthews is no democrat.

  • has changed his tune on NCLB.

  • Neocons, pseudo progressives (Arianna, Matthews), and libertarians will be unable to control their CDS tomorrow.  Could be entertaining on the blogs.

  • Especially the part about the dues. I am in a state where few teachers have the right to collective bargaining.  The teachers in this district struck to keep that "master agreement" as a binding working document.  But not all struck.  CO is a state where somehow the romanticized notion of the lonely cowboy convinces so many that "unions are evil".  Meanwhile so many of them work for pitiful salaries and for companies that limit the hours so they don't have to pay benefits.  

    Many of these poor workers, resenting their low salaries, lack of compensation, were horrid to teachers who fought for our rights. Instead of seeing the real villains, the CEOs in this city who think because we look at mountains we

  • on a comment on Seeking Parity. [UPDATED] over 5 years ago

    Team A has had the best equipment, the best coaches, the best recruiting tools. Not only that, when the race begins, they get to start 50 yards ahead of Team B.

    Team B has the worst equipment, outdated, underfunded, the worst recruiting tools.. and they start 50 yards behind.....so they never win.
    When they don't win anything, they are said to be weak, ineffective and ill prepared.

    So what is the solution.  Until and unless there is equity AND COMPENSATORY ACTIONS to UNDO the factors that caused the inequity, how do we overcome the traditional powers.  Affirmative action that kept people like Obama and Hillary out of the game went on for over 200 years.  How the heck are we supposed to look at thing as "equitable" now.

    Hopefully the election of Obama proves that affirmative action works.  Will it transfer into more monies for poor neighborhood schools?  How do we address the issue of making affirmative action encourage minority children to succeed if they do not ever see the fruits of that labor?  If we do not push to get minority kids into schools and jobs with power and influence, how do we change reality?

    Amd for females it is even more difficult because of gender. If a woman wants to advance in her early years, she delays having children until she is older or until she gets a job where maternity leave does not impact a career negatively.  Then when she in her forties, when most males are getting close to the the top, she still has younger children.  So she delay until she is older and let's be honest here: ageism affects women much more intensely than men.  

    If people honestly think  that gender and race do not matter, they are most likely unaffected.

  • Well, I am not saying "but they're doing it too!"

    I have heard no less than four republican legislators insist that the auto companies' plan should include moving factories to "right to work" states. Not one of these same people mentioned "corporate compensation" as an issue.  But I am sure the lobby has been quite good in convincing them that the "profit" margin could be increased...or that perhaps those in high level management are being compensated reasonably.
    Saying it is both sides when CEOs and upper management compensation is in the stratosphere works for me about as well as saying T. Bone Pickens cares about the environment.

    Clearly you and a few others here do want to blame the workers. Have it at.  If the last three decades under administrations (with the exception of the first few years of the Clinton administration) who were out to trash unions and kill the middle class has not convinced you, then nothing I say will

  • comment on a post Opening the Tent- Unions and Organized Labor over 5 years ago

    the interest arbitrators that enable them) have made the state's property taxes the highest in the nation - by far.

    This is the kind of bs that the right wing has been pushing forever....the myth that the workers are the cause of all things bad and evil.  Damn those teachers wanting decent salaries and benefits.....they are the reason public schools cost so much and why taxes are so high.

    Well, maybe I should buy the meme that the reason there are so many frivolous lawsuits is that all lawyers are selfish and greedy and out for the fast  buck.

    Give me a freaking break.  Corporate greed and compensation at the top levels is what we tackle first.......blaming workers is a tired myth and when repeated and pushed on so called progressive sites, literally sickens me.

  • So, how do we convince people who haven't had a union exposure that they're truly beneficial, and that the horror stories they've heard aren't true/are exaggerated/should indeed be fixed?

    Let's pour some truth on the myths of Reagan's "unions are greedy, should be disbanded, and wealth should trickle down."  

    Unions are US and WE are them.  If we blindly elect and follow incompetent union leadership, we are failing ourselves in the same way we fail ourselves when we elect incompetent dolts to government.

  • comment on a post Opening the Tent- Unions and Organized Labor over 5 years ago

    and like democracy, in order for them to work well, members must be active participants.  As well, like with democracy, when people are members but refuse to be informed, active and simply just pay their dues, problems develop.  
    Ignorance and laziness gave us George W.  
    Ignorance and laziness result in corruption, abuse of power, whether in government or union leadership.

    Those citizens who often say "all government is bad" have bought into the myth that government is something outside themselves.  It is "WE, the people" not "THEM, the people."
    Same thing with unions.  They are US.  If we join and want them to represent us, then we participate.

    In my Teachers' Union, I was the rep for over 15 years.  It is unpaid, volunteer activism. I did it because I believe in collective bargaining, in representative governance.  I often had teachers who whined or complained about the "union" and I encouraged them to join, to participate.  Most chose not to.

    Unions were/are most effective when members were activists.  When things are bad, we all become more activist.  When the union had done its job well, bargained effectively, people tend to become less active.

    Because unions did so well, stopped the robber barons, ended child labor, improved working conditions, improved wages people got lazy.  In some instances unions were corrupted because of that.  But the right wing since Reagan especially has successfully convinced many people, especially those not around to see how horrid things were, that "unions" are evil and greedy and unnecessary.  Sadly it worked.  Many younger people (including those in my own family) repeat the myths and lies.  Meanwhile at the same time of spinning how union workers were lazy, wouldn't change a light bulb because the "union" would not let them, the CEO's were going from making an average 7X the average worker to over 300X the average worker. AND STILL so many people buy the myth that it is the unions, not the greed of upper management, that is the problem. In fact, listen to any republican talking about the auto industry this week, and the "blame the UAW" meme is pushed.

    Like successful democracy, successful unionization requires activisim, knowledge and understanding the words of Judge Brandeis: You can have wealth in the hands of a few, or you can have democracy; you cannot have both.

  • Maybe you don't write well.

  • honestly don't believe Chris Matthews is a misogynistic pig; they also don't believe that multiple men in the media (Barnicle, Buchanan, Matthews, T. Carlson) on several occasions compared Hillary to a nagging wife or to the ex outside of probate court, or the wife yelling at the guy to take out the garbage.  
    Of course maybe you just laughed along with those guys and tittered and giggled like a middle schooler.

    Maybe you think that even though women are 50% of the electorate, their 0% record of occupancy of the WH is insignificant.  Maybe you believe that 50% of the population only having less than 20% representation in government, in financial leadership power, in any kind of power does not smack of sexism.


  • who decides one's "worthiness" against injustice?

    Seriously can anyone truly describe themselves as progressive, or liberal, or open minded, or even fair, when one deems that justice should NOT be blind?

    If a particularly obnoxious male who happens to be a minority is trashed with racial/ethnic epithets should we all say he deserved them?
    Can I use homophobic slurs against Andrew Sullivan and feel good about it, because I think the jerk is a sanctimonious hypocrite who publicly supported Bush and Bush policies?  

    I cannot believe someone on this site believes that sexism is OK to use against someone if you happen to dislike their belief system.  Do you also believe racism is an acceptable way to attack Justice Clarence Thomas??

  • But my experience in a caucus state says otherwise.  Yes, Hillary's team could have done better here, but in reality, the sexism  I experienced out here in our democratic ranks started long before the primary.....

  • Not just for this diary but for your consistent ability to bring out the facts; for doing it despite some of the angry and ridiculous rationalizations of some of the so called progressives.

    Despite the fact that Palin angered me as a woman (using her looks as a way to cajole and entice), despite the fact I did not agree with her on issues,  does not translate into "there was no sexism."  If Alan Keyes was treated with derision, insulted on his lack of understanding with an afterthought of "but what can you expect, he's a black man" would progressives ignore the racism because he is a neocon????

    I think the most eye opening, saddest thing I learned in this campaign, primary and ge, is that so many people, men my age, younger men and, disappointingly, younger women, still do not get it, do not see sexism and how it affects women worldwide.

    I spent a large chunk of my teaching career trying to show young people how we ALL needed to be a part of the struggle to overcome racism, sexism and all kinds of biases. Sadly, the lesson remains incomplete.


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