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    I think that's the biggest force. I guess the job market is okay, but I heard about lots of cuts the last couple of months and some analyst said job growth will probably slow towards the end of the year. Econ issues really affect people, especially jobs/wages and gas prices. Democrats need to back an inc in the minimum wage(every Senate Democrat who voted, voted for Kennedy amendment to inc the min. wage earlier this year, even though it failed). energy indepence, Dems need to say that over and over again.  I'm guessing those are huge factors, in addition to the violence in Iraq and, of course, Sheehan. It goes without saying, but I mean, when you have her out there in the hot sun, and Bush bike riding and saying ridiculous things like, "I need to move on with my life" that's not going to help him. The whole protest and how he has handled it has really been a PR nightmare for Bush, I think.
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    gets a spot in the special election, then I guess it's ok to have two candidates on the D side for the primary, but I dont really like that, and normally like contested primaries. I really hope someone drops out, although both Graham and Young look to be good candidates.
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    to read that Strickland isnt an exciting candidate. He is a great candidate and will be a good governor.
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    yup and he comes off very down to earth and moderate, in his manner I mean. So that could help him in the primaries.
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    Agreed. we got an interesting mix of candidates, but who know who it wil be this far out. Could be someone not even on the list(not that the list pointless or anything, i found it informative). But I'm more concerned with Hackett, Tim Kaine, and 2006.
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    C'mon, how would you feel about a handsome guy with two kids, and wife dressed in pink! Cuz, let's face it, that's all people know about the guy. That was his highest moment, just enjoying the nomination not having to answer about his ideoloy. As time goes on, and people learn more, I'm sure that will go down. I dont think he should be filibustered though, and I do think he will confirmed.
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    Personally, I think McCain has little chance. He is old, and if the GOP still controls the Senate, he is in line to become Chair of the Armed Services committee, a position he might not want to relinquish immediately to jump into a president race. Plus, the right wing really doesnt like him. I saw Thursday on CNN they were criticizing him for appearing in "Wedding Crashers." In other words, they can find any reason to dislike him, and will, especially with more right wing Republicans in the race. Sam Brownback has been making some noise I thought. I thought he talked about, "laying the ground work and starting early" or something like that. He made a speech in NH a couple of months ago. Although a senator, Brownback does have a pretty plain talking style and Pat Robertson described him, I believe, as "that wonderful senator from Kansas" So, we'll see. Good stuff though. And many weeks to go is right. :)
  • It is not looking like a good year for Republicans. I think there is a slight wind behind the backs of the Dems for next year. But I think even with that, it will be tough for Ford.
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    Corker is the moderate, and as you can see, it will be a rough primary. I think Ford has a long road to travel but I certainly dont count him out.

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    But I always figured that Potts is going to drain votes away from Kaine. He's pro-gay rights, and pro-choice. He seems to attack Kilgore much more than Kaine. I wish he would drop out and endorse Kaine. Is that 5% is coming from Kaine and the difference between Kaine and Kilgoreis but 6%, he could make a biggers difference in beating Kilgore by dropping out, rather than hanging around and costing Kaine the election.
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    dont get really interesting until after Labor Day. Ok, I guess no campaing really gets interesting until after Labor Day. :) What I means is I think a large number of people dont care until then. Hopefully, Warner will hit the trail with Kaine in the last couple month. They need to sell his governorship as a seamless continuation of Warner(not that Kaine shoud be exactly like him or anything). Apparently, Barack Obama will be coming to the state next week.
  • No president, I think, has ever not spoken to the NAACP in his term. Even Republican presidents like Reagan. Bush skipped all of em in his first and he'll do the same the next four years I guess. Some way to reach out.
  • What does NAALCP mean?
  • yeah, she's done a good as mayor, but she's got a that "D" in fron of her name insteaad of an "R", so she's on the list.
  • As far as president, I think one of the people from the "pragmatic" category(other than Obama, he is great, but he needs more time) at the top and one of the "straight shooters" as VP(Feingold or Reid would be best) would be a good candidate. Personally, I really like Warner for president, and not VP.  


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