• au contraire.  i was 18 in 1992 and Bill Clinton was my very first vote.

    The main reason I am with Obama is that I look back and those eight years of Bill did nothing to change the country PERMANENTLY for the better.  Yes, good economy, blah blah blah.

    Economies come and go.  But Bush has permanently damaged our country and accomplished TEN times as much bad as Clinton did good, even thought they both had/have eight-year presidencies.

    I don't want a return to a do-nothing-permanent 1990s.  And before you attack and cite all the things Clinton did, remember I said the word, "permanent."

    The only major things Clinton did good that lasted was his two Supreme Court picks.  And those picks were too old.  We need to appoint liberals in their forties to the Court.  Not over-the-hill folks who, while great progressives, won't be on the Court for very long and would be replaced by rightwing jurists.

  • Latinos have "achieved so much politically"?  What are you smoking?  Latinos have no where near power commensurate with their numbers in this country.

    Spoken like a truly out-of-touch white man.

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    Janet is the ARIZONA governor, you know, that state that is twice as large as NM per population?  as well as now having as many electoral votes as Missouri.

    on the immigration issue, Barack isn't going to gain SHIT by being conservative on immigration.  i wonder if anyone told his father that he "must speak english."  There's nothing in the constitution about language.

    If Obama ain't careful, he's gonna get swamped by HRC in those big states of Cali, NY, and NJ with the massive latino populations.  Hispanics already have a resentment about being a very neglected minority and are wary that with a black president they'll be neglected even more.  

    My prediction is that Hillary makes a HUGE push to get these latinos.  Obama is an idiot if he starts trying to be the "centrist alternative."  

    But I guess in this country today, it's okay to be racist against Hispanics but if you even say the word, "fairytale", you're  KKKer.  And I say this as Obama supporter.

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    I liked your diary and I largely agree with it.  BUt you lost me permamently at "hillary can't win the general anyway."

    who are you, fucking GOD?????

    i am sooo tired of that shit.  let's just not have an election and have "bored now" choose for us.

    btw, i support obama.  but comments like yours at the end of this diary piss me off.

  • not very much of a diary.  this is more of an extended comment.  needs more analysis.

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    This should be banned.

    Who the fuck are you to make this assessment?

    I am not even a Hillary supporter but I must say, you're an asshole and one of the reasons why Nader won eight years ago.

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    That endorsement is HUGE.  Most people assumed (why, perhaps because of the woman thing maybe) that Janet would be for Hillary.

    A governor's endorsement in a closed primary Feb 5th state is massive.  Yet no media hype.

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    if you want all that, you need to get out of Texas.

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    McCain NEEDS South Carolina.  Thompson's job there is to bash Huckabee so McCain wins it.  Helen Keller could see this coming.

    However, the GOP focus groups are too stupid to figure this one out.

    Hook, line, sinker.

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    this comment ought to be a diary.  too long!

  • um, okay, got it.  i think.

  • um, could you put it more simply?

    cliff note version?

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    I just told my partner about twenty minutes ago that perhaps the number one reason why Kerry's campaign in 2004 was so shitty is that he was untested and didn't know what to do.

    You know what?  Obama I think NEEDED this loss.

    1.  Obama now will tame the cockiness that has been seeping out in oh so subtle ways.

    2.  Obama will treat Hillary less condescendingly and that will help him.

    3.  Perhaps he will tone down the annoying baptist preacher shctick that can seep out sometimes in his delivery.

    4.  maybe he can pivot after a loss and that prepares him for handling the Republicans in the fall.

    5.  It allows him to hone his message and stay sharp and focus.

    I am a huge Obama supporter now and I think a long campaign is best for him, our party, and our ability to win in November.

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    I think that's exactly what WE as political animals/junkies would do.

    But i think that theory is WAY too sophisticated for the average voter.

    I think the more likely reason is that Obama won in Iowa because the polls showed it would be a tight race so the college kids got to the caucuses to push for "change".

    Obama lost in New Hampshire because the polls showed he was way ahead so the college kids decided to stay home and get wasted.

    You live by the slacker. You die by the slacker.

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    57,000 votes to 3,000???


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