• The "Clinton wing" is a weird phrase too.  Even if there's a an ideology behind it it's always a bad idea to say that you belong to something named as a person.  It's worse when there's actually nothing holding it together but a person.

    It's like "Stalinists".  Scratch that - there was acually a doctrine behind that.  It's like "Reaganite".

  • Some of this is good advice.

    Alegre is currently making any reconciliation impossible, unfortunately.  Play nice and you get called a paid Obamabot for your efforts.

  • Canadian gal, I suggest you go over to Alegre's diary and take a hard look at it. She's alleging that Obama supporters who are nice or civil are doing so at the direction of the campaign in order to fool Clinton supporters.

    Alegre is the most influential Clinton supporter here.  You also number among her fans, I believe.  And just speaking from personal experience, I've had my motives questioned left and right no matter what I do.

    So really, how are we supposed to unite the party when you have the most high profile Clinton backer cutting our legs out from under us?

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    Slanderous is a word that refers to any falsehood.

    If you're going to say things like "get smart" - and I don't recommend it as it's catty and dated - you want to be sure that you're not screwing up your own facts at the same time.

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    Is this DESIGNED to make it difficult for members of the two sides to just be human and decent to each other?  Because that's the purpose it's serving.

    The best thing you can say about it is that it's unsubstantiated rumor mongering, and hateful.

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    It's the bad faith and the cynical motives that bother me.  It's a slur on the campaign and people who are associated with it.

    It's also, I believe, designed to make it difficult for people to be nice to each other.

  • People like you will hate him for apologizing, and hate him for not apologizing.

  • The Clinton Healthcare plan is as much a merge of corporate and state power as anything.

    And... this is really a discussion that belongs elsewhere.  Like how about not not hijacking every thread you're in?

  • Then I suggest you look into the way the black vote has gone in the past before you make a fool of yourself again.  80-90%, every time.

  • Eh, I'm not going to troll-rate you but I'm pretty sure that your post is abuse of some sort.  It's not germaine to the diarist's topic, it's not really a response to me, and both it, and your sig line, are deliberately difficult to read.

    It's like you just posted a long line of pictures just because you could.

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    But she's lying.  THAT doesn't bother you?

  • If you call that a "step on Hillary Clinton's neck", then the party probably never had your vote.

  • That's entirely unfair.  Renie isn't the only one who's jaw occasionally hit the floor watching Hillary Clinton campaign.  She's done a lot that she's going to have to live down back here in New York where the most reliable Democratic constituency no longer considers her an ally.

  • I don't see how that substantive alters your point.  There's no evidence that anything you're laying at the feet of the media would suddenly disappear in the general.

    I don't really follow you in general.  Older white women are angry at the media, therefore Obama will lose?

    As a woman myself who voted for Obama and who knows maybe a maximum of two Clinton supporters,  I'm not exactly up on the sentiments running high among Clinton supporters, but I find it hard to believe that they would retaliate against the media by denying African Americans their first President.  Especially since the majority of McCain threatening voters on this site are men.

  • Some people laughed.  That's not Barack Obama's responsibility.  I don't know what you think he should do - perhaps call a press conference denying allegations that Hillary Clinton is a fucking whore?  You can see how that might be a problem.

    It would be one thing if it had anything to do with him, but it didn't.  Hillary Clinton isn't expected to apologize for everything bad said about Barack Obama.

    Keep in mind that Little Otter has said that Randi Rhodes is her reason for voting against Barack Obama, so this is an ongoing argument.


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