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    Something else for you in your quest of growing up that this seemingly swing voter (and quasi-celeb) says:

    What are some misconceptions that people have about Tea Parties (and their attendants) in general?

    That they're all racists, they're all religious nuts, they're all uninformed, they're all stupid, they want no taxes at all and no regulations whatsoever. Those "arguments" are presented by the Dems in order to keep their base of uninformed voters on their side. In my opinion, as soon as you start name-calling, your opinion is immediately deemed invalid!

    The childish name-calling is quite the example on display here.

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    Its a poll I refer to Ed. Read the post and follow the links to Gallup. Now, here's something:

    Are you still involved in Tea Party activities?
    I do my own protesting via email and postcards. Anyone who thinks I'm crazy about Sarah Palin, Bush, etc. has made quite the presumption. I have voted Democrat all my life, until I started listening to what Obama was promising and started wondering how the hell will this utopian dream land be paid for? For those who actually believe that their taxes won't go up in order to pay for all this insanity: good luck!

    Sounds swing (lost) to me.

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    Obama's oppinion on the mandate was ALWAYS nonsensical and i suspect he was only against it because Hillary was for it and he wanted to set himself apart.

    Its much more simple, and cynical, that even that excuse. They polled (everything was polled for Obama) and found a majority against it, and decided to lie and decieve for their political advantage. One of many cynical moves.

  • You left out 2006 and 2008 GE predictions for House and Senate.

  • Its a good point, and I know of such work that they are doing, in AZ with Latino voters, for instance. But its guesswork as to how that affects (or is hidden from) the polls.

  • I'll go with what Gallup is using for looking at Gallup; we'll see if they tighten. I know they present two models, but they use the 17% for comparison.

  • No Ed, it wasn't a nerve. It was just my way of pointing you that you are on the same wave-length with Gibbs.

    I've not made a prediction yet on the '10 outcome, merely pointing to what the polls show it looks like right now.

    But yea, when I do make my prediction, I hope I am right.

    I made a post about what is wrong with the current strategy, and how to fix it. Since its all the same still, there's nothing to change or believe has changed.

    SOS and messaging that works (and doesn't)

  • I couldn't care less about contributing to some silly notion of Democratic enthusiasm as if it were some sort of sports team-- what nonsense.

    Anyway, its what Gallup's poll is pointing too. You may not like it, but that doesn't really matter.

  • Nah, not an attack, and not the same conclusion.

    Gallup did show it closer 3 weeks ago. I don't think its going to swing anywhere near the 20 points it would need to make it 20-30.

  • Yea, OK Ed, its the nasty progressive's fault... you got your professional left talking points down pat.

  • I don't see Hoyer getting the votes if its the blowout it looks to be (blue dogs gone). Who is next?  Hard to tell.

  • I am detached from the Democratic Party, that's true.

    I am not angry at all (a projection?) as life is treating me so great (though I am quite pissed off that so many American middle-class income earners are getting the shaft).

    As for the site, ebb and flow, ebb and flow. I think its looking for a populist cause to get behind.

    Are you talking about the Afghanistan war?

  • It would be a new this cycle, if the projection based on polling in the House turns out to be predictive. However, there are so few of the individual polls that are not full of motive and investment, that I don't believe they are too reliable. To me, they seem more like a pack (Sabato, Cook, Silver, Stu) that goes out of their way to be the same.

    The trend shows a blowout of historical proportions, and that's what I'll go with if there's not any change (and there could be-- lets see the last ads).

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     They already chose, and it was to bail out the Wall st richies to avoid their losing even a penny.

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    ah, last post I made: http://mydd.com/2010/10/9/sos-and-mess

    Of course, you think Dems should run on TARP, so no one is going to take you seriously.


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