Is this enough Policy for you?

Many Clinton supporters here at MYDD, and elsewhere, have parroted two talking points that Clinton loves using against Obama.

1.) He is all rhetoric and no policy
2.) He lacks the experience necessary to lead

Read this speech, delivered today, regarding our policies and the War in Iraq. mas-iraq-speech/

If, after reading this speech you can honestly say that you still buy the anti-Obama talking points than good for you. I would venture to say that anyone who can say that either hasn't read it or doesn't really care though. And that just isn't intellectually honest.

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Is There Really a Media Bias?

There has been a lot of talk here on MYDD about a media bias towards Obama. In light of the recent events and coming events I think it is time to put that theory to rest. Hillary appeared on SNL last night and the Daily Show will have her on Monday night.

The timing of both of these appearances (and the Tina Fey commentary last week,) are all clearly designed to help Clinton turn things around ahead of Tuesday's Primaries in Ohio, Texas, Vermont, and Rhode Island. Now, this is great strategy from Clinton's campaign (which is a bit surprising since they have appeared, on occasion, completely tone death.) If Clinton eventually wins the nomination I would say that it will be in spite of her high level advisors rather than because of them.

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Tax Rebates- What to do with them?

So, the Bush Tax Rebate is going to happen. It will be another failure in a history of failures for the biggest failure who has ever failed. My question is this: What should we, as Democrats, do with this money?

My suggestion is this. If you can, in anyway, afford to donate this money to a progressive Democratic candidate I would urge you to do so. If you can't, than I hope you will use it to pay down debt or do something otherwise useful with it. But if this is money that you and your family can spare it would be a wonderful move to donate it to the progressive candidate of your choice. It would also be wonderful if one of Bush's failed policy maneuvers helped to fund Democratic success stories all over the country.

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Nader Forms Exploratory Committee; Anyone want to move to Canada?

CNN has the news that Ralph Nader, AKA The Original Giant Ego, AKA GWB's best friend, AKA a raving idiot has formed an exploratory committee to, once again, screw the Democrats. In his interview he stated that Senator's Clinton and Obama are unacceptable candidates for the Presidency and that they are "both enthralled to corporate powers."

He also sited not only the fact that Edwards has dropped out of the race but that  Kucinich has also dropped out of the race as motivations for his decision to "get serious." His intentions are that if he can raise $10 million dollars and recruit enough lawyers to insure ballot access that he will run for the Presidency.

So now with the looming possibility of a Bloomberg run, a Ron Paul run, and now another Nader run, I have to ask this; how much danger are we in of once again losing the Presidency to an idiot with a giant ego? I have respect for all three of these men (no wait, two of these men,) for certain reasons but I would never want any of them to run and I can't imagine why, at a time of such great need, any of them would seriously consider it. The only possible reason is ego- and the Greeks taught us how well hubris works out in the end.

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In case we have forgotten what is really at stake

Today on there is an article about a Canadian training manual for Canadian Diplomats which lists the United States, along with countries such as Saudi Arabia, China, Israel, Iran, and Syria as places where inmates could face torture. The manual specifically mentions the Guantanamo Detention Center, where a Canadian citizen who fought with the Taliban has been held since he was 15 years old.

Here is the link: 1/18/canada.torture.list.ap/index.html

I know that we are all caught up with the horse race right now,and with defending our chosen candidate (and often leveling vicious attacks at others, as well as their supporters,) but I think that it might be relevant that we remind ourselves what is really at stake here. The United States has lost much of its standing in the world as a result of its behavior over the last 7 years and it will be up to our next President to set the tone that turns that around.

I am not writing this diary in advocacy for anyone candidate. Rather I found a piece of news that I thought was both depressing and an important reminder of what we, as Democrats, are fighting for.  

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Have a little fun with this candidate quiz

I know it isn't too serious, but I thought some of you might be amused by this quiz to find out which candidate you line up with most closely. It is a bit simplistic, but still fun and amusing...
For my part, I am sad to report that I apparently line up most closely with Mike Gravel. shudders quiz.html

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Can We Recover?

We are days out for the NH primary and I find myself reading the comments on here, and worse find myself making comments on here, that speak to a huge division in our community if not the entire Democratic Party. We had a great year in 2006 and for the most part I would like to believe we came together. We have been winning, as a team, because the overall message of our Party is what the country needs right now AND because the Republicans have destroyed their own credibility and done untold damage to our society and our nation. My fear is that we are throwing this all away with our bickering.

I believe that we should have a contested primary and I believe that we should have a lively debate within our Party. What I don't understand is how it has boiled down to petty hatred as quickly as it has. We have three top tier candidates who would all make excellent, though vastly different, Presidents. They are also all amazing candidates who can surely do what is necessary to beat whichever lightweight the R's throw at us in November (the only possibly exception is McCain, who still seems to enjoy a strange popularity, but I think even he is quite beatable.)

My fear is that it is all going to get thrown away because of we are going to tear ourselves apart. I don't mean the candidates either. They will all survive to be good Democrats and to fight another day regardless of what happens. But what about us? I have seen things, and I fear said things, in these discussions that are far worse than anything we would say to, or about, our opponents. We are all, I thought, on the same team here. Or at least I think we were, I am not sure there is any going back to that now.

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A Good Night For Our Country?

I just ended a long phone call with a very intelligent friend who is not particularly active in politics. He remains aware of whats going on, but he is nowhere near as tuned in as many of us are and he is not particularly partisan (although he tends to vote democrat these days.)

We were discussing tonights results because he often calls to get my take on things. After discussing the results of both the Republican and the Democratic primary we started talking about Obama and Huckabee respectively. While we were talking he began to look things up on the internet about both men, and Huck in particular. After about twenty minutes of round and round he offered the following thought.

"They both seem like people who are unlikely to feel hatred and anger at others simply for disagreeing with them. They also both seem to think that we can change, as a country, for the better. Am I wrong in thinking this was a good night for our country?"

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Morris Meyer Gets Raising Kaine Endorsement!

Morris Meyer, a progressive democrat and incredibly active envriomentalist recieved the Raising Kaine endorsement today in the Virginia House of Delegates 40th District. This is big news because he is running in a hotly contested primary in a very winnable seat for Democrats.

Even more important however, is that Morris is the kind of man we really want to see running for office and helping to bring Democratic values to elected positions throughout the country.  

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DeLay On CNN

Just caught the tail end of a CNN segment with Tom DeLay. Some pretty funny stuff. My favorite part by far was when he blamed John McCain for the current plight of the republican party. Stating that the McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform was a slight against The Constitution... something a little bit ironic about that I think.

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