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    Always use the word -- Reppublican Obsstructionism.

    Democrats are trying to bring troops home -- the president and Republicans are blocking our efforts -- we need a bigger majority or a Dem President. This is Republican obstructionism.  

    Democrats want to decrease Medicare cost -- but Republicans are blocking our effort --we need a bigger veto proof majority and a Dem President. This is Republican obstructionism.

    Constantly repeat this.

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    http://www.dailykos.com/story/2007/7/9/1 0330/51651

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    Perhaps part of the credit card commissions should go to Act Blue or same percentage should go to Act Blue.

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    Edwards is staying.

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    Let Bill be Bill.  Do not make the same mistake Al Gore did in distancing himself from Bill Clinton.

    Bill Clinton reminds voters on what it was once before Bush destroyed it. Embrace that.  Many will be voting for Hillary because of Bill Clinton --and thinking he will be a co-president.

  • I think I will vote for Edwards in the primaries but -- I am scared about Bloomberg's candidacy.

    It is not so bad if Bloomberg wins  but if he does not and hands the presidency to the Guantanamo loving, Torture loving, terrorists mongering neocons then another 8 years of GOP will doom the world.

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    Let Medicare compete with other private insurances.  So that Medicare can set the price.

    Employers can also buy Medicare for their employees.

    In so doing Health insurances can sell their premiums lower than Medicare or make it more attractive.

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    Our Dem leaders should be proud of the principles Democratic Party stand for and own it big.  They should be proud for standing up for the people,  unlike the Republican Party that advocates govt for the rich by the rich and of the rich.

    After all, Democratic Party issues are the issues of the people.  Polling results testify to this.

    Dem leaders should stop listening to consultants and just stand with people who will watch their backs.

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    Need to redefine  Guiliani, McCain now.

    or else it will be too late.

    Guiliani  & Kerik and  ? corruption

    McCain and the surge and poor judgement.

    Thus it is not the party but the people.

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    I dont feel part of any campaign---perhaps  I dont feel the movement.  I dont know about Obama's supporters, what they feel about it.

    Also a movement is about a mission to change.

    What is their mission?

    Dean and Clark were about Iraq War and Orwellian media, govt etc that we felt only Dean and Clark were addressing.

    Obama--well they all seem alike--their message between them are blurred.  Even Hillary managed to blur her Iraq stance and remove the difference from her competitors.

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    Wow expect their approvals to go way down.

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    Is this capitulation only up to September or it will be one year funding?

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    http://www.crs.org/get_involved/advocacy /food_aid/cns_article.cfm

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    At mass last week, we were asked to sign a Farm Bill Reform.

    And I saw this:

    Religious Groups Band Together
    to Call for Farm Bill Reform
    by Catholic News Service
    WASHINGTON (CNS) -- The U.S. bishops, Catholic Relief Services, Catholic Charities USA, the National Catholic Rural Life Conference and Network, a Catholic social justice lobby, are joining more than a dozen other religious groups in advocating reforms in federal farm policy that could be implemented through the farm bill now working its way through Congress.

    The organizations have coalesced into a body called the Religious Working Group on the Farm Bill to propose changes in the legislation that they say would benefit farmers, rural communities and Americans' nutritional needs.

    "Passing a new farm bill is an important opportunity to reshape our agricultural policies to build a more just framework that better serves rural communities and vulnerable farmers in the U.S., overcomes hunger here and abroad, and helps poor farmers and their families in developing countries," said an April 20 statement by Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn, N.Y. chairman of the U.S. bishops' Committee on Domestic Policy.

    "We join together to support policies that promote economic justice, strengthen rural communities at home and around the world, care for the land as God's creation, foster right relations among nations and achieve an end to hunger," said the Religious Working Group on the Farm Bill statement, also issued April 20.

    The working group outlined for consideration for the farm bill a broad agenda of issues that would:

    1. Increase investments that combat rural poverty and strengthen rural communities.
    Strengthen and expand programs that reduce hunger and improve nutrition in the United States.

    1. Strengthen and increase investment in policies that promote conservation and good stewardship of the land.
    2. Provide transitions for farmers to alternative forms of support that are more equitable and do not distort trade in ways that fuel hunger and poverty.
    3. Protect the health and safety of farmworkers.
    Expand research related to alternative, clean and renewable forms of energy.
    5. Improve and expand international food aid in ways that encourage local food security.

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    He has been writing puff items on Hillary.

    Any disclosures we need to know?


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