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    Why even bother with a "moderator"  (sheesh, not the term to properly apply to Hannity in any instance.)  Let 'em interview each other.

    I've said it before, I miss me a good dose of Nancy Kraziness.

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    I hate to come to the aid of BOR, but he's been pretty solidly anti-burfer.  And ol' burdonsome Bill is getting some whoopass from the ever-lovin' freepers over his Parade piece on the positives of Obama: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/2 310756/posts

    Not so say he's not a cretin in almost every other way.

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    I know I'll be (justly) clobbered for saying this, but I have a yen for a good ol' Nancy K diary/lecturefest about now.

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    Typical sexist wisecrack!

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    Well it looks like I'll be the first to join you in the orgy of ravaging sexism!  (Nah, that doesn't make sense to me either, but it seems to fit the general tone of the expected outrage.)

    I for one will miss her when she's gone.  If ever she really is gone.  (Not as in 'far gone' which, arguably she's been for a long time.)

    The person we once came to know as Genius Woman Politician (©Nancy K) has finally freed herself from the shackles of public office and will enter a new phase where she can speak her mind without paying heed to the restrictions of office.  Oh joy.

    I just cannot come up with words to properly salute this figure of such prominence and motherliness at this time so I'll quote Conservative Alaskan Talk Radio host Dan Fagan instead.  From his op-ed in the Anchorage Daily News.
    http://www.adn.com/opinion/comment/fagan /story/869078.html

    Between the bizarre tweets, the incoherent "good-bye Alaska" speech, and the ensuing and constant pleading that quitting is fighting and fighting is quitting, it has become abundantly clear to anyone with any sense that Sarah Heath Palin has become "Crazy Governor Lady."

    Yes, she has lost it and revealed herself as flaky, delusional, dishonest, slightly paranoid, and in way over her head. Palin should have never been elected governor. She wasn't ready and those of us who voted for her should have known it. The lesson is that personality, image and looks should never trump substance when evaluating a candidate.

    But that's all in the past now. Hopefully most of us have learned from our mistake. The big question now is how do we get busy cleaning up her mess?

    Granted Dan thinks Crazy Governor Lady and her vaunted "energy policies" are failures from a conservative standpoint, but on this very special day I think we can do our best kumbaya and accept that left of right, we have common ground in our rational view of the ever-irrational Sarah Palin, Crazy Governor Lady (née Genius Woman Politician.)

  • Keep trying, Kent seems to have an attachment to polls that can be seen to elicit deep... concern.

  • Oooh maybe he'll follow this up with news of some dire polling.

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    I hate to argue...

    Have you been to Dahlink's house of nutso lately?  Her gaggle of kooks have gone the total Palin-Beck-Rush route, intermittently pausing to remember Hillary.   Their position on issues - as far as they have one, is hard right, including railing against health care!  They rail against Sonia Sotomayor and praise Michelle Bachman for her brave stance for freedom.  Yet they still claim that at one point they were going to be happy with a Hillary administration.  

    While some of the pumas have become 'centrists', it seems that many of them are running purely on hate to any corner that opposes any aspect of the current administration. Kind of like petulant seven year-olds.

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    If only I had a barbeque!

    In the meantime, I've become totally addicted to roasted aparagus. Just a little olive oil, sea salt & fresh rosemary, then toss then in a very hot oven & overcook until the tips go deliciously crispy. For decades I've been eating them delicately steamed and had no idea what I was missing.

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    The sun rose this morning at 6:32 AM.  This gratifying event was first reported by Mrs. Dorothy Stetson of Freeport, Long Island, who promptly telephoned the mayor.

    The Society for Affirming the End of the World at once went into a special session and postponed the arrival of that event for twenty-four hours.

    All honor to Mrs. Stetson for her public spirit!

    Thanks Jess, I do loves me a good Wilder cue!

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    But at least that rag isn't filled with the vile, hateful, sexist sexism that infects anyone who questions the most Brilliant Female Politician (TM Nancy) of our era.  (And that, my friend, is era, not the odious ERA!)

    Remember DTO, only speak well of Sister Sarah.  And if you ever come face-to-face make sure to think nice thoughts.

    Did you learn nothing from The Twilight Zone?  http://www.halcyon.com/jmashmun/npd/good life.html

  • I hear he smells like candy!

  • Pictures can be faked!

    Only Sarah is real.

  • The only thing I'm uncertain about is whether her goal was to escape the barbs of Colbert & Stewart, which would indicate her inability to think strategically - or more than a week ahead.  Or if she really was doing a little spite dance built around denying them the immediate satisfaction of ridiculing her ridiculous "speech".  

    Somehow I think that even if all the Stones were to expire - on stage - of spontaneous human combustion, they'll still find some quality time for Palinology.

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    Daily Show / Colbert Report are off this week.  Obviously this was her special way to torture Jon & Stephen.

    Meanwhile, I'm sure both Jon & Stephen are in agony waiting to get back on air!


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