• Well, I mighta thought it.

  • on a comment on LEADERLESS over 4 years ago

    You really think a couple of 'fancy' pictures are enough to distract from the fact that you're just another of Q(u)TG's happy-talk hatchet men?  If you can't dissent you don't belong in the discussion.  Enough of these endless diary hijackings for the sake of your fanboy boosterism!  

    Change is on the way and you hopesters will have to find another place to troll with your thoughtless positive messages!

  • You say Kent, I say Kant
    Kent, Kant, Kant, Kent...
    Let's call the whole thing off!
  • on a comment on Rouge Times over 4 years ago

    Sure you try to obfuscate with 'words'.

    Why do you hate puppies?

  • Tomorrow's diary du Kant:  A November vote is CERTAIN DISASTER for Dems!!!!

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    Just one diary below we are told, in no uncertain terms, that we're about to be wiped out, that we're barely relevant any more.  All of this... action just seems so futile now.  

    When I think of how a Republican victory would have turned us into a thriving, successful, relevant party...  Well, I could just kick myself, but that would be action which would of course be pointless.

    Thanks for trying Q, but that klever Kant puts our lost hope in Halloweenish perspective.

  • on a comment on Wage Deflation over 4 years ago

    Thank you again!

    It's very important for those of us that don't have the deep degree of analytical resource available that people like you provide real thought and real answers on this blog.  From your comprehensive answer it seems that I would be well advised to follow your threads not only for the truth about this catastrophically disappointing administration, but also about those who inhabit this blog for the sole purpose of supporting Obama's ongoing failures.  Please keep up the excellent work and fearlessly call out those masquerading trolls who deserve to be ignored, rebuked or removed from a solid and unbiased conversation!

  • on a comment on Wage Deflation over 4 years ago

    Thank you for pointing this out.  I have never trusted this person - and for more than his glaring u omission.  Now that I have your good guidance I see that we have almost certainly been suckered by a rebuglican troll masquerading as a Democrat.  I blame myself for failing to be suspicious of his apparent sense of moderate contentment.  

    Please help unmask more of these trolls so we can finally have a substantive & honest discussion of how the leadership is failing us.  We're in a crisis and only reasoned, rational voices like yours will be able straighten out this mess.

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    I'm afraid to ask, but I bet Kant even knows when I'll die.

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    This is TERRIBLE.

    Now we're sure to lose the House & Senate for decades to come!

    C'mon Kant, help me see the dark, dreary side to this!

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    TICK, freakin' TOCK!

    Doesn't anybody around here care?

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    This diary was posted 11 minutes ago!

    11 precious, wasted, futile, unproductive minutes!!

    660 sacred seconds!!!

    Drats, another full minute of waste while typing this.  I am part of the greatest disaster of all time!  Time, time time....  

    My head should roll.

    20 seconds of head-rolling waste added.  It never stops, it just adds up --- to disaster!!!!

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    Is that all you've got?

  • comment on a post Sen. Stabenow slaps Kyl! over 4 years ago

    Uh oh!

    This diary managed to raise the blood pressure of our old pal Farrightdemokook.  And we know how hard it is to upset that happy clam of the keyboard.  

    Congrats Wash, you're the (unnamed) subject of the only recommended diary at the kitty-korner!  It's nice to know that Farrighty has found himself a swell home over there.  He sure works it, pounding out his Rooneyish ramblings almost as often as he posted here.  Of course he doesn't get the 'fight' he seemed to relish so much, instead he has to make do with a handful of unchallenging comments.  Poor lad, at least he's still writing about us and, in other diatri... I mean diaries, his Great Orange Satan.

    Of course the excellent point of your diary doesn't actually enter into FlightyRighty's 'surgical evisceration' of your fine work.

  • Gosh Strum, I'd offer a word of moral support but, you know, shame by association.  


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