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    This "story" barks.

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    Okay.  That was funny.  

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    Funny, I've been thinking the past few days as well that Obama might pick Clinton.  It's in the natural progression of things that piss off some of his most ardent supporters while looking to the GE.

    FISA, guns, abortion, Clinton...yeah, I can see it.  I like the idea because I like Clinton...it would certainly make me more enthusiastic.  I like it because it makes good political sense.   And I like it because of the people it would drive bugfuck.

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    Carter is quite possibly the best ex-president we've ever had.   And among the smartest presidents and most humane.   He was also indecisive, due (I think) in part to seeing the negatives of every option that it almost seemed to paralyze him at times.   He didn't have a clue about Washington and never got a grip on it...he, too, thought he could transform it.

    And LOL to the turds who TR posts that don't bow down to the Wondrous Obama and his New! Improved! Politics.  

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    The coin may be counterfeit and yet it may be passed.

    I don't believe in "hope" any more than I believe in the "New Politics," which is to say, not at all.

    Shrug.  If "hope" helps Obama get elected, more power to him.  

    Out of curiosity, how many people commenting in this thread actually rememember the Jimmy Carter campaign of '76 from an adult perspective?

  • The premise held by many, and by which Obama won the nomination, that he was New! Improved! Different! the Anointed One!

    The premise was bullshit.  Suckers.

    I'm voting for Obama with fingers crossed that he won't be as bad as I think he'll be.  The difference is that I know McCain will be bad, I merely suspect Obama will be bad and even so, the Supreme Court nominations will have to be better.  I hope I'm not deluding myself on this last point.

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    Process complaints are just as valid as policy complaints.  Comments on process are just as valid as comments on policy.  

    I'm voting for Obama.  I'm urging other Clinton supporters to vote for Obama.  I'm working on some friends who are (shockingly, to me) undecided to vote for Obama.

    In doing so, I do not become a blank-minded droid that is uncritical of, in particular, the promise of New! Improved! Politics that was so central as a raison d'etre to so many Obama supporters.

    Some may have voted for Obama expecting Old Politics maneuvers and tilts to the center and even Right.  Congratulations to those who were so prescient; most Obama supporters were not so, ah, realistic in their assessment.

  • Hillary lost because on one hand a lot of the Progressive/Liberal/Left enthusiastically recycled Right Wing talking points about Hillary on one hand and believed that Obama's New! Improved! Politics is something other than the Old Politics with a good marketing campaign on the other.

  • Tch.

  • I'm waiting, Reap, for the ultimate concession that Obama's New Politics is nothing more than the Old Politics with a good marketing campaign.   Your diary is the first fall back to the line of trenches in that direction.

    If you take away the "New Politics" premise of Obama's campaign, especially if coupled with centrist drift, there's not anything special as a rationale for his candidacy.  

    Face it, you've been had.  L-O-fucking-L.   The only thing that will be interesting is to see when exactly his various supporters come to the same conclusion.

    Barack Obama:  Not As Bad As McCain.   Yeah, I can get behind that.   Not with as much enthusiasm as for Hillary, but it works for my vote.

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    You mean "tenuous," not "pernicious."  

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    Talk about faith-based initiatives....

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    Given the legal and civil advantages that accrue to those with married status, I am not willing to deny that status to those who are gay.

    I have never known of a straight marriage to be threatened by a gay marriage.  Almost invariably the threat takes the form of a heterosexual third party.

    Gay marriage is not an assault on religion.  Those religions, or even those churches, that decline to perform gay marriages are under no obligation to do so.   (Though in various degrees, gay-related issues are fractious fault lines in several denominations, most notably Episcopalian and Presbyterian, but also with ripples and undercurrents in other denominations.)

    Gay couples have lived under a double bind, chastized for not having "real" relationships (marriage) but denied the opportunity for obtaining same.

    I can not find it within me, nor in any spiritual scholarship that I'm aware of, the ability to deny a chance at happiness and fulfillment to those whose orientation is different from mine.  

    And, to YD...tolerance means putting up with things of which we don't personally approve.

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    Agreed about Jar Jar.

  • His tenor and his approach is what I call B.S. on, ranging from naive to disingenuous.   It's precisely because I don't believe in his tenor and his approach that I'm so underwhelmed with Obama as our candidate.  

    I'll play the cards I'm dealt but it doesn't mean I have to be happy about it.

    If Obama gets elected, it will be interesting to see how this board reflects feelings about his tenor and his approach vs. what he has actually accomplished 18 months into his presidency.

    Gertrude Stein said of Oakland:  there's no there there.   Pretty much what I think of Obama...kinda like a sweet cotton candy that isn't very fulfilling in the long run but tastes great in the moment.


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