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    My ranking preferences for governor:

    1) Villaraigosa

    1. Garamendi
    2. Newsom
    3. Brown
    4. any Republican

    I think Brown is incompetent and Newsom is just going to be too toxic.  His adultery aside, Villaraigosa has done well for LA and I think getting a new-generation Hispanic into the governor's chair would be a political plus.  I like Garamendi but, heck, he's older than I am.  He was first running when I was in college.

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    "The guy" was noted comic actor Peter Sellers (the Pink Panther movies, "The Mouse That Roared," et alia) who played three roles in "Dr. Strangelove":

    Dr. Strangelove, President Merkin Muffley, and Group Captain Lionel Mandrake.

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    Nah, that was the Slim Pickens character who had nothing more than a strong sense of duty.   Cheney deserves something not nearly as nice.

    People marvel at the peaceful transfer of power in America.  I marvel that under our system Bush was allowed to fly back home to Texas.  I had this vision of an enormous line of American citizens stretching from D.C. to Crawford, Texas, kicking Bush's ass every step of the way.

  • If the Democrats hadn't been so gutless about redistricting, engaging in a mutual incumbent protection act with the Republicans, maybe Prop 11 wouldn't have been necessary.

    Redistricting, Prop 13, and term limits are the iron triangle of California's dysfunctional government.

    But Prop 11 doesn't affect Congressional districts anyway.  Pity.  I favor the Iowa solution.  The Dems could have had another 7-8 seats in California if they weren't so intent on making their incumbents absolutely safe.

  • "Does her own grocery shopping" would never make my top 20,000 reasons to support any politician.   I care about political effectiveness, not symbolism.  And one person's favored partisanship is another's shrill ranting.  Feh.   YMMV.

    And I don't see much alike in HRC and Boxer.   HRC has a formidable intellect.

  • Oooh.  Putting me in the same class as Jim Inhofe?   For that, I'm willing to get some torture waivers.

    I just got back from DC a few days ago, talking to people here and there.  Three of us independently rated Oklahoma as the state with the worst Senators.

    Btw, I was talking to a couple of people about Boxer.  Their opinions (independent) were that she doesn't carry much weight because her voting pattern is so predictable.  There was also an implication, not stated, that she's not the sharpest tool in the shed.  Not dumb, like Inhofe, but just not one of the luminaries.

  • It occurs to me...Steve, is your adoration of Boxer tongue in cheek?

  • Oops.  This was supposed to be a reply to SteveM downthread.

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    More of a schismatic, I think.

    If Campbell had won the GOP primary against Herschonsonn (sp.?) (Bono split the vote), I'd have seriously considered voting for Campbell.  

    More at stake these days and I don't trust any Republican to do the right thing if it's a close call...thinking of you, Snowe & Collins.

  • I've voted twice for Boxer under duress.   I think she's a lightweight mediocrity.  I've voted for her to keep the seat Democratic, not because I think she's a good Senator.  

    Beyond that, Boxer doesn't carry a lot of weight in the Senate, at least compared to Feinstein.  I've also heard she has a lot of staff turnover, which isn't a good sign.

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    I went over and read it.  Not so much a "hoot" as just sad.   The implicit idea that the public, in general, or the netroots, in particular, are a uniform constituency wherein resides all wisdom is, ah...naive, which is pretty much how Stoller always struck me.    

    And, for that matter, sometimes political guts, and political leadership, involves doing something that the public thinks is wrong at the time, rising above the ephemeral twists and currents of popular sentiment.

    My senior thesis was "Cross-Pressures on Congressional Decision Making" and while it's been a day or two since it was written and the data cited is now obsolete and the writing itself would make me wince if I were confronted with it, the conclusions are just as true now as they were then.  Stripped of academicese:  it ain't as easy as it looks.

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    One of the best things in the world that could happen to Stoller, imho.  So many things that look crystal clear, black-and-white, from a perspective without responsibility off the Hill suddenly look a lot fuzzier and come up against gut-wrenching choices when on the Hill.   I wish Stoller well and hope the result isn't the creation of one more cynic.

    Indeed, success on the Hill, in my view, is the ability to avoid the Scylla and Charybdis of cynicism on one hand and corruption on the other, developing a fine balancing of idealism and pragmatism in the process.

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    I think it's possible that McCain is trying to atone for some of the crap that in his heart he knew was over the top during the campaign.  In striving for the presidency, I think he surrendered a lot of his self-respect and would like to earn it back.

  • The canvassing board's stance was legally correct.  A pain in the rear, but you have to do it right.  This will wind up in the courts.  Unfortunately.

  • You know, it's barely possible that people can make decisions and cast votes with which you strongly disagree and it not being a matter of their lacking integrity.

    I wanted Lieberman gone.  I wonder what's in Obama's mind behind his signal that it was okay to let Lieberman keep his chair.  But I don't question Obama's integrity nor those who voted to let Lieberman keep his chair.  

    I'm disappointed, certainly.  But the fact that their calculus does not align with mine isn't cause for me to question integrity.

    All that said, Waxman for Dingell is a far more significant, far more substantive change, than whether or not Lieberman kept his chair or not.


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