Hate the Right Way

Due to the most historical and closely contested primary contest in our Nation's history, most of us have reached levels of dislike or hate that we never thought possible.

I hear about Clinton-haters, Obama-haters, DNC-haters, Mark Penn-haters, caucus-haters, Howard Dean-haters, Donna Brazille-haters, Ferrarro-haters, KO-haters....Folks, we are using this energy in the wrong way.  There are many things we should hate but neither of our great Democrats is one of them.

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Missouri SD for Obama, 38.5 Delegates Needed

Obama's first Superdelegate on the last day of the primary election comes from Missouri.   State Rep. Maria Chappelle-Nadal plans to announce today that she's endorsing Barack Obama for president.

...the deciding factor was the enthusiasm that Obama has generated among young people and unaligned independents, said Chappelle-Nadal.

"This is a year that the mere existence of a single candidate, Barack Obama, has inspired people in my district to believe in the greater good," Chappelle-Nadal said.

With this endorsement Senator Obama now needs 38.5 delegates to secure the Democratic Party's nomination.

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SG, This One's For You...FL OK With 1/2 Votes

Al Giordano from The Field has cited an email from Former US Rep. Karen Thurman, who chairs the Democratic Party in Florida. In it she indicates that the Florida Democratic Legislature would be content with a 50% solution regarding the seating of Florida's delegation.

According to Giordano:

This letter, really, indicates a refreshing about-face. The Rules and Bylaws Committee that meets tomorrow in Washington DC can take it as a tacit agreement that if it seats the state's delegates at half-voting power, there will be no more conflict coming from the state party.

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Clinton Camp Wants to Disenfranchise 2 Million Voters

Much ado has been made about Michigan and Florida for breaking the rules of the DNC, and how we should settle the delegate dilemma.  Hillary Clinton wants the votes to count that were held pre-maturely, as-is, claiming it would disenfranchise 2.5 million voters.

However, there were many people who did not vote because they were told their votes wouldn't count anyway (even by Senator Clinton herself).  Do we just say "screw them"?  According to the Clinton campaign, that's exactly what we should do...

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New Oregon SD for BO, Today O+3, C-1

After his impressive win in Oregon, Obama received an endorsement from a Oregon Superdelegate today.

DNC Jenny Greenleaf (OR)

The voters of Oregon have spoken, and I have listened.

I will be supporting Senator Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention in August. Senator Obama has the vision and leadership ability to move this country forward and to undo the damage done by the Bush administration. I am proud to support him in this endeavor and will do whatever I can to make sure Oregon's electoral votes are Democratic this fall.

Earlier today Obama received the endorsements of Rep. Jim Costa (CA) and Rep. Dennis Cardoza (CA) who withdrew his endorsement of Senator Clinton.

Obama now leads among Superdelegates by 31.

http://demconwatch.blogspot.com/2008/01/ superdelegate-list.html

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Five More SD's, Obama tops 300

Barack Obama has picked up 5 more Superdelegates bringing his total to 302.5.

http://demconwatch.blogspot.com/2008/01/ superdelegate-list.html

DNC Dwight Pelz (WA)

"I have concluded that Barack Obama is ready to be a great American President."

Sen. Robert Byrd (WV)
"Barack Obama is a noble-hearted patriot and humble Christian, and he has my full faith and support."

DNC Larry Gates (KS)
"He has proven his ability to bring Democrats, Republicans and Independents together, and holds the same commitment to working across party lines as Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius."

DNC Blake Johnson (AK) and DNC Cindy Spanyers (AK)
"Senator Obama is committed to Alaskans and establishing important ties to the state. He recognizes Alaska's role in our future in energy and is sensitive to the challenges we face due to high-energy costs across the state, from Juneau to Fairbanks and across rural Alaska".

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I Want to Thank Hillary

I want to take a moment and thank Hillary Clinton.  I want to thank her for making Obama a stronger candidate through this primary process.  She is a true fighter, and one helluva Democrat...I feel sorry for the GOP when she and Bill set their full sights on them.

I also want to thank Hillary for coming to the defense of Obama regarding Bush's comments in Israel.

"President Bush's comparison of any Democrat to Nazi appeasers is both offensive and outrageous on the face of it, especially in light of his failures in foreign policy," she told reporters in Rapid City, South Dakota Thursday. "This is the kind of statement that has no place in any presidential address and certainly to use an important moment like the 60th anniversary celebration of Israel to make a political point seems terribly misplaced; unfortunately, this is what we've come to expect from President Bush.

"There is a very clear difference between Democrats and Republicans on foreign policy and that difference will be evident once we take back the White House."

She very easily could have piled on but she, a true Democrat, and defended one of our own.  And I thank her for that.

I know, personally, I have been hard on Hillary and unrightfully so.  I have never walked in the shoes of a woman and I have no right to question someone who fights for the average American, the poor, children, and is a stalwart to women every where.  For all of my wise ass cracks, I sincerely apologize.

I respect you Hillary Clinton, I respect your right to continue in this race, I respect how you've brought so many more people into our party and I respect how hard you have worked to make our country the best it can be.

Thank you!

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2 More Supers for Obama, 4 Total Today

Rep. Henry Waxman (CA) for Obama

It is now clear, however, that the Democratic Party is nearing a broad consensus on our nominee. And it is with great pride that I endorse Senator Barack Obama for President.

http://www.barackobama.com/2008/05/15/co ngressman_henry_waxman_endor.php

DNC Larry Cohen (DC) for Obama

"I'm convinced that Senator Obama's message of hope and `change we can believe in' has resonated across our country. He is building a broad base of support, inspiring new voters to join in the political process and demonstrating great appeal to all those who are looking for positive leadership to move us beyond politics-as-usual in Washington."

http://demconwatch.blogspot.com/2008/05/ superdelegate-endorsements-for-thursday. html

Earlier today Senator Obama got endorsements from

Rep. Jim McDermott (WA)
Rep. Howard Berman (CA)

Barack now needs 132.5 delegates to reach 2,025.....

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Obama/Clinton Concerns

I don't know about this unity ticket.  I understand how it makes sense in combining both of their core constituencies and in asking HRC because of how close this primary has been.  However I am skeptical...

1. Just because it looks like a winner doesn't necessarily mean it is one.  Politics is very fickle and what looks good on paper might not look so good to voters.  I think there might be dynamics that are being overlooked.

2. Bill Clinton...I understand, and agree, he was a great POTUS but what role would he play in the White House now??  Would he undermine some of the things Obama is striving for?

3. Can Hillary be OK with being second in command??  She has a very strong willed persona, and that may not jive with being the VP.

4. Does adding Clinton contradict Obama's main message of change in Washington?  Will this turn off his voters??

5. Clinton has made statements about Obama not being ready to be POTUS.  "CIC Threshold", "he gave one speech", "no experience".  How would she counter this argument when brought up by the pundits and voters?

6. I think the Repugs are chomping at the bit to vet Senator Clinton...I know she is strong enough to beat down these assholes, but it may take the focus off the issues (Iraq War, Economy, Healthcare, etc.) and be a useful strategy for the GOP.

I know HRC is one helluva of Democrat and is on our side, and I am grateful for that...I just don't know about the VP slot.

What are your thoughts??

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Obama Supporters

I suggest that we, Obama supporters, start steering clear of all the Obama bashing diaries or diaries that use bogus arguments (ie popular vote, going to the convention, MI & FL) on how Clinton is going to win the nomination.

The so-called die hard Clinton supporters who use these kind of arguments are seeking our input to insure, in their minds, that there is still validity to these possibilities.  We should, as Obama is doing, step up our efforts at John McCain.  He is now the only person standing in our way of a Democratic President and the beginning of the New Politics in Washington.

Thanks to all the hard work of Obama Nation...The nomination is ours.  Let us not get waned down to the "what should have been" arguments.  There is nothing to be gained by banging our heads on the Clinton wall.  They will have to come to grips with this reality on their own terms, and nothing we can say will make it go faster or hurt less.

To all Clinton supporters who have realized that the nominee will be Barack Obama and want to see a Democrat in the White House, we look forward to working with you to ensure this happens.  We welcome the enthusiasm you have displayed proudly for Senator Clinton and offer you a handshake after one of the most historical campaigns in American history.  Without you turnout, voter registration and exposure would have not reached the pinnacle it has.  Once again thank you!!

Now on to beating Old Man McCain and reclaiming the White House!!!

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