• My guess is you really beleive this "personally, i believe that all people are prejudiced to some degree" but i dont.  

    And i dont remember saying this "the opinions of black democrats are worthless simply because you think so.  i understand.".  What i said was there should be a punishment for bad acts.



  • Because I think there should be some penalty in American for falsely accusing some one of being a racist just like I think there should be some penalty for being a racist.  

    IMHO falsely accusing someone of being a racist is just as bad as being a racist or racist behavior.  I guess we can just agree to disagree.  For example if an employee can lose the job for racist behavior I think that someone who falsely accusing someone of being a racist should also lose their job.  Again we can agree to disagree.


  • And in fact many, many white democrats think that the clinton's were called racist for nothing more than political gain.  


  • Really JJ jr.  Lets see what did he say about HRC.  

    "Jackson said that Clinton's "tears" -- none actually fell from her eyes -- are something that "we're still analyzing within the Barack Obama campaign." "Those tears also have to be analyzed," Jackson said. "They have to be looked at very, very carefully in light of Katrina, in light of other things that Mrs. Clinton did not cry for, particularly as we head to South Carolina where 45 percent of African-Americans will participate in the Democratic contest, and they see real hope in Barack Obama."

    So lets be frank he called HRC a racist.


    "Asked whether he was suggesting that Clinton's "tears" were "staged," Jackson said he wouldn't go that far -- but then suggested that there are things in the world worth crying over, and that whatever got Clinton going wasn't one of them".

    Sorry but cant we do better than this guy.


  • Janet Napolitano would be great as U.S. attorney but i agree the dems path to a continuing hold i the white house requies the democratic growth in the SW.  NH, CO, NV, and AZ are quickly turning blue and the GOP will never be able to win the WH back without New England and the SouthWest.  If BO takes all of our talent for the states and moves them to Washington then the GOP can start to regroup in these states.  We cant afford that yet.


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    Dude hang in there.  This is a set back but it is only a matter of time until the nation accepts same sex marrage.  I guess i know every set back seems like the end but really this is just the beginging stage for the process.  As the country gets more comfortable with gay marrage it will happen.   Be cool

    best  david

  • You might be right.  Maybe i heard this on cable but for some reason i seem to remember it was early on and they were talking about page and then Mondale just seem to move in.


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    I really dont want Shelby back.  Does everyone remember how he threw Clinton and the dems under the bus in 1994???  I many ways he was worse that Leiberman.  I would rather have him on the other side then have to see him stand with dems.


  • He is a great.  Some may not remember but after Sen Wellstone died just before the 2004 election there was a lot of talk about nominating Justice Page to take his place and then for some silly reason they went with Mondale. IMHO if page had been nominate he would have beaten Coleman.


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    After the market crash that was IMHO just one more example of the GOPs lack of interest in governing i just dont see how any republican could have won.  In fact any of out three top Dem candidates would have won this year.  There was clearly a throw the GOP out narrative that could not be overcome.

    If you look at the polls something like 1.3 less republicans voted and 2.3% or so more dems voted.  So a 3.6% flip.  Kerry lose by what 2.3%.

    The real fun should be watching how the GOP regroups and imho it is the Palin/Huckabee wing versus the Rommey wing.  It will be interesting to see who is left standing after all of this.



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    Great post.  It is never to soon to start thinking about 2010 and getting closer to 60 seats.  We are at 57 now and with luck 58 if Minny goes our was.

    I think 3 potential pick ups.  NC, NH, and PA since BO carried those states.  MO is a possibility as well since Nixon is the new gov and McCaskil is one of the two senators especially if Kit Bond retires.  There is no way we could beat Grassley in IA but he may be getting sick of it and if he retires than we could easily pick up IA.  I think 60 is a real shot in 2010 if we show we can governer the next two years.


  • That is Justice Alan C. Page -- Progressive and Football hall of player for the Minn Vikings and the chicago Bears and one of the four purple people eaters on the Vikings defensive.


  • on a comment on Let's Outflank Lieberman over 5 years ago

    I think instead of kicking him out we can take everything away from him and made sure he knows he will never get it back.


  • Your concern is noted.

  • Why are you kicking me out?



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