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    I'm with you.  I've never had to pee in the cup and I don't think I would have if they had asked me (unless I was desperate for the job).

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    elected our people, now we publicly stand behind them.  That's not to say we don't call, write or email our elected officials with suggestions/criticisms but why should we make it easy for lazy rightwingers by giving them their talking points?  If they want to come up with ways to criticize the Democrats, they should be on their own.

    Exceptions to my above position would be if we ended up with a Bushlike situation.  But Democrats don't elect morons so that's unlikely.

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    should be so hard to pass.  It's 47 million new customers for the insurance companies (if mandates are included).  How can that be a bad thing?  

    I'm with you on this -- been waiting 5 years for health insurance.  

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    You are right, I misread the pay raise part.

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    I am thankful for all the people who worked hard this year to help elect a Democratic majority in the House and Senate and of course, our great new Democratic President.

    Thanks grassroots, netroots and organizers!  You've made my Thanksgiving very happy this year.

  • Hey guys, I think this person is really scared.  Donations of tinfoil would probably be greatfully accepted.

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    I read that as a person can't be hired for a newly created civilian position while they hold elected office (kind of like conflict of interest) and that they can't hold another paying position within the government while they are being paid as an elected officeholder.  If Hillary resigns from the Senate, then I don't see a problem.

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    That's a tough call Shaun.  Both my brothers as well as most little boys back in the 50's had toy guns and played cowboy and soldier games with them.  Neither one of them has ever owned a real gun and I'd guess (never thought to ask) that they are not big fans of handguns.

    On the other hand, it does seem like it wouldn't be a good idea.

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    We're all a little sensitive to this topic right now because of the PUMA's cries of misogyny but this diary gives some valid statistical information.  Women are statistically underrepresented in positions of power. The question that has yet to be answered is why.

    If I can ever coalesce my thoughts into a coherent narrative, I shall write a diary giving my opinions but they revolve around women's perceptions of themselves.  Canadian Gal has pointed out a symptom of the problem which is a good starting point. She did not point fingers and cry 'sexism' or worse 'misogyny'.

    Once we wake up to the existence of a problem, then we can begin to root out the causes and devise a plan to cure it.

  • I plan on recc'ing up some of the other diaries to help push this one off.  If others will join me then problem solved.

  • Oh definitely!  Thousands...nay, millions of people have been jailed...nay, executed for critizing Obama for forgiving Lieberman.  The death count is rising...so you are right to be afraid, be very afraid!

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    I haven't seen much talk about it but he said the transparency should include members of the cabinet and agencies.  He said he expected them to report to the country regularly to let us know what they are working on.

    Give the last 8 years where the agencies were stripped of competent leadership, spending their time getting republicans elected, the idea of trasparency there really appeals to me.

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    I think any Democrat who saw Lieberman attached to McCain at the hip thinks Lieberman is a traitor and a total jerk.

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    First of all, the netroots is not independent of the rest of the world.  During the campaign we were volunteers and activists.  We are the people who got him elected.

    I helped elect Obama because I trust him to have my best interests in mind as he does his job.  That would be my best interests as an American and includes the best interests of my community and my country.  I don't expect him to do the job exactly how I would do it.  In fact, it's a good thing he won't because I have some pretty wild ideas.

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    Hillary's negatives were always high, even when she was ahead in the polls she was still running close to 50% negative perception.  Her supporters emailed the superdelegates incessantly to try to sway them but they did as they said they would.  They waited to see who won the pledged delegate count.

    This 'math' to which you refer was the point at which it was obvious that Hillary could not catch up.  She stayed in the game to the end but most people, including many in her campaign and possibly even Hillary herself, realized the outcome was inevitable.


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