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    My long-term planning begins with ousting these obstructionist Republicans and replacing them with intelligent Progressives.

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    I thought he would lose but in retrospect I can see what happened.  The entire focus in '04 was on the war and it was young enough that many people still believed Bush&Co when they said they were close to 'winning' it.  So I guess people thought that Bush should stay in to finish the war he started.  It was during his second term that those who had believed the 'win the war' stories began to realize that they were being lied to.

    As the war got old, people started considering other things and realized that Bush was doing a bad job all over the place.  I think about a year after he was re-elected, the Bushies started realizing they had made a huge mistake.

    Of course, nobody I knew voted for him in '04 but I guess I don't know enough people and they're all liberals.

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    I worked very hard this year to get good people elected.  

    My son kept saying 'Haven't you done enough?'  and I told him 'No. This mess is partly my fault because I wasn't paying attention.'  

    I've seen this coming for a long time but I was busy with my own life and I thought the government would straighten itself out.  Instead we got Bush who was the final nail in the coffin.  If I had any inkling that Bush would be re-elected in '04 I would have worked my ass off for Kerry.

    My point is, you are right.  It is my fault and lots of people like me who weren't paying attention until it got so bad here it was impossible to ignore.

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    I agree, we will definitely have to put up or shut up.

    Hmm, after I said that I realized that the rightwing never shuts up and yet they never put up either.  Their base is so uncritical (read gullible) they can get away with it.

  • Building up the local DNC is always a good idea.

  • The local chapter of the Democratic National Party is for Democrats.  That would be people who vote for and work to elect Democratic candidates...both up and down the ticket.  That's our mission and we worked very hard this election to fulfill it.  How about you?

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    With regard to blogs, can we be sure that putting trolls in spam actually discourages them?  Perhaps the spam bucket just keeps filling up and has to be emptied more often.  Anti-Obama and other rightwing blogs don't publish dissenting opinions.  It keeps their comments pristine but I suspect they have more hidden comments from people who disagree than displayed ones.  No way of knowing.

    I liked TPM's method of dealing with Trolls during the primary.  The regular commenters formed a rating scale for troll comments. Then they had a troll-off and gave an award to the troll with the highest score.  While it didn't get rid of the trolls, it was more fun for regular commenters and less fun for the trolls.  The trolls spammed less and their comments were shorter since they were not getting the reaction they wanted.

    One more comment about trolls is they were most prolific during the primary.  That's when wingnuts could pretend to be supporters of one candidate and then totally bash the other candidate and his/her supporters while claiming outrage at the treatment of themselves and their supposed candidate.  Once the primaries were over they went back to their own blogs (i.e. TD).

  • The idea the framers had was that ordinary Americans could represent their states.  If we insist that anyone filling an elected office be experienced in elected office we are guaranteeing nothing but career politicians in office.  Not a good idea IMO.

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    Am I correct in assuming that Arnold's term limit will be up?  I'd love to see him run for the house in a Republican district (one that we wouldn't win anyway).  From what I've seen of him, he would not toe the party line but would vote his conscience.  There are too few Republicans in that category.

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    Even though I have no advice for you, just wanted to say I understand what you are going through.

    My mother told me something once that applies here.  She said "Never go to work when you are sick.  Once you are there, nobody will appreciate what a sacrifice you are making just to show up.  They will expect you to do your job as usual."

    That's the problem with a chronic condition.  You have to bite the bullet and go in when you are hurting.

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    The Republicans have some control over how the 2010 midterms go.  If they are seen to be the childish obstructionists they have been for the past two years, they will probably lose more seats.  If they cooperate and help the efforts to turn the country around, they will hang onto their seats.  If they are enthusiastic in their support of Obama's agenda, they may be able to squeeze a few more moderate seats into 2010 midterms.

    It's up to them as I see it.  Either they lead, follow or get out of the way.

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    When I was younger, people didn't identify themselves as liberal or conservative so much.  They usually just voted for the guy that presented the best argument for how he would run the country.  As long as the Republicans keep labelling themselves as conservative they will only attract people who vote Conservative Party.

    I envision elections where we have our candidate and then several opposition candidates from various ideological groups, one of which will be the Conservative Party (Republicans).

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    is a very shrewd political move.  Think about what he has said "we're not Republicans or Democrats, we're Americans".  We all know he's a Democrat but his message ends up sounding like Democrats = Americans.

    If the Republicans keep talking about being the conservative party and we keep talking about being Americans, how does that affect the perception of the two parties?

    Green party = ultra liberals
    Democrats = Americans
    Republicans = conservatives
    Libertarians = ultra conservatives

    And there are like a dozen more fringe parties I could have listed.  My point is that the Democratic party is the big tent so we have a right to claim we are the American party.  Obama has done us a favor using this theme and he hasn't gotten any credit for it that I've seen.

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    And the rural areas are so wrong to vote Republican.  I hope the Democrats have the good sense to rewrite the farm bill to remove the weighting toward big agribusiness and weight it more towards family farms and ranches.  That would win over the rural areas.

    And as I told people when I was canvassing, the move towards renewable energy sources is good for rural areas.  For wind, solar and biofuels you need land and that's what we have out here.  Plus biofuels require rail transport.  We also have rail.

  • Obama has something Bush never had -- a mandate.  He'll do what he thinks is best for the country.  I'm always comfortable when we have a Democratic president that they have our best interests at heart.  Haven't felt that way about a Republican since Eisenhower.


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