• Employers know they are not supposed to hire people without the appropriate documents.  Yet they have continued to do it illegally.

    Under the Republicans the poor worker who is just trying to feed his family took all the punishment leaving the employers free to hire a whole new bunch of illegal immigrants.

  • I was a little worried as he was my Senator and I thought he was kind of spineless.  He's really shining now that he's moved to Washington.  I guess he's following Obama's example.

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    Lieberman will be included.

    Here's what I have to say:

    Dear XXXXXX --

    You had six years in the majority under GW Bush during which time you earned yourself the nickname "The Do Nothing Congress".  In 2006, the American voters rewarded you by putting you in the minority and you paid us back by threatening filibuster on every single piece of legislation (excluding those put on super secret hold).

    Our response was to reduce your numbers even more in 2008.  Now you are up to your old tricks again.  Some of you are up for reelection in 2010.  Keep in mind that the President has about 3 million volunteers on tap of which I am one.  We will be happy to donate to your opponent, even travel to your state and help get out the vote for your opponent if you keep up this childish behavior between now and your next campaign.

    It's up to you whether you see a future for yourself in politics.

    Still rough around the edges but you get the idea

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    Pulling two words out of his speech and deciding he's not the man we need because of them is the perfect example of petty grievances.  Well done.

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    They want to hate him but he's just such a likable guy he's winning them over anyway.  I have no doubt we made the right choice for President.

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    We should normalize relations with Cuba.  We don't win hearts and minds by treating people like crap.

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    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  I guess when other countries start ripping off our President's website design, they must think we are doing something right (for a change).

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    There's something to be said for self-policing but for a site with fairly low traffic like this one, the trolls can easily take control.

    I've notice that Huffington Post doesn't seem to have the level of trollish comments it used to.  Someone must have made an effort to stop it as it got so bad for awhile that I not only stopped commenting but stopped reading them.

    I think moderation is long overdue here, at least until the site is cleaned up.

  • I agree that Reid needs to be replaced.  He is fine as a Senator, always votes the right way, but the Senate needs a much better leader.

  • Typical Rove...if you're going to tell a lie make it a whopper.  My guess is that neither one of them read a single book all the way through last year.

    Rove is too hyper and spends his time reading newspapers, polls, etc.  Bush is too dumb, spends his time trying to amuse others in the White House.

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    Bush hanging out in the White House.

    At least it doesn't try to portray him either working or looking presidential.

  • I don't think Nancy would see this as criticism, rather read it and nod her head.

    Nancy:  "You are so right!  That's exactly what I would do!"

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    Take a deep breath, it was a joke.

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    If those on the right can define free trade however they like, we can define it however we like too.

    All we have to do is to layout the requirements for other countries to have 'free trade' with us.  Problem solved, eh?

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    Those quotes show real critical thinking, not just regurgitating facts.  You are helping give those young people valuable tools that will help them make good decisions in their lives.


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